I used to have a strong passion for Techno & Trance, mainly Belgium retro trance from the 90's.

I have started to sell my private collection here on Discogs because the lockdown fucked me up... so for me the deejaying and collecting is nearly over, I just keep the essentials.

Now into Space/Cosmic Disco

Former Hardcore, Hardtrance & Hardstyle freak.

Most important being that it takes me on a journey to a new universe !

My ratings are usually 4 or 5 stars, I only rate what I like/love (because the rest wouldn't be my style, and it's very rare that I find that a production is not correctly crafted)

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G. Zadj* & J.-P. Decerf* - Action
posted a review of G. Zadj* & J.-P. Decerf* - Action. 7 days ago
I don't know of any better relationship between a guitar and a synth than in the second part of Mechanical Box. Any suggestions of such great work ?
Torias - Ay-O Mexico
posted a review of Torias - Ay-O Mexico. 25 days ago
Vocals are great but damn the drums are so cheap, especially the snare (way too forward)... I wish someone could get the original tapes and remix this !
Secret Squirrel (6) - Secret Squirrels #20
posted a review of Secret Squirrel (6) - Secret Squirrels #20. about 1 month ago
Don't Stop mashed up with Peter Jacques Band - Counting On Love "One Two Three"
Kineta - Proto III/III
posted a review of Kineta - Proto III/III. about 1 month ago
Scopius has to be one of the best trance track of the last 10 years, what a journey deep within ! Instant eye - closer !
Various - Four Really Good Tracks
posted a review of Various - Four Really Good Tracks. about 1 month ago
PROGRESSIVE ! Yes, real good old PROGRESSIVE in 2022 ! Ludovician takes me back to the mid-00's !
Introversion (3) - Hush
posted a review of Introversion (3) - Hush. 2 months ago
I just love this guy, he always manages to create something different and qualitative, again a fantastic release !
Impérieux - Fantasmagorii EP
posted a review of Impérieux - Fantasmagorii EP. 2 months ago
I got to salute the sheer amount of work and originality involved here
That's what electronic producers should aim for, trying to explore new spaces, new ways of working with sounds, and deliver various atmospheres and styles, blending everything... See full review
The Supermax Project - Love Machine
posted a review of The Supermax Project - Love Machine. 2 months ago
One of best things that happened this year, both Marc Hartman's takes on this are SOOOOOO GOOOOOOODDDDDD
DuMonde - I Feel You
posted a review of DuMonde - I Feel You. 2 months ago
The melody is actually stolen from Peru - Oriental (1983)
Dj Eldra & Dj Sul - Dracu Indenaina
posted a review of Dj Eldra & Dj Sul - Dracu Indenaina. 4 months ago
Brainstorm is such a heavy hitter, absolute bonkers, guaranteed madness after the syncopated bass coming in !!!
Darlyn Vlys - Return From Delta Ep
posted a review of Darlyn Vlys - Return From Delta Ep. 4 months ago
Return From Delta is really well crafted compared to all the afterlife like melodic sh*t we're used to hear nowadays...
A good arrangement can do so much!
Various - Untitled
posted a review of Various - Untitled. about 1 year ago
Crazy B side on this one ; two ways to take a walk in your inner forest : B1 for a dazzling light head experience through the morning rays, B2 for the full fog in the night...
Various - 5 Years of Rave
posted a review of Various - 5 Years of Rave. about 1 year ago
Great release, B2 & C1 take the top prize for me ! Rave on !
Antaris In Cooperation With Casseopaya - Overdose (The Underground 4-Tracker EP)
posted a review of Antaris In Cooperation With Casseopaya - Overdose (The Underground 4-Tracker EP). about 1 year ago
For me it's all about Confession, relentless kick drive with the open hat, very very well suited for good old rave atmosphere !
Samui - The Big Blue
posted a review of Samui - The Big Blue. about 1 year ago
The flanged pluck synths of John Johson's remix are SO FRESH it gives me the chills. Absolutely immense progressive intro.
Original mix is also a great classic !
Marshall Jefferson - The Animals EP
posted a review of Marshall Jefferson - The Animals EP. about 1 year ago
I am vegetarian but ... I love the cow !
Various - Broken Promises EP - Part 4
posted a review of Various - Broken Promises EP - Part 4. about 1 year ago
I always think about Faithless - Insomnia when I hear A2
Westcoast Goddess - The Inner Snoopy
posted a review of Westcoast Goddess - The Inner Snoopy. about 1 year ago
THAT moment at 1:45 on B2 is PURE BLISS, like sunshine after the rain ; wish it lasted longer !
B.B.E* - Seven Days And One Week
posted a review of B.B.E* - Seven Days And One Week. about 1 year ago
Hypnose is my favourite Emmanuel Top's track (and he has made many huge ones !), something that goes beyond the "what a trip" description, back to primitive roots, to the meaning of trance state. 15 minutes to let your mind wander far from our... See full review
DJ Senior Vasquez - No More Drama
posted a review of DJ Senior Vasquez - No More Drama. about 1 year ago
No More Drama is just pure dope chill beats with a nasty melody, too bad for those who miss this choooooon
Giada - Chains
posted a comment on Giada - Chains. about 1 year ago
The melody used is furiously similar to Interactive - Koma
Lesamis - No More Worry
posted a review of Lesamis - No More Worry. about 1 year ago
I can't believe this is from 1994... Eternal Sleep sounds like a production from 1998 !
Annexia - Annexia E.P.
posted a comment on Annexia - Annexia E.P.. about 1 year ago
Yes it's a plain blue sleeve without anything on it
Sosak - Fairy Lane Headbutt
posted a review of Sosak - Fairy Lane Headbutt. about 1 year ago
Mansewood Toi is clearly the kind of crazy trippy stuff I would like to hear on a big soundsystem. I bet this would be a huge banger if events were allowed ! Btw, someone knows the origin of the choir sample used ?

