I am interested in selling my full collection so genuine offers welcomed. I may be willing to sell some records individually, or a bunch of them, depending on the price offered.
Please make an offer in your first message if you want to buy any of my records, rather than sending a message with just "Hey, would you be willing to sell...". I may not reply to messages without an offer amount included.

For your information, I am not a DJ, just a big fan of music. I have not ever misused or mistreated my records, or been careless with them. If they have any blemishes/defects, these were present at purchase, either as new or used or where sleeves have some edge wear/ring wear etc., to them caused by storage/transport.
I have mostly only played my records once after purchase to check their condition and then I stored them in a domestic, smoke free and child free home. This is especially so for records that were released in the period 1991-2002. This period is also when most of my records that are unplayed/still sealed were released.

Please do not ask me to copy, "burn" or "rip" anything in my music collection to you, whether for payment or not, because;

• I do not know how to do this
• It is illegal & immoral
• I do not have the equipment
• I do not have the inclination
• I do not have the time
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posted a comment on Basic Channel. about 1 year ago
How did you do that? And what were the results like?
posted a comment on Northend* Featuring Michelle Wallace - Happy Days. over 5 years ago
Thanks very much for your reply. Finally I know!!!
posted a comment on Legend B.* - Lost In Love. over 5 years ago
Like others, I don't know how I missed this back in 1994, which was a great year for my collection with so many great tracks that year IMO (perhaps that's why I missed it). Baby Doc sure knows how to punch them out and that version will be a very nice ... See full review
posted a comment on Psy (7) - Gangnam Style. over 5 years ago
I don't share the comments expressed about this being awful. There is often too much "seriousness" and snobbery about music, with the self-appointed "cognoscenti" telling everyone what is and what isn't music and what we should and should not be ... See full review
posted a comment on Razor Boy/Mirror Man* - Cutter Mix / Beyond Control. over 6 years ago
Long after the pieces of vinyl from other lesser tracks have turned to pure dust, this piece of sonic craftsmanship will still live in the basements of the descendants of those who originally acquired this gem. One can but wonder at what a fine copy will ... See full review
posted a review of Coma Club - Coma Club. over 6 years ago
Colin Dale & The Outer Limits - both got me into Techno and atmospheric-based dance/ambient music (such as FSOL..).
Much missed from the airwaves (Stupid idiots at Kiss FM), a great guy and made many of my nights fabulous.
posted a comment on Basic Channel. over 6 years ago
The music & artwork is superb & iconic, as others have said.
What I'd like to know is when are their T-shirts going to be available again?
They've been "coming soon" for about 2-3 years.
posted a comment on Northend* Featuring Michelle Wallace - Happy Days. over 6 years ago
Does anyone know what the lyrics (or the chorus?) are near the end of the record?
That's the lyrics that start with "These are....."
I just haven't been able to work them out, even after all these years.
posted a comment on Voov - It's Anything You Want It To Be, And It's A Gas. over 6 years ago
One of my favorite records and mixes well with Donna Summer's I Feel Love.
posted a comment on X-101 - X-101. over 6 years ago
I don't think we can expect someone like Pete Tong (a fluffy DJ at best) to play UR material or understand it, especially when this & other material from these guys was first coming out.
posted a review of Automation - The Remixes. over 12 years ago
A TOTALLY STONKING release, showing what talent these guys had and probably still do (what happened to them - anyone know?). All four tracks superb, no waste or fillers. A highly collectable release (as are many of the other releases) which will, I ... See full review