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I'm an electronic music lover from Puerto Rico. I have been listening religiously to electronic music since late 2007 when I was one day flickering through the TV channels and stumbled across some channels that were music stations. These group of channels were part of a program called Choice Music and would play uninterrupted music 24/7 of various genres. I spent a good amount of hours listening to music broadcasted in the Electronica and Dance channels which would play commercial house, drum n bass, trance to name a few genres. I discovered some well known underground music artists like Omni Trio, Cassius, Terry Todd to name a few and some pretty popular artists like Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk and Armin Van Buuren.

During the thanksgiving of 2008, one of my cousins had a CD compilation called "Techno Vol. 2" (Released on ZYX Music) laying around his home room. I asked if I could rip the CD and listen to it. My cousin said yes and I was instantly introduced to obscure electronic music I had never heard before. I then decided to google the artist names and was introduced to Discogs where I learned that there was a crap ton of obscure music almost no one knew about. Ever since then, my taste in music changed to listen mostly to obscure electronic music.

From 2009-10, I listened mostly to Trance from the late 90's to early 00s. In 2011, I decided to stick mostly to oldskool Trance produced during 1990-1996 and haven't change my listening habits much since then. Started collecting the same year because I realized I wasn't going to be happy with a bunch of illegal rips I had downloaded from various websites and wanted the real deal.

I'm always eager to dig through the most obscure stuff no one knows about. Always rewarding to find a hidden gem! :) I'll keep listening to electronic music until I die, that's for sure.

Great deals with the following sellers:
synthetixsounds (Doesn't sell anymore, but might in the future.)

And others I forgot to mention or will meet in the future.

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posted a comment on Anti-Time - Dream Baby / Free Recipe. about 3 hours ago
The vultures are at it again spiking prices like crazy.
posted a comment on FORM@ RECORDS. about 3 hours ago
I feel cheated as the label owner is selling copies of almost the entire catalog for a fraction of what I paid. Sign...

Grab them dirt cheap while you can. Some very nice gems can be found on these CDs.
posted a comment on Virgo (4) - Landform Code. about 4 hours ago
This is one of the best albums I've listened so far. I usually have to cherry pick tracks on album releases. Not here as every track is a winner. If you like smooth, melodic techno with hints of IDM, this album is a must.

My favorite tracks are ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - House Natives. 1 day ago
I use to see both this and vol.2 for basically nothing a few years ago, now worth something due to demand spike. Why did this all of the sudden spike in demand? I bet some DJ is hyped the crap out of this.
posted a comment on DJ Errik - Burnin' Up. 1 day ago
Burnin' Up is an OK rave tune. The real reason to pick this dirt cheap is for Mikado, a criminally underrated acid trance banger with a nice string sample.

A must for any acid trance lover.
posted a comment on P.U.L.S.E (2) - One House - One Dream. 3 days ago
Very nice review! I've randomly had this CD in my own wantlist for over 5 years. Judging by the release date, I thought it could be Dream House which is a small genre I love collecting. Just found the digital re-release on Australian Itunes and previewed ... See full review
posted a comment on La Notte* Feat. Monsters - Return To Innocence. 3 days ago
Looks to be one of those absurdly rare French CD singles. Don't be fooled by the price history, the copy that sold over a decade ago was the 12" version!

Music is absolute donkey shit. Super cheesy vocals and melody! If I had a copy of the CDM, It would ... See full review
posted a comment on Bassline Baby - Computer Controlled EP. 3 days ago
Hard to believe that this release still sells for a decent premium despite a number of copies being offered for sale right now. I paid about 20$ for this back in 2011 and didn't like it that much. Fast forward to the present, I have pretty much the same ... See full review
posted a comment on FM-84 - Atlas. 4 days ago
3 pressings available, all super expensive. What was the point of a repress then?
posted a comment on DJ Dan - Live At Funky Tekno Tribe/Come-Unity. 5 days ago
The kid used in the artwork is the same used as the mascot for this defunct label: https://www.discogs.com/label/2020-Effective-Records

