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Please do not ask me if I digitize tapes or dub because I do not. I do not have time for that ...


I'm interested in:

Experimental Music
Progressive Rock
Psychedelic Rock
New Wave, Electro, Synthetic Music
No Wave
Free Jazz
Musique Concrete
Sound Collage
Most kinds of Electronic Music
Old School Hip Hop
Early Techno, Acid
Early Industrial Music, Noise
Classic Music
And many more.....

Some of my favorite musicians and bands:

Conrad Schnitzler
John Coltrane
Klaus Schulze (1967-1973)
Ton Steine Scherben
Cabaret Voltaire (1974-1982)
Sprung aus den Wolken
Alexander von Borsig/Hacke
Guru Guru
Clock DVA
Ash Ra Temple
Asmus Tietchens
Nurse With Wound
Amon Düül
DAF (79-80)
Front 242 (1981-84)
Kraftwerk (1970-1981)
The Beatles (1965-68)
Pink Floyd (1967-1977)
Frieder Butzmann
Throbbing Gristle
Very early Einstürzende Neubauten (80-84)
Die Tödliche Doris (80-83)
John Bender
Mauricio Kagel
Eliane Radique
Tod Dockstader
Gary Numan/Tubeway Army
De Brassers
And many more.......

Some of my favorite independent labels...

Das Cassettencombinat
Pure Freude
Edition Block
Zick Zack
Industrial Records
Rough Trade
Mute Records
M Squared
Graf Haufen Tapes

And many more...

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posted a comment on Various - Modern Moving - Coil Loudspeakers. 5 months ago
Contact me! I can digitize this cassette for you...

Greetings from Berlin...Thomas
submitted 1. Futurologischer Congress - Schatten. 6 months ago
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