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posted a review of . over 15 years ago
Ignoring this man is not feesible to the Almighty!!! If you havent heard his stuff you should expect purgatory!!
I think ghostwriter is about the best tune I´ve heard, no goddamn lies. He is one of the few, the proud whose names shall be written in the ...
posted a review of Stakka & Skynet. over 15 years ago
Stakka and Skynet are of course among the greatest D&B producers on this planet! I mean their dark-ambient based stuff really gives you the feeling like their trying to tell you something, a feeling most often found in classical music. They are among ... See full review
posted a review of Concord Dawn. over 15 years ago
First of all I would like to sincerely thank Concord for their ,,Escher" track. I mean it is not often that one finds one of their favorite musicians making a tune devoted to ones favorite artist... And the thing is this track totally gets the ... See full review