I wonder who is the designer and artist.
posted a comment on Mutron (3) - Another World. 5 days ago
Another World is one of my current personal favorites that flies completely under the radar due to the sheer obscurity of this album. (I don't think even the most die hard collectors know this album exists.) It's an extremely well made ambient techno ... See full review
posted a comment on Mutron (3). 5 days ago
Also released an extremely rare, unlisted album called Global Cuts. If you have one for sale at a realistic price, please let me know.
posted a comment on Kyau - Modulation Experiments. 6 days ago
Automatic Fly sounds rather odd to me. The ambient pads present is something you commonly hear on early 90s trance tracks, but then you hear a pizzicato which screams mid to late 90s, not a sound that was widely used in 93' as far as my knowledge ... See full review
posted a comment on Odysee Of Noises* - Circe / It's The Traxx. 6 days ago
The grunt sample in Circe is sampled from J.R. Funk and the Love Machine - Feel Good, Party Time
posted a comment on Black Rose - If I Could Only Be With You. 6 days ago
I never take Eurodance seriously as a genre. It's casual fun but occasionally you do find some pretty awful songs.
posted a comment on Olivier Verse - Factory 2003 In Space. 6 days ago
If someone wants to sell this at a reasonable price, please let me know.
posted a comment on Monsoon (2) - Monsoon. 7 days ago
CD notes state that the tracks were produced and written by Johan Svenson and Thomas Muller.

On the original UK Prolekuit press, the people credited are Baby Doc & Jon The Dentist.

I'm going to guess the CD version has a credit typo.
posted a comment on Various - En Attendant Le Printemps 98. 7 days ago
Very interesting find! You never know what you find on these random compilations.

I wonder if this track is sourced from the original master tape. Most of the time, comp tracks are sourced from vinyl due to obvious reasons.
posted a comment on Age Of Love - The Age Of Love. 8 days ago
Seems to be one of the rarest CDs released on Airplay (A label notorious for having some of the rarest and most expensive Eurodance CDMs.) I've never seen a copy of this ultra rare version for sale and might never see a copy, ever. Can someone comment on ... See full review
posted a comment on Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (The Jam & Spoon Remixes). 8 days ago
I'd love to get my hands on the rare Indisc press or the stupidly rare Airplay records print one day to compare.
posted a comment on Activate - I Say What I Want. 13 days ago
French eurodance CDMs go for hundreds whilst their vinyl counterpart sells for basically nothing. This release is the exact opposite.

Mediocre crap can sell for loads provided that there is enough demand and little supply.
posted a comment on Inner-Vation - Movements. 17 days ago
Because no one has submitted the test pressing into the database (yet.) Some rare items can take years for them to show up on the data base.
posted a comment on Various - Selected Trance Classix Vol. 1. 22 days ago
I've never seen this CD for sale, It's been on my wantlist for 5 years already. I wonder how rare this release is? Probably very hard to find as I can't find any info on the web whatsoever regarding this CD comp (Even when doing an advanced google ... See full review
posted a comment on Martin 17 - Behind Your Love. 22 days ago
The current asking prices are scandalous. I paid about 10 pounds for this maxi (Back in 2014 at Amazon.co.uk) It was one of those random, obscure blind pick ups I'd do every once in the while when I add stuff to my small collection. (You never know when ... See full review
posted a comment on Pascal F.E.O.S.. 25 days ago
Not sure how I missed this, thanks for pointing out!
posted a comment on Euphonic Noize - Liquefaktion. 25 days ago
Solidification was mixed horribly (At least on the CD maxi which is the release version I own.) The hi-hats are way too loud and ear piercing, even on relatively low volume.
posted a comment on Ferry Corsten - Early Works & Remix Projects. 27 days ago
Unfortunately, does not include the gorgeous I Knew I Could Fly opening track from Ferry's 1996 debut album. Dreamscape and Transation are very mediocre, outdated tracks. Don't know why these tracks were chosen over the brilliant opening track.
posted a comment on Freshmaker - Cry For Love. about 1 month ago
Artwork taken from the front cover of a post apocalyptic story book called "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream" by Harlan Ellison. Not the first printing of the book released in 1967, but a reprint released in 1983.
posted a comment on Gigi D'Agostino - Sweetly. about 1 month ago
Good luck with that. Vinyl is worth a few hundred like Jarren stated. In fact, most mega rare Gigi D'Agostino collectibles are worth hundreds of $$$.
posted a comment on Artemis (2). about 1 month ago
All these vinyls are in desperate need of a proper reissue. Age Of Heret-X is one of the best Hard Trance tracks I've ever heard.
posted a comment on Doris Norton - Next Objective 3. about 1 month ago
"Charisma" samples the chorus from Moka DJ - Time Pass Age. Part of the intro vocal samples are interesting, between 0:04-0:12, a male vocal sample hums "Jeh, jeh jeh, je, je jeje" This may actually a very subtle reference to Rexanthony - Gas Mask which ... See full review
posted a review of Jaydee - Plastic Dreams - Japanese Edition (Revisited + Re.Revisited). 2 months ago
I bought this back in 2013 without doing much research. Going back to this release, I thought this was pricey because it had exclusive mixes you couldn't find on the many other CD press variants. Turns out you can find every mix included in this edition ... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. 2 months ago
posted a review of Pascal F.E.O.S.. 2 months ago
Anyone knows what the initials F.E.O.S meant? . . . . .
posted a comment on Time Modem - Kennedy . 2 months ago
Is this track a reference to the 1991 Techno classic the brothers released under the Deep Thought moniker?

