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Hallucinator - Landlocked
posted a review of Hallucinator - Landlocked. over 16 years ago
Here we have another superb album on Chain Reaction, with Hallucinator's "Landlocked", comprising of some of the brightest and darkest moments on the label.

"People" starts off the disc with a melodic, percussive sound that could be compared to The... See full review
Vladislav Delay - Multila
posted a review of Vladislav Delay - Multila. over 16 years ago
Now this is surely one of the most abstract albums on the legendary Chain Reaction label. Vladislav Delay's "Multila" is another aquatic sounding epic, much like Porter Ricks' "Biokinetics", except this heads even further into the murky depths.... See full review
Legiac - Mings Feaner
posted a review of Legiac - Mings Feaner. over 17 years ago
Yet another album from Don & Roel Funcken, this time teaming up with Cor Bolten who released an album with the Funcken brothers under the moniker of Dif:use. Here we have "Mings Feaner", their first release as Legiac. Anyone familiar with Funckarma... See full review
Pub - Sekatuo Ton
posted a review of Pub - Sekatuo Ton. over 17 years ago
Pub's releases of late seem to be getting more and more minimal, a far cry from his gorgeous work on "Do You Ever Regret Pantomime?" and the deep and dubby sounds of ">Single". On "Sekatuo Ton" (a slightly different version of his highly limited 4xCDr... See full review
Kettel - My Dogan
posted a review of Kettel - My Dogan. over 18 years ago
"My Dogan" is Kettel's second album for the always stunning Sending Orbs label. Whereas "Volleyed Iron" focussed on Ambient sounds only, and "Through Friendly Waters" was IDM/Downtempo, "My Dogan" combines both styles and is all the better for it.... See full review
Yagya - Will I Dream During The Process?
posted a review of Yagya - Will I Dream During The Process?. over 18 years ago
After years of waiting, Yagya has finally released the follow up to his critically acclaimed "Rhythm Of Snow" album. "Will I Dream During The Process?" is similar to his previous album, but I think there's more variety to be found on here. Some of the... See full review
Vita - Vita E.P.
posted a review of Vita - Vita E.P.. over 18 years ago
Great EP from Mikael Stavöstrand under his Vita alias. On his "Vita EP" you get 4 ultra-deep Techno tracks that consist of 4/4 beats combined with glitchy rhythms and deep, dark aquatic soundscapes. Sounds like music you would listen to while... See full review
Joel Tammik - Eluline
posted a review of Joel Tammik - Eluline. over 19 years ago
I've been pushing Joel Tammik's music for a while now, and rightly so. After two U-Cover CDr Limited releases and one album on Estonian label Ulmeplaadid, his forth album hits. Like the previous albums, "Eluline" consists of really atmospheric, dubby... See full review
Julien Neto - Le Fumeur De Ciel
posted a review of Julien Neto - Le Fumeur De Ciel. over 19 years ago
When I heard Julien Neto's track "Voy" from the "Cottage Industries 3: Vestibule & Separate" compilation, I new that his album would be something special. Now the album is finally out. "Le Fumeur De Ciel" is an album of eerie, classical sounding... See full review
Monolake - Polygon_Cities
posted a review of Monolake - Polygon_Cities. over 19 years ago
The sixth Monolake album is a surprisingly fresh take on the Monolake sound. I was worried that like "Momentum", the new album would sound too much like "Gravity" did. While "Polygon_Cities" shares the same focus on dark, dubby Electro as the previous... See full review
Autechre - Untilted
posted a review of Autechre - Untilted. over 19 years ago
“Untilted” is Autechre’s eight album, and it continues their descent into increasingly abstract electronics. “LCC” starts off the album strong. It begins a strangely funky yet complex rhythm, which is later slowed down and joined by what is probably... See full review
Marc Leclair - Musique Pour 3 Femmes Enceintes
posted a review of Marc Leclair - Musique Pour 3 Femmes Enceintes. over 19 years ago
As Akufen, Marc Leclair has produced numerous EP’s and a critically acclaimed album for Force Inc. Music Works. With “Musique Pour 3 Femmes Enceintes” being his first release under his real name, he strips back his trademark cut-up house music for... See full review
Myrakaru - Tammetõru
posted a review of Myrakaru - Tammetõru. over 19 years ago
