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posted a comment on People Plus - Third Space. about 1 month ago
Least hyped Mood Hut release in a while? I really liked it, spaced out jams are exactly my cup of tea. B2 takes me flying
posted a comment on Red Axes - Trips #1: In Africa EP. about 1 month ago
Yo, Musica Electronique goes off! The beat is so catchy and groovy, the guys chanting and the MC tops it off so good. I liked the video which is sort of a making of the tune, comes off as very genuine, the locals (cote d'ivoire I think) seem really into ... See full review
posted a comment on Blackbones (4) - Black Bones 5. 2 months ago
I only bought Blackbones 001 and that release was a banger! Sounded more than okay IMO. I don't know about the previous three... but the digi rips sound alright.
posted a comment on Bolla - Olu Huru (Parts One & Two). 3 months ago
The label says 33 rpm but it's obviously meant to be played at 45.... Killer groove on the b side ready for the dancefloor!
posted a comment on Supermax - Fly With Me. 3 months ago
The vocoder on Reggae Fever... Gets me everytime!!! Funky ass album, one of my faves.
posted a comment on Dos Ritmos - Antropophony. 5 months ago
man this EP is something else!!!!! Afro vibes for the tropical/tribal inclined DJ.
posted a comment on Gal Costa - Gal Costa. 6 months ago
If it's anything like the other Polysom represses from the past few years I'd say excellent. I have two of them and they both sound GREAT, thick virgin 180gr vinyl, no background noise at all.
posted a comment on &Me - One On One. 7 months ago
B1 is underrated!!!! Sounds insane along some joe claussell... some afro edits. Killer drumming and deep low end for peak time
posted a comment on Belpaese - Belpaese 001. 7 months ago
This belpaese 12 so sexy it took me to bed no questions asked 👀
posted a comment on Shake Tapes* - Volume 5. 7 months ago
A2 samples Nelsinho Y Su Orquesta* - Brazilian Beat Vol. 2 - Ritmo. I knew it sounded familiar!!
posted a comment on Nelsinho Y Su Orquesta* - Brazilian Beat Vol. 2. 7 months ago
Ritmo sampled in forthcoming Dan Shake - Shake Tapes vol. 5 release
posted a comment on SIERRRA - SIERRRA 01. 9 months ago
Original of A1 came out on Sofrito Tropical Discotheque not so long ago. Another edit closer to the original but dj-friendly is by Sibu and Joe Nagall, digi only
posted a comment on Zé Roberto - Lotus 72 D / Você Tão No Alto E Eu Tão Pequeno. 9 months ago
I don't know man, all this people dissing the A Conga Saved My Life edit and I think it's better length and DJ-wise than the original, you guys keep doing you. Wouldn't be able to compare how the original sounds since it's non-existant, so the edit is ... See full review
posted a comment on Blackbones (4) - Black Bones 3. 9 months ago
I knew I had heard the interpolation on A2 somewhere else. Max Graef and Muff Deep use it for the intro in Mumbojambo @ Various - Box aus Holz 006 Deepness for the ages!!!!
posted a comment on Folamour - Melophrenia. 9 months ago
Sounds good albeit a bit trippy and spaced out on 33 rpm. Sounds like slomo folktronica vibes, very good with Nicola Cruz and that sort of music
submitted Ritzi - Demasiado Fandango / Acusado Por Error. 11 months ago
submitted Tulio Enrique Leon - Los Grandes Éxitos de Tulio Enrique León. 11 months ago
posted a comment on Rinder & Lewis - Warriors. 12 months ago
Anyone know the difference between this and the same catalog no. version from the same year? The pics show a different centre label... the rest is about the same?
posted a comment on Psychemagik - The Trip / Sisters Of The Moon. about 1 year ago
Anyone here keen to share something with similar vibes to this? I'm open to suggestions both raw unedited old 70s psychedelic stuff like the source material or psychedelic rock edits in the vein of this one?
posted a comment on Various - Club Meduse. about 1 year ago
Man, every Spacetalk compilation has been a home run so far!!! Very proud to own the three of them, filled with very high quality records that are hard or borderline impossible to acquire. Keep them coming!
posted a comment on Alice In Chains - Sap. about 1 year ago
Oh man, all these years later and you put in words what I've been feeling all this time ever since I first heard it back in the late 90s!! This is by far the best AIC outing for sure.
posted a comment on Chevals - Labour of Love EP. about 1 year ago
Man Tres Racas is insaneeeee!!!!!! Big for those DJs that play that brazilian tip

Samples Clara Nunes - Canto das Tres Racas
posted a comment on Various - SNFW004. about 1 year ago
Man, this is gonna sound terrible and I have nothing against lo-fi house (I have several releases and play them in fact) but I can't help but feel this one package here would shine so much brighter if it was less lo-fied. Track D in particular would bang ... See full review
posted a comment on Penya - Super Liminal. about 1 year ago
For all digi/hybrid djs out there, the second part of Cham Bomb is an insane percussion workout tool. I've been using 2/3 track mixes with it and the floor goes off! This record goes well with José Manuel and José Márquez, very similar vibes.

