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posted a review of Solar House - Magic Of The City. over 18 years ago
"Solarhouse makes its highly anticipated album debut on Large Music. This is a sophisticated release that combines elements of Nu-Jazz, House, Trip Hop, Disco and Soul to create a smooth and sensual musical backdrop for modern urban... See full review
posted a review of Various - Detroit Beatdown (Volume One). over 18 years ago
"It was Eddie Folkes whom I first heard use the word Beatdown after I had raved about Norm Talley's tracks. To me it was Techno, but it was slower than any Techno I'd heard. It was just deep music and Eddie called it Beatdown. When I asked him for... See full review
posted a review of Field (2) - Cocoon. over 18 years ago
Field’s debut album “Cocoon” skilfully steers listeners through a wide range of electronic music styles. Combining the different influences of the artists who contributed to the sound, this album is truly exciting. Each track has its own style, but... See full review
posted a review of Miles Davis - Agharta. over 18 years ago
Agharta was recorded live and represented Miles' band at it's most abstract and atmospheric, with the use of three guitars and long vamps.
posted a review of Miles Davis - Miles In The Sky. over 18 years ago
Miles In The Sky pointed to the changing direction that Miles was seeking as he added the Fender Rhodes Electric Piano to his arsenal of sound as well as the incorporation of funk into the band's rhythmic palate. This group was one of the most... See full review
posted a review of Miles Davis Quintet* - Miles Smiles. over 18 years ago
Miles Smiles is one of the best small group jazz albums that Miles made and the music was daring and ferocious. Considered by many to be one of Miles' perfect records!
posted a review of Miles Davis - Nefertiti. over 18 years ago
Nefertiti is a mysterious album that captured the impressionistic side of the Quintet. The album was recorded during June and July of 1967 and reflect the band as a work in progress.
posted a review of Aquanote. over 19 years ago
San Fran's Gabriel Rene has crafted a unique style of ultra-sexy rhythms and aquatic sounds as Aquanote. Working with a variety of Bay Area vocalists, Gabe's already unleashed two Naked stormers: – the emotional "True Love" and the soul-drenched "Only."
posted a review of Central Living. over 19 years ago
Dave Warrin, a veteran keyboardist of San Francisco’s heady acid jazz days – has set up shop at Naked Music with his Central Living project. He made waves with "Every Day", a classic house anthem featuring plenty of jazzy instrumentation and Lisa... See full review
posted a review of Lisa Shaw. over 19 years ago
The angelic, soulful voice of Lisa Shaw captivates the listener with its' depth and power, making an instant fan out of everyone who hears her (that includes Madonna). The multi-talented vocalist and songwriter has been featured on a number of... See full review
posted a review of Lovetronic. over 19 years ago
Naked Music all-stars Jay Denes (Blue 6), Dave Warrin (Central Living) and Lisa Shaw join forces to form Lovetronic, an electronic exploration into the lush Naked sound. The trio has already produced one of Naked's certifiable classics with the... See full review
posted a review of Petalpusher. over 19 years ago
San Francisco’s Miguel ‘Migs’ has become a top-tier DJ and remixer in the house scene, largely due to his Petalpusher releases on Naked. Thick, chunky drums, rich basslines and a pronounced dub sensibility are hallmarks of the Petalpusher sound, all... See full review
posted a review of Blue Six. over 19 years ago
New Yorker and label founder Jay Denes’ Blue 6 project has set the standard for Naked since day one, providing some of our favorite musical moments along the way. His stripped-down, soulful production style is only matched by his dynamic songwriting,... See full review
posted a review of Miles Davis - Bitches Brew. over 19 years ago
After the universal success of the 4-CD Deluxe Box, The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions (C4K 65570), Legacy has expanded and improved upon the original 2-LP set in several key ways. The same 20-Bit Digitally Remixed & Remastered sources from the box... See full review
posted a review of Miles Davis - Bitches Brew. over 19 years ago
However, "Bitches Brew" was Miles' breakthrough album, selling over 400,000 copies in the first year of it's release. Every major fusion star from the Seventies appeared on this recording and Miles became successful as well as controversial. This... See full review
posted a review of Miles Davis - In A Silent Way. over 19 years ago
The set introduces Joe Zawinul, Chick Corea, Dave Holland, Jack DeJohnette and John McLaughlin, to his musical sphere. They would all exert an influence on Miles. It also introduces the multiple electric keyboard configuration (Herbie Hancock, Corea... See full review
posted a review of Miles Davis. over 19 years ago
Miles Davis was the "Picasso of Jazz," reinventing himself and his sound endlessly in his musical quest. He was an artist that defied (and despised) categorization, yet he was the forerunner and innovator of many distinct and important musical movements.