The debut album from Joel Tammik and Indrek Tamm as Myrakaru fits in perfectly with the rest of the Expanding Records catalogue. All the tracks feature extremely beautiful melodies. Some tracks sound like an ISAN meets Bola combination of melancholy... See full review
Quinoline Yellow - Dol-Goy Assist
posted a review of Quinoline Yellow - Dol-Goy Assist. over 19 years ago
Along with Bola’s “Gnayse”, Quinoline Yellow’s “Dol-Goy Assist” sees Skam back in fine form. After two fantastic EP’s and tracks on the Smak compilation, the album finally hits. What you get is what you would expect: Crunchy beats, electro rhythms and... See full review
Bola - Gnayse
posted a review of Bola - Gnayse. over 20 years ago
Bola's third album on the Skam imprint is probably his darkest yet. Gnayse has many of the same traits as Fyuti: crunchy beats, weird percussion, bleepy noises, dsp effects, and his trademark ambient soundscapes. The album starts off with "Eluus", the... See full review
Spark - Super Robot Battle Deluxe
posted a review of Spark - Super Robot Battle Deluxe. over 20 years ago
Spark's second album is a huge departure from the melodic electronica of his previous album, "The Robotic Girl Next Door". On "Super Robot Battle Deluxe", Spark experiments with breakcore and noise, with little success. The first track, "My Human... See full review
Autechre - Confield
posted a review of Autechre - Confield. over 20 years ago
"Confield" was my first Autechre album, and while my original thoughts were that I had wasted my money, over time I have begun to appreciate what Autechre have created here. "VI Scose Poise" begins with annoying metallic clanking noises, but the... See full review
Sense - Learning To Be
posted a review of Sense - Learning To Be. over 20 years ago
"Learning To Be" is the second album from Australian artist, Sense. Providing a worthy follow up to "A View From A Vulnerable Place", was always going to difficult, but Sense has has pulled it of, and them some. This time, the sound is perhaps more... See full review
Various Artists (3) - Decay Product
posted a review of Various Artists (3) - Decay Product. over 20 years ago
The oddly named Various Artists, delivers another gem in the Chain Reaction crown. Very minimal beats and dubbed chords that grow in intensity, drive most the the tracks here. No.3 (Debit), and Erode, get me thinking about, and visualsing a thunder... See full review
Claro Intelecto - Neurofibro
posted a review of Claro Intelecto - Neurofibro. over 20 years ago
Claro Intelecto's debut album, is well and truly worthy of the hype surrounding it. Included on the cd version are tracks from the two ep's, Peace Of Mind, and Section. Peace Of Mind is the first track, an electro classic with it's emotive Rhodes keys... See full review
Robokoneko - Anembo
posted a review of Robokoneko - Anembo. over 20 years ago
Top-notch release from Couchblip! label owner Melinda Taylor aka Robokoneko. Though this is an Australian release, some of the melodies on this album have an oriental feel to them. This album would be equally at home on labels like Morr Music, and... See full review
Scion - Arrange And Process Basic Channel Tracks
posted a review of Scion - Arrange And Process Basic Channel Tracks. over 20 years ago
Taking tracks from Basic Channel's infalible catalogue, rearranging, and mixing them into the tracks on this disc was a stroke of genius. Each track has layers from multiple BC tracks, and it all flows perfectly from start to finish. Much more pumping... See full review
Loscil - Submers
posted a review of Loscil - Submers. over 20 years ago
Loscil's second album on the Kranky label, is a journey into supremely deep ambience. With minimal 4/4 beats, echoing chords and aquatic sounscapes, it's no wonder all the tracks are named after submarines. Fans of Gas, Pan American, Signer, and the... See full review
Ten And Tracer - An Hour Brighter
posted a review of Ten And Tracer - An Hour Brighter. over 20 years ago
An Hour Brighter has all the trademark sounds of Boards Of Canada - spooky soundscapes, echoing voices, downtempo beats, and short interludes. Certainly not original, but a beautiful album nonetheless. Definitely Worth checking out.
Mokira - Album
posted a review of Mokira - Album. over 20 years ago
The second release on John Twells and Stef Lewandowski's Type Records label continues to deliver the goods with this, the third album from Mokira aka Andreas Tilliander.
This is by far the most ambient release from Andreas, with the beat driven sound... See full review