Top ... See full review
posted a comment on Azambuja & Cia* - Azambuja & Cia. about 1 year ago
getting a reissue on Far Out Recordings, looking forward to it.
posted a comment on Azymuth - Liviano Como Una Pluma (Light As A Feather). about 1 year ago
Compared to other pressings yeah this one is subpar. There are way better and cheaper pressings elsewhere.
posted a comment on Wild Honey (2) - Torres Blancas. about 1 year ago
Love this record... solid smooth indie pop from Wild Honey, A2 and B3 are standouts for me... Perfect to put on a lazy sunday afternoon and just jam along
posted a review of Vytas Brenner - Ofrenda. about 1 year ago
Man, this record is underrated. The whole package is great, Vytas is an insane composer and the drum work throughout the whole record is on par with the best prog rock ever to come out of South America. Recommended!
posted a comment on José Manuel* - Mantra. about 1 year ago
Man.... A2 is insane. I use it to open sets frequently, great stuff. The bass rumbles so hard
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Pender Street Steppers - Pender Street Steppers. about 1 year ago
Man, surprised no one's commented on this already. Great release by PSS... no surefire dancefloor stompers on this one but plenty of afternoon/early morning grooves. My favorites are Raining Again with the sweet guitar licks and No Need with the ... See full review
posted a comment on Ikebe Shakedown / Monophonics - Curitiba Strut / Hanging On. about 1 year ago
On sale at Redeyerecords for only 4 pounds

words words words
posted a comment on Pender Street Steppers - RA.450. about 1 year ago
Coming out on new PPS 12" on Mood Hut!!! Preorder up now
posted a comment on Various - HIMCMP001. about 1 year ago
Man this is some release!!! Pyramid like the previous poster said is such a jam, the progressive-house-like filter opening drops into this ever so slightly subdued cosmic groove. More like this please
posted a comment on Quantic & Nidia Góngora* - Curao. about 1 year ago
Anyone willing to sell only the 7"? Or pm me a rip? This shit is nowhere to be found
posted a review of Ajvar Soundsystem - Freak Hodja. about 1 year ago
I'm very impressed no one's commented on this record before. I've had the chance to play it just this last Friday in a very fun latin/cumbia/disco party and B1 went over SO WELL! I played it three times and already by the second time people were chanting ... See full review
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Cobra Edits No. 1. about 1 year ago
Yeah, we've known for a while :p, when it dropped there was no info to be found
posted a comment on João Donato - Quem É Quem. about 1 year ago
most reissues on Polysom have been great... I own the Maria Fumaca reissue and it sounds incredible, thick 180g vinyl.
posted a comment on Tony Rainwater / Lucky Charmz (2) - Lehultsub2. about 1 year ago
Works if you use it as a burner 33 rpm soul cut, sounds sexy af
posted a comment on Ben La Desh - Rebound Round EP. about 1 year ago
Anyone know what's the sample on Bohicon Bossa? And the lyrics in the background? Sounds like Spanish for "Ya no se que hacer, si hay que salir" but I never found anything using that
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Blutch (3) - Requilibrium . about 1 year ago
Anyone looking to cop this just bought it on Redeye for 4 pounds, pretty cheap
posted a comment on O'Flynn - Glow Worm / Aloha Ice Jam. about 1 year ago
The pressing of this is absolutely incredible!!! the bass jumps at your face, A side is great, proper stuff from O'Flynn as always
posted a comment on Peter Power (2) - Afro Damba. about 1 year ago
Man Dansakoni is next level!! Hasn't failed to make people smile every time!
submitted Nelson Henriquez Y Su Combo - Internacionalismo. about 1 year ago
submitted The Temptations - Casucha Psicodélica / Así Es El Amor. about 1 year ago
submitted Supertramp - La Canción Lógica. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Obatala - Obatala. over 2 years ago
Repress up for preorder in many sites... Reissue in charge of Everland
posted a comment on Magnetic Soul - Come Into My Life . over 2 years ago
Underrated edit record! Come Into my Life is a very good disco chugger
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago