I distribute all the Voyageur 21 Records.


Got my "little" collection of records in Brussels and I can't spend a day without listening to them or browsing Discogs to find gems.

Strong passion for Techno & Trance, mainly Belgium retro trance from the 90's.

Also interested in Nu-Disco/House.

Former Hardcore, Hardtrance & Hardstyle freak.

Most important being that it takes me on a journey to a new universe !

My ratings are usually 4 or 5 stars, I only rate what I like/love (because the rest wouldn't be my style, and it's very rare that I find that a production is not correctly crafted)
Recent Activity
posted a review of Ronan (12) - Radical Acceptance. 3 days ago
What an EP, there's some gooooood oldschool vibes here ! Very well done and catchy, yet modern sounding !
posted a comment on Various - Schatzi Vol 5. 4 days ago
Anybody has information on the tracks here ? Really great sounds here !
posted a review of Project 16 - Beauty Comes EP. 4 days ago
What a great project, what a B side !
Beauty Comes is to become a house classic IMO.
posted a review of Upercent - Ocell. 21 days ago
Explota has such an intensity in the drums, and such a melancholic/hypnotic power with the arrangement, absolute beast of a track, one of the best of the year !
posted a review of Renart - Wyvern Chill Music. 22 days ago
Brilliant Techno Trance record ! A2 and B2 are just incredible !
posted a comment on Various - Scantraxx Sampler 29. 26 days ago
This record is actually a piece of history : it is the very last (real) Hardstyle record to be ever released. And that marked the fall of the style...
posted a review of Guy J - Synthopia / Cicada. 26 days ago
That's how I like my progressive ! Summerish vibes on Synthopia, you can feel the influences of Guy J :-)
posted a review of Various - Hand In Hand EP. 28 days ago
&Me seems unstoppable these days, again a bomb after In Your Eyes !
posted a review of Eagles & Butterflies - Imitations Of Life Ep. 28 days ago
Eagles & Butterflies never fails to impress, very daring release (strong synthwave influence) for a "dancefloor"-oriented label, but works perfectly ! Sketch 7 and 17 are very artistic pieces that gets me back in the days !
posted a review of Various - Secret Weapons Part 11. 28 days ago
Very, very strong release from Innervisions !
I would say the best tracks are :
Tel Aviv To Casablanca => track full of charm ;
Jenny => perfect modern rendition of a 80's synth tune ;
On Two Strangers => magnificient progression !
Cries also is great as ... See full review
posted a review of Asquith* - Touch The Sky. 29 days ago
Play A1 at -10% ; you got yourself a classic 90's trance record ;-)
posted a comment on Centre Neptune. about 1 month ago
Up, I haven't found any information/way about this club either, anybody has any clue ?
posted a review of Nyra - Canoe 006 . about 1 month ago
Monster EP, a floor burning one ! Mention to A1 and B1 !
posted a review of Ben Sun - Place Of Worship EP . about 1 month ago
Oh my what a lovely A side... just pure grace !
posted a review of Painbringer - Dangerous Days. about 1 month ago
Back to the nineties ! Really great EP, loads of energy !
posted a review of Ovandra - Retrofuture LP. about 1 month ago
So great to see that the label still exists after 3 years of silence ! And what a way to come back !!!
posted a comment on Ron Basejam - After The Rain EP. about 1 month ago
I highly suspect the 200€ sale to be a fake one. Don't be impressed, this record is a normal record that should sell around 15-20€.
posted a review of Tonbe - Gem Picker EP . about 1 month ago
Is the A1 an edit/remix or new material ? I looove it !
posted a review of Marino Canal - A Fire in the Sun. about 1 month ago
Boy do I love the releases of this guy...Her Perfect Sky is so touching and nostalgic, music with the feels... Gold for my ears !
posted a review of Raffalli - Don't Stop. about 1 month ago
Flemming Dalum's edit is a perfect mordern touch on this huge classic and this is one of the most exciting release of the year !!!
posted a review of Various - Disco Hamam - 5. about 1 month ago
While being barely modified (just a kick added I guess), the Johnny Wakelin - In Zaire edit on A1 uses the insane amounts of energy from original, now tailored for dancefloors, making it one of the hottest releases of 2019 that will be rocking my summer ... See full review
posted a review of DOUBLE TOUCH - Adagio. about 1 month ago
Cape Cove is such a lovely piece, mysterious, classy, bewitching, melancholic, one of the finest track to be released on this label.
posted a review of Mainx - Future Look EP. about 1 month ago
B1 88 To Piano = > absolute rave classic ;-)
posted a review of Trance Wax - Trance Wax Five. about 1 month ago
Really remarkable B side (damn I love that TD edit !), reminds of the first realease of the series, just perfect for trance chillin' this summer ;-)