If you're expecting that superb dark sound Time Modem is known for, this is going to sorely disappoint you. What you have here is an uplifting ... See full review
posted a comment on Cybil (3) - Auditory Pigment. 2 months ago
I remember asking the seller who sold me this cassette where they found it because there is literally no information about this release on the web. Apparently someone got this cassette when they worked at a rave zine during the late 90s. This tape was ... See full review
posted a review of Nights Of Pan* - Oz. 2 months ago
Side B1 has a very unbearable sample of a baby crying. It gets considerably worse when you read the track's name. I don't want to know from where the crying was sampled from.

Most of the tracks are psy trancish techno and are similar to the material ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - N64Y2K Millenium Trax. 2 months ago
The Gregorian chant sample on the Mario Jungle Intro sounds jarring, a sound sample you'd expect to hear on some New Age / Ambient tracks, not on a jungle mix of an upbeat video game soundtrack.
posted a comment on The Cosmo Kid* - The Theme. 2 months ago
The Theme is my favorite track here (And also one of the best mid 90s trance tracks I've heard.) Gorgeous goosebump inducing pads plus a very nice anthemic synth melody makes this track timeless af. It's no wonder people often give M.I.K.E. so much ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Dreamasters The Final. 2 months ago
Some of these tracks are predictably, sourced from vinyl so they don't have the best possible audio quality. The DJ Wally Mix track is a bit on the crackily side which is a shame because this track is otherwise unavailable on CD (Only on the very rare ... See full review
posted a comment on Michael Urgacz Vs Sean Tyas - 4 Corners (The Transatlantic Powersurge Vol. 1) . 3 months ago
Either stupidly rare or a phantom CD that doesn't exist.
posted a comment on Software - Modesty-Blaze. 3 months ago
Artwork taken from an early CGI video called "Brilliance" (1984). It was a pitch for canned food.
posted a comment on Various - Totally Kaos 2 - The Sound Of Portugal. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Psy-Kick - House Of Dream. 3 months ago
The only track worth listening to is "Lonely Nights". A nice laid back, hypnotic progressive house track. Everything else is extremely amateurish sub par crap you'd probably find on one of those extremely random and obscure CDs literally no one knows ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Urbal Beats 2. 3 months ago
I wonder how Polygram managed to get Rabbit In The Moon - Subfusion on here. This track was only available on a very rare test pressing that never saw the light of day.
posted a comment on Bassline Baby - Tits'N'Ass EP. 3 months ago
Side B3 is a very odd inclusion because it sounds completely out of place. The samples are so hilariously bad, they where probably sampled from a Fisher Price piano. The crap vocal is there just to make this track even more unbearable. Complete utter ... See full review
posted a review of Ambient Minds - Various. 3 months ago
This one of the worst highly sought releases I personally know about. Every track is simplistic, very uninteresting and extremely dated by today's standards (Probably dated even when this release came out which I presume was the early 90s.)
posted a comment on Marcel Woods - Advanced. 3 months ago
Dialogue is sampled from Acid In Wonderland (1969) (More words.)
posted a comment on Para Después* - Possibly On. 3 months ago
Have to disagree with the previous reviewer. Nothing in this album stands out. Most of the tracks are very monotonous, samey and uninteresting psychedelic trance / break tracks. Generic background noise at best.

There is a good reason almost no one ... See full review
posted a comment on Cherry Moon Trax - The House Of House / Let There Be House. 3 months ago
Why are people paying money for two radio edits? I'd rather get the original 1994 vinyls than a worthless reissue like this one.

Second, the seller listing their copy for 1,500 Euros is either trolling or greedy as fuck.