posted a review of Miles Davis - A Tribute To Jack Johnson. over 19 years ago
Miles Davis's outstanding soundtrack for a documentary on the boxer Jack Johnson stands alone very well as a strong piece of music. The album consists of two long, frenetic jams (25-minute-plus versions of "Right Off" and "Yesternow") and features... See full review
posted a review of A Vida Azul - New Morning. over 19 years ago
Miguel Caveido and André Sousa, creators of the Brazil lounge masterpiece “New Morning” have set themselves the goal of conveying a new feeling of life while remaining faithful to their roots. Classic samba elements are mixed with modern electro... See full review
posted a review of Hildegard Knef - The Reform Sessions. over 19 years ago
This remixes of some of their most important publications from the 70's are delightful working on by very talented DJs and remixers, which would have surely pleased the artist. They appear as brand-new and sound absolutely timeless. Remarkably, how... See full review
posted a review of Miles Davis - On The Corner. over 19 years ago
"On The Corner" was Miles' attempt to reach the young black audience that had eluded him. This also became a very controversial record at the time, but has been defined today as avant-garde with the use of overdubbing, looping and intense dance rhythms.
posted a review of Various - Superfabrique. over 19 years ago
"Superfabrique”-listeners are taken on an amazing journey exploring various styles and sound levels. In addition to this, the entire Fabrique-artist-family are represented by solo-tasters, topped with track-pearls by artist friends from Austria,... See full review
posted a review of Konsorten - Lang Auf. over 19 years ago
"Lang Auf" - originally produced for the the pure fun of it, it soon developed into an absolute cult track within the Konsorten team, until Christopher Just and Alex Is My Bro were also blown away. Both of their remixes and the Konsorten's own... See full review
posted a review of Paloma - Funky Bones EP. over 19 years ago
Hanno Leichtmann and Hannes Strobl once again prove their class. Two unique musicians on an amazing sound expedition featuring guests such as Jazzanova & Stereoton - vocalist Clara Hill. "Funky Bones EP” is a taster for the Paloma album "Sometimes We... See full review
posted a review of Bassman - Doorpusher EP. over 19 years ago
Johannes Strobl aka Bassman, one half of the berlin based duo Paloma goes solo! A great production by an extraordinary musician and producer, who developed unique techniques on the upright- and electric-bass! Four tracks full of killer broken beats,... See full review
posted a review of Paloma - Sometimes We Love You Truly. over 19 years ago
Paloma (feat. hanno leichtmann aka static & hannes strobl aka bassman), regarded as one of germany’s most talented and outstanding electronica acts and known for their impeccable live performances finally release their second longplayer ”sometimes we... See full review
posted a review of Nova June - Ground. over 19 years ago
Electronic instruments are just as important as real instruments for the lads from Nova June. Sensitive string sequences alternate with synthetic chords, drifting sound layers are tied down by heart-rending vocal parts. Nova June know how to play with... See full review
posted a review of Miles Davis - Decoy. over 19 years ago
Decoy is a studio album that showed Miles was still listening to contemporary black music and making it very personal.
posted a review of Miles Davis - Panthalassa: The Remixes. over 19 years ago
A legend who constantly looked forward creatively rather than wallow in retrospection, there is no doubt Miles Davis would have been as enraptured by producer/bassist Bill Laswell's adept reworking of the legendary trumpeter's music on Panthalassa:... See full review
posted a review of Sueño Latino - Sueño Latino. over 19 years ago
Contains samples from the legendary Electronic Music Album "E2-E4" by Manuel Goettsching, Germany (released on Spalax, France in 1984).
posted a review of Compendium - Moving. over 19 years ago
Music grows together... Compendium moves!