posted a review of Various - Fuifnummers (Edits 11). 2 months ago
The Watch Out edit is a BOMB ! Great to see this !
posted a review of Various - MoBlack Sampler Vol. 2. 2 months ago
That Manoo rmix of Amahloni is one of the most positive track I know, instant smile and feel good vibes, essential record in my life !
posted a review of Thomas Schumacher - The Fuzz . 2 months ago
WHAT AN ACID BREAK ON B SIDE ! That's the spirit !!! Tracid Traxx or Emmanuel Top style !
posted a review of Citizen - If I Say Stop. 2 months ago
If I Say Stop is a legendary Hardstyle track... I remember it being played as the closing track of the X-Qlusive Italian edition early 2010's ; absolute treat to finish a night !
posted a comment on Aguila - The Club On 27th West. 2 months ago
Am I missing something or the sellers just agreed to triple the price for no reason ?
posted a review of Scientific Dreamz Of U - Spatial Phase Inversion. 2 months ago
The B side is simply out of this world ;-)
posted a review of Nyra - Canoe 005. 2 months ago
Love Safari is a really nice edit of Gepy & Gepy's African Love Song, even if they didn't take the male vocal parts that had also a great vibe, it's great to hear !
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 2 months ago
posted a review of LaCargo - Universal Drums / Balistic. 2 months ago
Crazy levels of energy on the B side ! !
posted a review of Paxton Fettel - Better Days EP . 2 months ago
Be sure to check out Better Days, the groove is worth it !
posted a review of Namito - Letting Go. 2 months ago
Letting Go is the best progressive piece of the year. Already a classic !
posted a review of Caucasuss - Caucasuss. 2 months ago
Funny how every reviewer likes a different track from the EP haha :-)
I guess everybody's right, it's an absolute classic EP from Petit Prince and you can't go wrong with any of it !
posted a review of Various - A Gathering Of Styles Part 03. 2 months ago
This compilation is worth it for Pegasus alone... piece of art
posted a review of Marc Marzenit - Trozitos De Navidad E.P.. 2 months ago
I don't know many tracks like this one, it's an instant invitation to a better place, some helping hand taking you far away to a relaxing land. Some of the bassline notes sound a little odd though.
posted a comment on Phrenetic System - Reality. 2 months ago
Am I right saying this is one of the first fast-paced, hardcorish tracks ever made ?
posted a comment on BW* - Program 11. 3 months ago
Prices are getting ridiculous here... don't buy at these prices ! A repress would be much needed...
posted a comment on Noisecontrollers - Faster 'N Further / Macabre 2010 / Club Jumper / Darkside Of Emotions. 3 months ago
Macabre's melody is actually taken from "Droids - The Force" from the late seventies
posted a comment on Trance Wax - Trance Wax Five. 3 months ago
Yes it's annoying... even with pre-order, I couldn't secure a copy, now I hope someone will sell the record at a reasonable price... and I feel like everybody's losing in the deal : Ejeca and the label (they could make more), the first line shops ... See full review
posted a review of DJ D vs Nitrogenetics - Melodic Art E.P.. 3 months ago
Brutal has always been one of my favourite mainstream hardcore tracks ; great energy !
posted a comment on Dominique Guiot - L'Univers De La Mer. 3 months ago
Am I the only one getting a looooooot of pops/crackle/noise throughout the record ? Very disappointed by the quality... was it ripped from another record ?
posted a review of 12 Moons - Northern Star / Blind Man's Vision. 3 months ago
What a sikly track that is, Northern Star ! That's how I love progressive trance, full of delicate tints of melodic patterns, evolving in a lovely atmospheric space.
posted a review of Mike Dunn - Magic Feet (The Remixes). 3 months ago
Edge of Motion mix is an absolute classic anthem here in the north of Europe !
posted a review of House Disciples - This Is Trancecore Vol. II. 3 months ago
No reviews ? Why is this rated so low ?
Zenith's intro is one of the best opening I can think of, 303 Process and This & That are some of my favourite crazy acid techno trance burners, and the exquisite Exquisit (haha) is one of the most emotional hard ... See full review
posted a review of OGP - Pathfinder. 3 months ago
"What If" is a major hardtrance track in my opinion, absolute classic for any trance energy lover ! Unforgettable melody !
posted a review of &ME - In Your Eyes. 3 months ago
Instant classic, absolute anthem of the summer 2018, In Your Eyes is THE definition of &me's generous style, full of soft pianos, groovy tribal rythm and catchy synth lines !
posted a comment on Trance Wax - Trance Wax Five. 3 months ago
A1 is Hi Gate - Pitchin
A2 is CM - Dream Universe
B1 is maybe Jam & Spoon - Stella (?)