I got into listening to music at the start of college, during the fall of 2016. I mostly familiarized myself with a number of musicians through listening to autogenerated YouTube uploads, but eventually decided that I'd like to start collecting the music I listen to on a physical format, namely because I like the feeling of tangibly owning a legitimate copy of something.

I mainly collect music on CD, both because of the lack of surface noise and because I'm not fond of how vinyl records and cassettes wear out the more you play them, not to mention the fantastic audio quality on properly-mastered CDs.
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Late response, I'm aware, but the reason the sticker's there is because that's the way Low was packaged back when it first released in 1977. My guess is Bowie decided to make the tracklist present on the back as a tiny sticker to highlight the album's ... See full review
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From what I can gather, newer copies still include the botched "Heroes" remaster. Given that the replacement disc offer ended last June, if you want a proper Parlophone remaster of "Heroes" with this set, you'll need to buy the 2018 standalone CD, which ... See full review
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Often considered the start of Bowie's 80's slump, Tonight is, in my opinion, not as bad as everyone says it is. Is it an incredibly dull follow-up to Let's Dance? Most certainly. Is it a garbage record? I disagree. It's got plenty of good performances ... See full review
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Any particular reason why the Parlophone issues use orange text for the title logo on digital releases, but keep the original red for physical releases (speaking as someone with a US Parlophone CD)? It seems like such an arbitrary change to make for one ... See full review
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Is this release one that is affected by bronzing? Because I am aware that the problem primarily affected PDO pressings of certain releases between 1986 and 1993, but I don't know which specific releases suffer from bronzing.
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The reason why the photo looks so much better on this page is because of the bright light produced by the scanner used to capture the image; the cover art just naturally looks dark under normal lighting. My best guess is that it's a result of the yellow ... See full review
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I received a copy of this particular pressing as a hand-me-down from my dad's collection last spring, and overall it's not bad. Namely, the sound quality's pretty good, which complements the brilliant songwriting and production on the album ... See full review