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J・A・シーザー・リサイタル* / J.A.シーザー* - 国境巡礼歌 [Kokkyou Junreika]
posted a review of J・A・シーザー・リサイタル* / J.A.シーザー* - 国境巡礼歌 [Kokkyou Junreika]. over 7 years ago
Phoenix Records are notorious for their cheap reissues and again they did a not so great job on this classic album. The "gatefold cover" feels and looks cheap, the sound of the CD is fine, but there are pauses of 1 sec. betweeen the tracks which... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 7 years ago
Various - Universal Sounds Of America
posted a comment on Various - Universal Sounds Of America. over 7 years ago
This compilation had a massive impact on me. I first came across it when I got into Alice Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders and wanted to check out similar stuff. I purchased albums by Marcus Belgrave, Art Ensemble, Sun Ra and Steve Reid immediately, which... See full review
Michael White (2) - Spirit Dance
posted a comment on Michael White (2) - Spirit Dance. over 7 years ago
The pressing is excellent, awesome sound, especially the bass is impressive. But it plays 33rpm, also stated on the labels, although the obi-like sleeve sheet says 45rpm.
Re:Mnant* - Re:Mnant
posted a comment on Re:Mnant* - Re:Mnant. over 8 years ago
totally overlooked early Constellation release from a duo including Ian from Silver Mt Zion. this is not post-rock, but an excellent collection of drone experimentation and soundscapes.
Ákos Rózmann - Images Of The Dream And Death
posted a comment on Ákos Rózmann - Images Of The Dream And Death. over 9 years ago
Does anybody know about the differences between the music on the 1991 CD version and on the Ideologic Organ vinyl? Thanks for your help!
The Gumuz Tribe* - Sudan I - Music Of The Blue Nile Province / Soudan - Musique De La Province Du Nil Bleu
submitted The Gumuz Tribe* - Sudan I - Music Of The Blue Nile Province / Soudan - Musique De La Province Du Nil Bleu. over 10 years ago
Laika - Silver Apples Of The Moon
posted a review of Laika - Silver Apples Of The Moon. over 11 years ago
This album is surely one of the reasons why the Too Pure label was so important in the mid-90s. Laika combined a nervous, jazzy energy with dreamlike soundscapes and poetic lyrics. Their music is for my ears heavily influenced by electric Miles Davis... See full review