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posted a comment on Yello - Night Flanger. 7 months ago
Is this a longer version of Bostich or a shorter version of Bostich (N'est-ce Pas)?
posted a comment on XYRMFRAK - Conundrum. about 1 year ago
Did this come in WAV or just the Mp3 format?
posted a comment on Jacky Giordano, Yan d'Ys, Francis Personne, Ode Ronronnière, Serge D'Usson - Philopsis. about 1 year ago
Yep, the labels are flipped on the first record DYNAM7066.
posted a comment on ERP* - Afterimage. over 3 years ago
Yes, especially C1 Remembrance, I have the second record pressing.
posted a comment on Aleksi Perälä - Paradox. over 3 years ago
Yes, the vinyl has the same problems on tracks 3 and 4.
posted a comment on A Number Of Names - Sharevari. over 4 years ago
Sounds good, recommended. Not sure if it is official, though.
posted a comment on DMX Krew - Synthe Sound EP. over 4 years ago
Will these vintage cuts be available in digital at some point?
posted a comment on Aleksi Perälä - The Colundi Sequence Level 6. over 5 years ago
Anyone want to trade for this?
colundi solstice "contact" (SD Card) - limited edition (120)

summer solstice party admission give away. connections companion release "contact". released on 190516. sd card format. 192K 24BIT WAV. 5.1 (ITU775).