The first record I ever bought was a 7" copy of 'Stranger In A Strange Land' by Iron Maiden. I bought it because I liked the record cover and I reckoned I might like their music.

In the years since my record collection has grown to such an extent that there simply isn't enough space to store it all. What am I to do though? If I hear a record that I like, I've got to buy it haven't I!

My interest in music began in the early 1980s when I was really too young to appreciate what I was listening to. The first song I can remember is 'Video Killed The Radio Star' by The Buggles, and the first pop video I can remember seeing is 'Another Brick In The Wall' by Pink Floyd. My early favourites were electronic pop bands like Ultravox, OMD, & The Human League, as well as Adam & The Ants of course.

The first gig I attended was the Greater London Council abolition free concert at Jubilee Gardens on London’s South Bank. Eddy Grant headlined that day.

During my teenage years I was listening primarily to Indie and anything out of Manchester - think Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Inspiral Carpets, Charlatans, James etc. I also had a sporadic interest in dance music and I listened to Capital FM avidly.

From 1993 to 1995 I was vaguely aware of the burgeoning trance scene through my brother, but I didn't really follow it all. The first trance record I heard was ‘Love Stimulation’ (Love Mix) by Humate on MFS records. It immediately struck me as being totally different to anything I had heard before – too polished and melodic to be techno, yet too driven and futuristic to be house. The apparent classical and new age influences in this record really captivated me. The subsequent X-Mix 1 compilation by Paul Van Dyk, and Dance 2 Trance, Jam & Spoon, and Cosmic Baby releases further whetted my appetite for this new style of music.

I had never been to a 'proper' club until the first time I went to Lakota in Bristol whilst studying at university. I knew straight away that I had stumbled onto something that had been missing all my life. Around the same time I discovered the weekly radio show that Way Out West presented in Bristol, and it became compulsive listening for me. However, it was a trip to the legendary Final Frontier club night at the United Kingdom club in Wandsworth in May 1995 that sealed my fate. The man responsible for this was DJ Dag – he changed my life in the space in 5 minutes! From that point on, I knew I had to get involved. One track in particular that night stood out, and I tried desperately to track it down. I eventually found out it was 'Vicious Circles' (Union Jack remix) by Poltergeist on Platipus records. Through looking for this record I acquainted myself with most of central London's dance music specialist stores, and started buying other records that were recommended to me. I remember the first time I bought a Noom record (Noom 13) from Karim at Flip Records; I had a feeling that I would be buying a lot more Noom records. Gradually I immersed myself further into the trance and techno scenes as I regularly visited The Final Frontier club night and its successor Voyager, and the Temptation nights at Lakota. Visits to Return to the Source club nights also proved inspirational. I’ve still kept all the flyers from all the clubs that I’ve visited, and like the sad person I am, I keep any magazine articles relating to any artists or record labels in my collection.

I finally bought a pair of Technics SL1210s (and mixer, and amp, and speaker) second hand from someone living near Bedford. Well, I needed something to listen to my 12"s on didn't I! I then began the long and difficult task of teaching myself to mix records. I have never received any assistance or guidance in learning to mix, other than being shown how to cue up a record. Hence my mixing style is probably different to most other peoples. Of course my day job gets in the way, so I don't get to spend as much time practicing my mixing as I would like so it’s just an occasional hobby.

These days I’ll listen to new trance/techno/progressive house releases over the internet on various sites but I rarely like anything that I hear. I rarely go clubbing now - London simply doesn't have enough good club nights, and I now prefer to buy as music as possible on CD over the internet, but I will always buy and support music that I like.

I've shared details of the house/techno/trance portion of my record collection here on discogs to keep a record of my collection, and to hopefully converse with like minded people.

Favourite Current Dance Artists:
Oliver Lieb, M.I.K.E, Union Jack, System 7 & Astral Projection

Favourite DJs:
Nick Warren, John OO Fleming, & Sven Väth

Musical Inspirations:
Classical Music, New Age Music, & Traditional Tribal/Ethnic Music

Musical Heroes:
Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Steely Dan, Santana, Kraftwerk, John Peel, Joy Division, New Order, Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, 808 State, Jam & Spoon, Oliver Lieb, DJ Dag & Vibrasphere

All Time Favourite Record Labels:
Factory, Creation, MFS, Eye-Q, Harthouse, Superstition, Noom, Platipus, R&S, & Rising High

All Time Favourite Album:
'The Stone Roses' by The Stone Roses

All Time Favourite Remix:
‘Hallelujah’ (Oakenfold & Osbourne remix) by The Happy Mondays

All Time Favourite Single:
'True Faith' by New Order
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