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posted a review of Glen Campbell - Burning Bridges. about 14 hours ago
Capitol budget bin reissue SY 4653. Lp dates about 1973. Ella Fitzgerald's MISTY BLUE (ST 2888 Lp from 1967) got the same treatment as SY 4668.
posted a comment on Prep Records. 2 days ago
Angele McNeil, "The Polka Rock" on Prep F 126. One of those mistakes you can't forget.
posted a review of The New Classic Singers - Sing Today's New Classics. 20 days ago
Singers do those nonsense wordless vocals to these 1966 era pop/rock songs, produced by Hank Levine. Style, roughly speaking, is akin to the Ray Conniff Singers, The Young Americans, Mike Curb Congregation, Sandpipers, later '60s New Christy Minstrels. ... See full review
posted a comment on The Spokesmen - The Dawn Of Correction. 22 days ago
CD-R version of this dating 2010, mono recording. Sounds like from tape source. I was curious about this right wing answer song group. Sounds like influenced by Bob Dylan and Donovan message folk, but just doesn't "get" it, like those period budget ... See full review
posted a comment on The Spokesmen - Speak Out. 23 days ago
Lp on Impact HWS 1992 dates September, 1968. Christian music label; group is from Miami, Florida, not the same as the Philadelphia pop group, The Spokesmen, on Decca ("Dawn of Correction").
posted a review of Scott Weiland - The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. 24 days ago
One of the best worst Christmas albums I've ever heard. Worse than Regis Philbin!
posted a review of David Hasselhoff - This Time Around. about 1 month ago
David Hasselhoff pays tribute to Robert Goulet and Jim Nabors. Such a tasteful album.
posted a review of Cher - Stars. about 1 month ago
Having Cher sing on this album was an afterthought. Jimmy Webb went ape in the studio with a blank checkbook over-producing this thing, just buried Cher in the mix.
posted a review of Eddy Arnold - The Romantic World Of Eddy Arnold. about 1 month ago
Eddy's toxicity was never more apparent. Take all the worst aspects of Jim Nabors, Jerry Vale, Bobby Goldsboro, Andy Williams, and Glen Campbell, and you get this turkey. The lowest artistic point of any country artist's career. Worse than Kenny ... See full review
posted a review of Eddy Arnold - Pop Hits From The Country Side. about 1 month ago
Tuxedo Eddy defines his '60s crooner style. Dreadfully professional, so smooth. I've picked up and disposed of this wretchedly magnificent thing several times.
posted a review of Eddy Arnold - Have Guitar Will Travel. about 1 month ago
The Country Como's career bottoms out on this Lp doing little intimate lounge pop songs on Lp.
posted a review of Jim Reeves - Moonlight And Roses. about 1 month ago
Jim Reeves goes uptown; his last original album (not counting dredging up unused inferior leftovers on THE JIM REEVES WAY, LSP 2968). I think this album signaled that Reeves was going more middle-of-the-road mainstream pop in mid-'64, but it was cut ... See full review
posted a comment on Ceneco. about 1 month ago
Two releases on this label. Ceneco 1356 "You You You"/"I Wonder" dates September, 1958
posted a comment on Sheldon Toomer. about 1 month ago
Yoo Hoo! Sheldon Toomer wrote the liner notes on THE INIMITABLE SONG STYLINGS OF SAM SACKS, Arliss LP 3301, c. May, 1961.
posted a review of The Good Time Singers - One Step More. 2 months ago
Delightfully embarrassing. Dylan and the Beatles drove the nails in this genre's coffin. Lp dates October, 1965. Songs of interest: "Pearly Shells" (the C&H Sugar ad jingle), "Little Maggie" (embarrassing if you're a Bill Monroe fan), "Hoo How, What ... See full review
posted a review of Al De Lory / Glen Campbell - Norwood - Motion Picture Soundtrack. 2 months ago
The album dates mid-'70; the movie was dumped into theaters about November, 1970 because Joe Namath's biker movie with Ann-Margret was doing some business.
posted a review of Glen Campbell - I'll Paint You A Song. 2 months ago
The NORWOOD Capitol soundtrack, sans the instrumental stuff, from 1970, dumped on Pickwick, c. 1973. "Private John Q." (stereo!) is from a 1965 Capitol mono 45 single 5545, the follow up to "Universal Soldier" Capitol 5504.