Starting like an excursion into the depths of the synthesizer, the record quickly develops into a trip through the history of sound and rhythm. Airy grooves guide you through a universe of sounds.

The... See full review
posted a review of Max Melvin - Seaside. over 19 years ago
What do you need to make a perfect day?

Good weather, a good mood and some good music!

Well, we cannot guarantee the weather, but we definitely have something to offer as regards the other fun factors. Try Max Melvin’s debut album “Seaside” for... See full review
posted a review of Grandmaster Flash - The Official Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash. over 19 years ago
Blueprint of the early Electro and Hip Hop scene. Unbelievable mix - The Grandmaster strikes back to the youngsters very hard...
posted a review of Total Eclipse (4) - Come Together. over 19 years ago
Absolutly kickin' Garage House track with very strong vocals by Ronnie Canada - Outstanding!
posted a review of - . over 19 years ago
Cheapest Teenie Gabber. Made by people without brains!
posted a review of Robert Owens - I'm Strong. over 19 years ago
Very simple but abstract sounds by Larry with deep feelings! And a VERY STRONG Robert Owens. Listen to his vocals... Thanks.
posted a review of A Man Called Adam - Earthly Powers. over 19 years ago
Absolutely early "Acid Jazz" classic track! Miles and years forwards! Very rare and very expensive... Ask for it!
posted a review of Johnny Fiasco - Deep State E.P.. over 19 years ago
Garage House track with strong ambient feelings. Good!
posted a review of The New Sound Of Soul - Lower Egypt / Upper Egypt. over 19 years ago
Wide and clear sounding Ambient/Deep House track for the next generation... Great!
posted a review of Sierra - Land Of Dreams. over 19 years ago
Slow flowing deep and ambient sounds with a feeling! Old but strong... Thanks!
posted a review of Pépé Bradock - Un Pépé En Or Vol. 1. over 19 years ago
Very big talent from france. This musician brings classic Chicago Deep House and modern France House style together. Very good!
posted a review of Moodymann - Inspirations From A Small Black Church On The Eastside Of Detroit. over 19 years ago
Outstanding downtempo Deep House track! Not for the club, but for great homelistening entertainment... Excellent improvisation!
posted a review of Ronny Jordan - So What!. over 19 years ago
Excellent modern rework of the classic Miles Davis release "So What". Very well done, Ronny...
posted a review of Surgeon - Dynamic Tension EP. over 19 years ago
Something between hardest Chicago House and rough Detroit Techno! Only for the headstrong...
posted a review of Trackman - Don't Stop. over 19 years ago
Very hard kickin' house track: Excellent produced and reduced on the really kickin' essence! Incunable of a "House Track"...
posted a review of Masters At Work (2) - Alright Alright. over 19 years ago
Very early dark, abstract and futurewise Housetrack!
posted a review of Victor Romeo - You Can't Fight My Love. over 19 years ago
Fast and rough kickin' early Deep House track. Floorfiller!
posted a review of Martine Girault - Revival. over 19 years ago
Very emotional, melancholic downtempo stuff with excellent vocals by M. Girault.
posted a review of Fingers Inc. - Distant Planet (Remix). over 19 years ago
Dark and melancholic tracks - simple but genius!
posted a review of A-Zel* - Jazz Jupiter. over 19 years ago
Very rare, kickin' pure Jazz House Track, produced by Roger Sanchez.