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submitted Blackearth Percussion Group - Albright Bertoncini Cage Harrison Miller. 5 days ago
submitted Luciano Berio - Nones / Allelujah II / Concerto For Two Pianos. 7 days ago
submitted Elliott Carter - Sonata For Flute, Oboe, Cello & Harpsichord / Sonata For Cello & Piano. 7 days ago
submitted Klára Körmendi - Karlheinz Stockhausen / Durkó Zsolt / Attila Bozay / John Cage / Iannis Xenakis - Contemporary Piano Music. 9 days ago
submitted Samuel Baron - Karl Korte / Mario Davidovsky / Meyer Kupferman - Music For Flute & Tape. 9 days ago
submitted Kenneth Gaburo, Romeo Cascarino, Alvin Etler & Goddard Lieberson - Line Studies, Bassoon Sonata, Bassoon Sonata, String Quartet. 9 days ago
submitted Milton Babbitt / T.J. Anderson / Richard Wernick – The Contemporary Chamber Ensemble*, Arthur Weisberg - Spectrum: New American Music, Volume V. 9 days ago
submitted Carl Ruggles, Henry Cowell - Ruggles: Lilacs; Portals; Evocations - Cowell: Toccanta. 9 days ago
submitted New York Tuba Quartet - Tubby's Revenge. 9 days ago
posted a comment on Henry Cowell, Alan Hovhaness, Charles Ives - Set Of Five / Kirgiz Suite / Sonata No. 4. 13 days ago
Kirgiz Suite For Violin And Piano, Op. 93 by Hovhaness and performed by Maro Ajemian and Anahid Ajemian is impeccably beautiful. Deserves greater recognition. I picture a film producer using this effectively in a soundtrack.
submitted Archie Shepp - For Losers. about 1 month ago
submitted The World Saxophone Quartet* - Steppin' With The World Saxophone Quartet. about 1 month ago
submitted George Lewis / Douglas Ewart - Jila - Save ! Mon. - The Imaginary Suite. about 1 month ago
submitted Steve Lacy, Roswell Rudd, Kent Carter, Beaver Harris - Trickles. about 1 month ago
submitted Charles Mingus - East Coasting. about 1 month ago
submitted Chico Freeman Quartet - No Time Left. about 1 month ago
submitted Various - Rare And Hot ! 1925-1930. about 1 month ago
submitted Johnny Dyani With John Tchicai & Dudu Pukwana - Witchdoctor's Son. about 1 month ago
submitted The T-Bones - Everyone's Gone To The Moon (And Other Trips). 2 months ago
submitted The Sonics - Original Northwest Punk. 2 months ago
submitted Speedy West And Jimmy Bryant - 2 Guitars Country Style. 2 months ago
submitted The Surfaris - Wipe Out. 2 months ago
submitted The Surfaris - Hit City '65. 2 months ago
submitted Various - 日本民謡全集 - 関東・中部篇(第一集). 3 months ago
submitted Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs* - Wooly Bully. 3 months ago
submitted Patti Smith Group - Wave. 3 months ago
submitted Dan Hanrahan (2) - Dan Hanrahan. 4 months ago
submitted Paul Bley - Copenhagen And Haarlem. 4 months ago
submitted Shea Mowat - 3 [fold, dD,*,(r)X] Marsh Mall. 4 months ago
submitted Bob Cochran (5) - Stronghold Of Hummus. 4 months ago
submitted Various - Potassium Discourse & Dietary Needs For The Modern Simian (As Described) . 5 months ago
submitted Id M Theft Able - Buttercup. 5 months ago
submitted Id M Theft Able - If You Travel Around The Country, You Know That Water Quality Varies Widely. 5 months ago
submitted B.R. Garm* - Cha. 5 months ago
submitted Id M Theft Able - Earfuls Of Milk And Speaker Spit. 5 months ago
submitted Shea Mowat, Id M Theft Able - Badn' All Is Good-Greatn' Alln'/ Captain Beefheart's Candy Bar. 5 months ago
submitted 3D Jet Scooter - 3D Jet Scooter. 5 months ago
submitted Id M Theft Able - As A.T. Beheld / Hits From The RON Sack. 5 months ago
submitted A Wal*Mart X-Mas - A Wal*Mart X-Mas. 5 months ago
submitted Wes Montgomery - The Incredible Jazz Guitar Of Wes Montgomery. 6 months ago
submitted The Holy Modal Rounders - Stampfel & Weber. 6 months ago
submitted Thee Mighty Caesars - John Lennon's Corpse Revisited. 6 months ago
submitted Daniel Johnston - Retired Boxer. 6 months ago
submitted Alan Williams (9) - Evidence. 6 months ago
submitted Jay Blagdon - Pax Americana. 6 months ago
submitted Tav Falco's Panther Burns - The World We Knew. 6 months ago
posted a review of Dogbowl - Tit! (An Opera). 7 months ago
This is Dogbowl's debut recording. A definitive quirky, self-conscious, memoir-istic album. Dogbowl's observational/ open-confessional lyrics set a template for many a 90s introspective recordings.
submitted Glade Swope - Yet Another One Has Returned. 7 months ago
submitted Glade Swope - Who Will Rise Above. 7 months ago
submitted Shelf Life - Courtesy. 7 months ago