posted a review of Jim Nabors - The Twelfth Of Never. 2 months ago
The magic of Clive Davis's putrid rock music formula is perfectly encapsulated in this gorgeous rotting travesty of an Lp. A rancid, eternally satisfying guilty pleasure for '70s pop fans.
posted a review of Jim Nabors - Sincerely. 2 months ago
If you laugh/cringe to Lawrence Welk's sanitizing '70s pop/rock, you'll just luvvvvv this lowest common denominator Jim Nabors album. All the most dreadful pop songs of the period. I got it for the Glen Campbell connection, Nabors's cover of "Southern ... See full review
posted a review of Jim Nabors - Everything is Beautiful. 2 months ago
Album cover seems such a ripoff of Glen Campbell's TRY A LITTLE KINDNESS cover photo. Nabors's song choices are very much like Glen Campbell's for the period.
posted a review of Jim Nabors - Galveston. 2 months ago
Jim works the same side of the street as Glen Campbell in '69. Really puts a spotlight on Glen Campbell's marketing in perspective. I actually like some of this album, although my opinion about Nabors' vocals is that he bellows like a very friendly and ... See full review
posted a comment on Stagg McMann - J.F.K. March. 2 months ago
Cross reference to Eugene Jelesnik, too. Record dates 1962.
posted a comment on Millie Rodgers - Troubles / Slip Away. 2 months ago
Lynn Bryson co-songwriting credit. He was the night DJ at KMEN in San Barnardino in 1963. This 45 dates late '64/early '65. Lynn was best known in Utah during the 1980s for his demonic rock music lectures at Mormon youth conferences, a legend.
posted a comment on Eugene Jelesnik. 2 months ago
Salt Lake City, Utah TV personality, local record producer (Melva Niles and Robert Peterson, Mac Reynolds the Singing Farmer from Idaho, Linda Babits, Carlos Arroyo, ...), concert promoter, and pop music fixture. Moved from New York City to Salt Lake ... See full review
posted a review of Jackey Yoshikawa And His Blue Comets - ベスト・オブ・ブルー・コメッツVol.2 / The Best Of The Blue Comets Vol.2. 2 months ago
My copy of this is on Denon. Gatefold cover, also has a 12" fold out poster slick packaged with the album. Moody pop sound, not a blues rocker. Dominant instruments alternate between an electric keyboard and an electric guitar. Vocals are heavily ... See full review
posted a comment on Arlene Nofchissey Williams. 2 months ago
Arliene Nofchissey also appears on two LDS Institute for-teens albums by the Church Educational System, A BETTER WAY (1973), and TURN UNTO THE LORD (1979). Stan Bronson produced them.
posted a comment on The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints. 2 months ago
Missing listing, circa 1979, with Stan Bronson and Arliene Nofchissey, an LDS institute music album: TURN UNTO THE LORD, Produced by Stan Bronson, record company credit (?) showing "The Church Educational System of the Church of Jesus Christ of ... See full review
posted a review of Franco And His Vagabondi - Franco And His Vagabondi . 3 months ago
These guys are a kind of cruise ship pop band, from Italy, and their English vocals have an Italian accent. Lp dates from 1975.
submitted Alan Marsden - Feelings. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Sylvia Blake Baker - Sylvia. 3 months ago
No release number on spine. Dead Wax shows "L 3225" and "L 3225-X" and Sylvia's name etched on both sides. Playing times on labels are 14:35 and 12:10, respectively.


Local private press pop album with covers of Bette Midler, ONJ, Anne ... See full review
submitted Sylvia Blake Baker - Sylvia. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Boston - Third Stage. 3 months ago
Vinyl Lps of this were dumped almost immediately after release in Northern California in 1986. My dorm mate came into my room at UNR and breathlessly announced Boston had a new album, popped the cassette in the player and punched it. I told him I ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Rock A Doodle. 3 months ago
The Elvis Chicken kiddie soundtrack! Running time is really short. Thematically, the character seems to be inspired by JoAnn the Wonder Chicken from Glen Campbell's NORWOOD movie soundtrack.
