Conservative & Accuracy conscientious Grader EZ Going Individual.
PRODUCER Sound Engineer
Specializing in Classic Rock House n POP

95% of my collection I have for sale has been meticulously well cared for and does not promote "snap, crackle & pop." They've been inspected & cleaned & only been played with the finest needles specifically: Denon DL 160, & Ortofon Blues.
Rest assured, I grade with the best of my ability & accuracy. I only sell Near Mint or Very Good Plus records. Usually, a majority of my collection got played a few times only because 1) I'd constantly be rotating in new releases as a Club DJ. 2) I would record records onto DAT on first play to preserve the fidelity.
All 758 records are hand picked, Quality selects and not fillers or garbage records. Well Worthwhile to Filter by genres
When sourcing, if it doesn't meet my expectations, I won't buy it nor offer it for sale.
Needless to say,
I've been around records a long time and bring years of well earned trust and experience to my dealings to you.

I'm in agreement with a nod to the Goldmine Standard with Mike Nipper's grading scale reprinted from "How to Grade Your Records" from Line Out on Fri, Dec 16, 2011

MINT/M/NEAR MINT/NM/MINT-/M-: A record with this grade will look brand new, no matter when it was manufactured, so no spindle marks, no paper scuffs, it will have a reflective surface/gloss and should be, most likely, unplayed. The sleeve should have hard corners, no ringwear/seam splits, no foxing, and it should have complete set of inserts. Also the inner sleeve should be stock and without splits. Naturally, this grade commands top $$ and is most desirable to most record nerds. New/sealed records should, in theory, represent this grade.

Cover: A NM cover looks mint, except for one very minor detail, like a slightly dinged corner or a slightly bent corner from the continued shrinking of the shrink wrap.

EXCELLENT/EX/ VERY GOOD+(+) : Records with this grade have been played/handled/stored very carefully and should only show paper scuffs and a few spindle marks, and there should be ZERO lessening of sound reproduction. The sleeves should have hard-ish corners, little ringwear, no seam splits, foxing is forgiven, and the package should be complete with inserts. Cut out punch holes at this grade are also forgiven.
A record that most people would still call NM. EX vinyl may have some light paper scuffs, which have no effect on the play. Or there may be one very faint scratch that has no effect on the play.

Vinyl: VG+ vinyl has multiple paper scuffs/ faint hairlines from sliding in & out of the sleeve, these have no effect on the play. There will also be some very faint scratches, the kind where the record has to be held at the right angle in the light to see. These will have no (or very minor) effect on the play.

Cover: The cover may have slight ring wear where the ink is beginning to wear, but not in a complete circle & there's no other surface wear evident. There may also be some light wearing of the ink or light feathering in small spots around the edges, but not an entire edge.

Play: A VG+ record will only have a few faint ticks or pops that are not noticeable unless you're listening for them.

VERY GOOD/VG: means a worn record, with some ticks, pops, CUE BURNS...some scratches/scuffs, but the music should still be heard, mostly, over any noise.but even with those problems it should be an okay play copy as it SHOULD play through all the way, no skips!!
The vinyl has multiple light scratches, it looks like it might play noisily but plays better than expected with minor pops. Still retains much of the original gloss.The vinyl has some obvious light scratches, but looks like it will still play without any problems or surface noise, and it still retains most of the original gloss.
The sleeves will be worn with ringwear/seam splits, writing...I'd also apply water damage to this grade. The sleeves might have bent corners/ringwear/short seam splits, no inserts, and/or may have been written upon. This is, maybe, the most typical of grades as most records were bought to play, therefore the amount of wear and tear.

Very Good Minus
Vinyl: A very worn, but still playable record. The vinyl has multiple scratches of varying degrees of severity, it looks like it will play noisily and does. It still plays through without skipping. The background noise from the scratches & wear will not overwhelm the music. I generally will not sell (or collect) records in this grade or lower, unless they are very difficult to find any better. Commons in this condition go in the garbage.

