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posted a review of The Delta - Scizoeffective. 3 months ago
The slower tracks that come after track 6 are far better constructed than the faster tracks. Excellent relaxing and dark music quite swell for a night drive.

The other tracks of the album: 'Pop' is a decent opening track to the album. After this track ... See full review
submitted Kennedy (16) - Triangle Motion. 10 months ago
posted a review of Jeff Mills - Sleeper Wakes. about 1 year ago
'Radiation Storm' is my favorite track here and is a beast played in a warehouse. It's really fun to tweak that track. Tracks 2 and 4 are good. Track 6 is good till it moves into the second part of the track. The last track is also, wait for it, good. ... See full review
posted a review of Panasonic* - Vakio. about 1 year ago
I bought this thinking the album would be "Dive without vocals" as one Discogs user put it, like the 'Urania' track clickable in the video section. Unfortunately, the album is even more obtuse than an ... See full review
posted a review of Electric Universe - Stardiver. about 1 year ago
I felt bad selling this because 'Alien Encounter (Part 2)' is perfection. Nothing captivated me after the second track till I got to the end with the very pleasant 'Alien Encounter (Part 1)'. 3/5.
posted a review of Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger. about 1 year ago
This album is a sharp drop off in quality from Twisted. I like the first two tracks, but the rest of the album? Not so much. 2/5.
posted a review of Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes* & 3MB - The Birth Of Technosoul. about 1 year ago
"My Soul" is 5/5. The rest of the cd I am not sure how I feel about as it doesn't feel satisfying listening to it all the way through. Some tracks spoil the mood.
posted a review of Zeromancer - Clone Your Lover. about 1 year ago
'God Bless The Models' has such a heavy breakdown. What a great track. The s/t track is good. 'Flirt (With me)' has a really enjoyable chorus. The rest of the album is mediocre. The bad: lyric "something for the pain inside me" on track 3 and its remix ... See full review
posted a review of Dâm-Funk* - Toeachizown. about 1 year ago
No one mentions this but the album is a bit too downtempo making one sleepy. -_-
submitted Rap God - At The Gate. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Various - Lost 2001 - The Cold Rush Classics 1993-1997. about 1 year ago
Gorgeous cover art. With that written Disc 1 is pretty bad. Lots of cheap sounding thumping hardcore. Tanochinjaii - Fallen Angel is the only track I consider really good. 'Doom Dancer' starts good with the snare rolls but ends up introducing crappy ... See full review
posted a review of Fila Brazillia - Brazilification (Remixes 95-99). over 2 years ago
Starting the album off with Radiohead should have indicated to me that this artist doesn't understand that putting the top track first usually sowers the rest of the album. This is the case here.
posted a review of Khan And Walker* - Radiowaves. over 2 years ago
Album is ruined by high pitched notes.
posted a comment on Armando - Warehouse Presents *The Classics*. over 2 years ago
repress of downfall on trax coming...

???you sure???
posted a review of Anthony Rother - Popkiller II. over 2 years ago
'Skyline' is alright. The rest is pretty bad. Kill the vocals please.
posted a review of Jeff Mills - Sequence (A Retrospective Of Axis Records). over 3 years ago
Disc 2 is the reason to hold onto this comp. Disc 1 is full of irritating loops, but it does have a 5/5 track: 'Condor to Mallorca'.
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Syro. over 3 years ago
This track is all over the place in terms of trying to establish a mood. It sounds electro-lite, then progresses into a faster poppier percussion segment (breakcore-lite). Everything in the track makes me want to segway it into more complex & focused ... See full review
posted a review of Eno*, Mœbius*, Roedelius*, Plank* - Begegnungen II. over 3 years ago
Track 8 is a fantastic closer. The rest of the compilation is so-so.
submitted Young Hoods - Just Like Dat. over 3 years ago
posted a review of Solar Fields - Extended. over 3 years ago
The most overrated cd on Discogs I've purchased. Sample it or buy the mp3s before plunking down your cash on the cd. Massive letdown. Artist injects scary elements into tracks towards the middle of the album, which is lame. Got fairly embarrassing having ... See full review
posted a review of Various Artists* - Acidtrax. over 3 years ago
Awesome set of tunes. The best compilation I own. Wish the volume was mastered slightly louder but every track is getting turned up high regardless.
posted a review of Zeromancer - Something For The Pain - The Best Of. over 3 years ago
I'd recommend anyone who hasn't gotten into the band to ignore this compilation and get the first single, Eurotrash, ZZYZX, and if you'll dare to listen to the three albums after that then select The Death of Romance album. The Eurotrash best of songs ... See full review
posted a review of Techmaster P.E.B. - It Came From Outer Bass II. over 4 years ago
Suffers from having too many okayish tracks on it. Tracks 4, 7, 10, and 16 are great. 3/5
posted a comment on Lassigue Bendthaus - Overflow. over 4 years ago
Get the cd format for 'Overflow (Eminar Mix)' which nails what I'd describe as a 'cool night drive' sound found on LB's Render album.
posted a comment on X-103 - Atlantis. over 4 years ago
'The Gardens' on this cd does not have a strings section which is on the Thera EP.

posted a review of Zeromancer - Bye-Bye Borderline. over 4 years ago
Pretty much this album is all about the chorus. The lyrics are very forgettable. The songs are structured like generic pop songs. Unlike the past two albums you don't have to skip over the first couple tracks.