posted a review of Glen Campbell - The Good Time Songs Of Glen Campbell. 3 months ago
Repackage budget 2-fer of previous Lps, A SATISFIED MIND, SPC 3134, and THE GLEN CAMPBELL ALBUM, SPC 3274.
posted a review of Glen Campbell & Diane Solomon - If You Were My Lady. 3 months ago
Has a picture sleeve, too. This was in the UK when he was in limbo between being dropped at Capitol and signing with Atlantic-America for a five album record deal.
posted a review of Glen Campbell - Delight, Arkansas. 3 months ago
There is a stock version of this on an orange label. Both sides are instrumentals. This is a kind of budget bin exploitation release from his mid-'60s 12 string guitar recordings.
posted a comment on Glen Campbell - Turn Around, Look At Me / Brenda. 3 months ago
There's also a version with a pressing boo-boo showing "Glen Cambpell."
posted a review of Glen Campbell - Death Valley / Nothin' Better Than A Pretty Woman. 3 months ago
Some copies of this show "Valley of Death." 45 single dates May, 1961.
posted a review of Glen Campbell - Sings For The King. 3 months ago
Taste wise, musically comparable to the Elvis recordings, from soundtracks GIRL HAPPY, SPINOUT, CLAMBAKE, etc....
posted a review of Glen Campbell - Meet Glen Campbell. 3 months ago
The vinyl copy doesn't destroy and ring your ears while wearing headphones like the brickwalled CDs do. The CDs are PAINFUL on headphones.
posted a comment on Glen Campbell - Walkin' In The Sun. 3 months ago
No vinyl version of this album, but cover slicks were printed for promotional distribution. Several of the radio A/A side singles were pressed, however, but the commercial release of the title track was on (ugh) cassingles only.
posted a comment on Glen Campbell - Walkin' In The Sun. 3 months ago
U.S. vinyl does not exist on this title. Jimmy Bowen held up the release of the Lp because of his spat with MCA distribution of his "indie" label, Universal Records.
posted a review of Glen Campbell - Favorite Hymns. 3 months ago
I would have preferred this title on U.S. Lp. Word Records held up the release of this album for over a year, since early 1987.
posted a review of Glen Campbell - Favorite Hymns. 3 months ago
A friend of mine, Hair, sent me this in the late '80s or so and surprised me in those darkest of days when the record industry killed vinyl. The album had been ready for release since early 1987 but held back by Word Records until late 1989. Like GC's ... See full review
posted a review of Larry Weiss - Black & Blue Suite. 3 months ago
Weiss's 45 version of "Rhinestone Cowboy" predates Glen Campbell's cover by six months; Weiss's single was an easy listening hit on that Billboard chart only. "Lay Me Down (and Roll Me Out to Sea)" was covered by Glen Campbell and Barry Manilow. ... See full review
posted a review of Rosalie Sorrels - Rosalie Sorrels Sings Songs Of The Mormon Pioneers. 3 months ago
Sound on the Lp is much like those Folkways albums from the '60s; cover paper is heavy coarse construction paper. Recording on this is really basic, sparse and non-commercial folk backing. "Don't You Marry the Mormon Boys" is set to the children's ... See full review
posted a review of Robert Peterson (3) - Feelings Of Forever . 3 months ago
Typical Utah alternate universe white pop album digesting and sanitizing Roger Whitaker, Robert Goulet, GODSPELL (really!), for LDS audiences who were squeamish about hard rock like the Carpenters, Barry Manilow, and Paul Williams at the time. Copies ... See full review
posted a comment on Sheila Southern - Sheila Southern Sings The Jim Webb Song Book. 3 months ago
Funny post! I have the Richard Harris albums. Minor interest in Webb as a songwriter. His best recordings were the pop/soul artists, like Thelma Houston, the 5th Dimension, and the post-Ross Supremes. Fading geezer pop artists in tuxedos like James ... See full review
posted a comment on Stryper. 3 months ago
I'm looking for it casually, if it shows up locally. Not a priority; I have the CD, which features the second generic black cover on the booklet insert. I saw a photo of the original cover from Eileen Luhr's book, WITNESSING SUBURBIA, which also turned ... See full review
posted a comment on Jody Miller - Anthology. 3 months ago
"Meh." Mostly the obvious Epic singles, plus four obvious Capitol hits.