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posted a comment on Eminem - Curtain Call: The Hits. 2 months ago
Mine has Intro and Sing for the moment tracks missing!!!! Maybe a misprint???
posted a comment on Foo Fighters - The Colour And The Shape. 2 months ago
Someone must explain me what the hell this press is it? The first lp sounds weak like a cd, the second lp sounds really beautifully and much warmer than the first lp, why???
posted a comment on Pearl Jam - Ten. 4 months ago
Awful... A complete delusion. I had high expectations from this press, but it sounds compressed and too calm for a grunge album. The original mix sounds better, more louder than the Redux. Totally disappointed
posted a comment on New Radicals - Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too.. 4 months ago
I got my copy, excellent!!! Sounds fully clear and perfectly balanced! A great press! I was waiting for it long time!
posted a comment on Foo Fighters - Skin And Bones. 4 months ago
The best press for this album!!!! It sounds clear and full!!! No distorions in the last tracks, like in the previous 2011 Usa press!!! This is that one to buy!!!!!
posted a comment on The Cranberries - Bury The Hatchet. 4 months ago
You're the luckiest man of the earth, sir... Because all of us had these terrible problems. Probably yours is one of the very first 10 copies...
posted a comment on The Smashing Pumpkins - Machina / The Machines Of God. 8 months ago
Are you serious sir? Will they really release this super box???
posted a review of Puddle Of Mudd - Come Clean. 11 months ago
Great sound!!! Never a problem with Music on Vinyl! Absolutely a must for Puddle of Mudd fans!!! It sounds great
posted a review of Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion I. 11 months ago
Medium quality repress, the sound ain't the 90's one of course, but everything is balanced quite well. It's just a little "plastic sound", as well as these other modern remastered editions. But somehow worthy to be purchased
posted a review of Nirvana - In Utero. 11 months ago
The best modern remastered album existent!!!! Excellent the idea to remaster it on 3 45 lps!!! The sound is practically the same of the original '90's first press! Yes, you gotta buy it!!!!
posted a comment on Myles Kennedy - Year Of The Tiger. about 1 year ago
This press is Made in Germany, not in Us, attention, please
posted a comment on The Cranberries. about 1 year ago
:( Sweet Dolores.... The lovely goddess of pop-rock ain't physically more with us... But inside the heart of everyone of us she's still alive... And... "I'm still remembering...." :* Bye Dolores... :(
posted a comment on 10 Years. about 1 year ago
eh... I want to know it too damn... It's their absolutely top composition... This album's a must in lp!