We are a Dutch couple, that started selling records purely as a hobby.
We are now selling records from our physical shop called lp-winkel.nl in Tiel, Holland.
We have over 40.000 items but just a fraction gets posted online. If you need anything we do not offer online, feel free to ask us if we have it.

Here on discogs we try to offer cheap, general singles and albums, mixed with a few hard-to-find ones .

The most fun we get from finding stuff that our visitors are searching for, no matter how special or everyday it may be. Just to be able to make somebody happy with bringing back a memory is our thrive.

The records we are selling are all pre-owned. We do a visual check for scratches and when a sleeve is damaged we will mention it, but only the more expensive items get a full review.

To make it easier for you to decide if you want to order with us, we give a 100% guarantee on everything we sell! If you are not satisfied with the quality of the record feel free to return it.
Or… even better, come and visit our store in real live and touch all the vinyl yourself :-)

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