Cover: The cover shows heavy ring wear & surface wear. There may be a split seam or two, or other minor damage, but the cover still holds the record in.

Play: A VG- record still plays completely through and at no time is the surface noise at a level that totally distracts from the music.
GOOD/G: This grade is for beat to shit records, the grooves are gray from play/grime, and are perhaps even cracked, or will not play through without skipping...and the sleeve? What sleeve?
A Good record has major wear on everything, the maximum wear in which the record is still minimally usable. This means it still plays through and it's listenable.

FAIR/POOR: A record that should be considered for the trash, UNLESS it is SOOOOO rare that it can be considered "one of a few known copies."

Have You Dreamed of Owning a complete NM vinyl snapshot of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon @ Half Speed? or the Beatles White Album's analog sound Quality perfectly preserved yet still playable? How about Donald Fagan's Nightfly or Steely Dan's Aja Masterpieces?

As a long time Audiophile Sound Engineer, it's a Fact every time the needle drops on the vinyl, Sound degradation occurs with every rotation.
To Preserve the Warmth & Bliss of your treasured Vinyl, I offer Hi Quality Transference (digitizing) onto Compact Disc or USB Flashdrive at Hi Resolution PCM in my studio.
What you Get is a Permanent Archival copy of the NM vinyl you ordered capturing the Finesse & warmth that only Vinyl provides:
Even better, the remastered recordings will be louder (1-2 db) whilest still retaining headroom & Dynamic Range,(Remember that word?), Punchier when Applicable, with Extended Crispier Highs that Soars. Every detail & nuances will be preserved forever.
-You're Not Going to get that Level of Sound Quality in a Do it Yourself USB Record player to software kit at Best Buy for $99.- Definately.
My Studio setup is designed to record at High Definition Quality: 192khz Sampling Rates at 32 bits .
I have done countless A- B comparisons, and am always beyond surprised with the results. It's very hard to distinguish the vinyl to the recording. Extremely difficult.
Better than RIAA Standards Equalization curves, remastered with fuller Bass (30-250 Hz region) & Crispier Highs using advanced algorhythms. (Due to Strict Limitations during the Vinyl Cutting process, the RIAA EQ Standard was created to not go against the Laws of Physics and have the needle pop out of the groove. However, a loss in bass frequencies as well as Highs occurs which even with the best Phono Preamps fails to replay.
ie: That's Why Rush's Neil Peart ,John Bohnam nor Lars Ulrich never sound as Thunderous as they should .
That's Why you never really feel Geddy Lee's , Mcartney or Simmon's Walking Basslines lest you have a Superior Playback system.
As a corollary, 12" vinyl singles have that Extended Bass and Fluid Highs because it's recordings uses the entire surface of the 12" vinyl , hence more wider and deeper grooves for the pickup coil to ride on.
Professional Equipment: Modified Technics Sl1200 MK2 Turntable ; Grado .5 mvolt cartridge for a hotter signal, Straightwire Audio cables soldered on the Turntable, Creek Phono Preamplifier/Adcom amplifier powered thru 20 amp circuits with conditioning, Echo Audio Interface with breakout box, Custom designed, AMD Digital Audio Workstation, Dynaudio Monitors.
24 bit Software: Sonic Solutions Spectrum Analyzer, Waves Diamond Bundle, L2 Sonic Maximizer, Roger Nichols Parametric EQ (Uniquealizer), Wavelab
Sonic Foundry Sound Forge, Mc DSP Plug Ins.
All Pops surface noise will be greatly minimized thru meticulous, non harmful editing in addition to manual Cleaning with Distilled water.
$18.95 per LP; Class A rendering
$10 Single Class A rendering
You can elect to purchase your vinyl here with requests for digitizing, or submit the vinyl via mail.
DSD available upon request
PRODUCER Sound Engineer
Specializing in Classic Rock House Trance
Most of my collection consists of Quality House, Classic trance POP & Rock usually VG+ to NM.

Finally Feel free to check out my original worx and Mixtapes /Reel
Happy Record Hunting

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