First song is an in-your-face track. Why be ... See full review
posted a review of Dopplereffekt - Linear Accelerator. over 5 years ago
Brilliant. Must own. Requires a certain mood that is achieved by darkness and isolation.
posted a review of Wah Wah (2) - Wild Azz You Want To Be. over 5 years ago
One amazing group track (first track) and then the rest is slightly good to bad. The first track is so good it could only be downhill from there. It's much better than "No Remorse" off of Al Kapone's Da Resurrection album. The dark instrumental, the ... See full review
submitted Wah Wah (2) - Wild Azz You Want To Be. over 5 years ago
posted a review of t+pazolite - Unlimited Spark!. over 5 years ago
4 tracks are good: 'World End's Yama Xanadu' (best track), 'Nekomimi Mayohiga Sumai', 'Inaba-chan Night Fever ~ Kanon Kanon' (second favorite - a feel good/happy track), and 'Kanzen de Shousha na Juusha no Tameno Sato Soukyoku no Hazu Dattanoni'.

Rest ... See full review
posted a comment on Subheim - No Land Called Home. over 5 years ago
Listened to their first album, then listened to what I'd say is their fully evolved sound on the track 'Take Me Back' on the Emerging Organisms 2 compilation, then finally got to this release -- what happened, Subheim? I'll just chalk it up to going to a ... See full review
posted a review of Gin Devo - Surface. over 5 years ago
'Gris Gris' is one of my favorite ambient tracks. The problem with this album is it changes the overall mood from cold ambiance into tracks that have a paranoia feel which I don't enjoy.

Edit: Taking the above user's review into mind, using 'Gris Gris' ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Hardcore Syndrome 2. over 5 years ago
t+pazolite - To Luv Me I *** For U is the best track on here. It blows its load too early though.
posted a review of Shinji Hosoe - the lunatic: IBARA REMIX TRACKS. over 5 years ago
'Endress Train' is the best arranged vgm track ever. Gives me the chills every time I hear it.
posted a review of Kenichi Okuma - GötzenDiener Original Game Music. over 5 years ago
One of the best arranged vgm album ever made. Tracks 1, 4, 7, and 9 are amazing.
posted a review of Choose* - Sufficient Relativities E.P.. over 5 years ago
Best dark acidcore! 5/5.
posted a review of Al Kapone - Pure Ghetto Anger. over 5 years ago
This album perfectly creates the feeling of its title. Not for casual listening.
posted a review of Billy Corgan - TheFutureEmbrace. over 6 years ago
Bought the cd for 'The CameraEye' which I heard on a Pendulum d&b mix. This is the best track I think Billy Corgan has created. No nasal voice. Just awesomeness. With the exception of 'Mina Loy (M.O.H)', the rest of the cd is very poor, so I sold the ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Judge Dred - Ghost Train / Nervous Distortion. over 6 years ago
Nervous Distortion is just great. Get this vinyl!
posted a comment on The Strokes - First Impressions Of Earth. over 6 years ago
What's with the noisy static in 'Ize Of The World'?
posted a review of Zeromancer. over 7 years ago
1st album: Massive step down from Radiowaves (Seigmen's last album).
2nd album: Their best album. I defy you to find a better track than 'Cupola' in this genre.
3rd album: The sellout Zeromancer album. Still pleasing to listen to with a girlfriend. ... See full review
posted a comment on Victo_Ecret. over 7 years ago
Received word from Mechanismz that the Victo_Ecret project is dead. Damn shame.
posted a review of Marco Beltrami And Buck Sanders - Max Payne (Original Motion Picture Score). over 7 years ago
I only bought this soundtrack to hear the best track which is played during the club scene--it is not on here. 'Dark Haven' is a winner. Track 1 is good too just for that dark sound then screeching violins. Other than that nothing else worth listening to.
posted a review of Binray - Albatross EP. over 7 years ago
The first track is great, but some of the other tracks are ruined by really annoying squeally synth that will make everyone in the room hate you.

edit: I changed my mind. Only 'Deliverance' has annoying spazzy high-pitched synth. A fantastic breakcore ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Emerging Organisms Vol. 3. over 7 years ago
Does this come in decent packaging unlike the Vol. 2?
posted a review of Velvet Acid Christ - Between The Eyes Vol. # 3 (1994-1995). over 8 years ago
Angry, sad, and embarrassing -- Some godawful stuff on this cd. 'Dead Flesh' is the worst song I've ever heard in this genre. 'Sadder Still' and 'Broken Mind' don't work at all because of the poor vocals. 'Fiction Friction' has a pretty cool part in it ... See full review