EDIT : Japanese Nr 10 is also crazy... See full review
Amandra - Sarbacane d'Antan EP
posted a review of Amandra - Sarbacane d'Antan EP. about 1 year ago
Hypnotic journey in the techno jungle for A1, have a nice trip
Ramirez - Hablando
posted a review of Ramirez - Hablando. over 2 years ago
I still keep coming back to this record even 20 years after... Hablando has one of the most memorable riffs ever, and yet this Push remix managed to transpose it to a hypnotic trance trip sending us fly far away. I love how he played the riff with... See full review
Myler - Gack EP
posted a review of Myler - Gack EP. over 2 years ago
Very strong Manu Kenton / Jamie Dill influences here !
THC - Vol 2
posted a review of THC - Vol 2. over 2 years ago
You should not miss the greatness of Walk in Chicago. A mixture of nervous kicks and rough acid getting to an uprise of emotional strings, a journey with changing patterns to lift up your mind. Absolute forgotten classic IMO.
Showtek - Black 2008
posted a review of Showtek - Black 2008. over 2 years ago
The best hardstyle anthem ever made ? I'm still impressed by the incredible technical quality of this record, Showtek were at their finest when releasing this dark masterpiece. The sounds, distortions, melodies, build-up, crafting, everything is just... See full review
Man Power (2) Featuring Private Agenda - Do It Thin
posted a review of Man Power (2) Featuring Private Agenda - Do It Thin. over 2 years ago
It's actually a very good song, but the mastering could have been better. The vocal is great, creative vibe !
TNT (4) - First Match
posted a review of TNT (4) - First Match. over 2 years ago
Absolute classic for the early hardstyle lovers ! Good to know : melody is originally from Kike Boy & Demolition - Basic
Ace Da Brain - Depths Of Doom
posted a review of Ace Da Brain - Depths Of Doom. over 2 years ago
Come on, no one reviewed this ? Magic Waters ? Uplift doesn't get much better than this... the masterpiece of Andreas Schmidt for sure ! Instantly restores your faith in anything
Vin Sol - Instinct
posted a review of Vin Sol - Instinct. over 2 years ago
1 3 1 4 is the best track to eat with my cereals. Such an awesome crunchy mastering. And some groove !
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
Kalabrese & Kayyak - Make No Time / Painting Of Relaxation
posted a review of Kalabrese & Kayyak - Make No Time / Painting Of Relaxation. over 2 years ago
The kind of record where I won't be able to decide which side is the best for the next three decades.
Sycum - Speicher 116
posted a review of Sycum - Speicher 116. over 2 years ago
Decoded is HUUUUGE ! In a boring world where 95% of tracks are slow, artsy, lame and tame, here we get a non-stop full energy fueled track launched on the fast lane ! No time to breath !
Dj Barney - Hierbas
posted a review of Dj Barney - Hierbas. over 2 years ago
One of the best edit records of the year, and yet so few seem to care... congrats to you if you found it ;-)
Keith Carnal - SEC004
posted a review of Keith Carnal - SEC004. over 2 years ago
Sadly Mistaken has the best gimmick I've heard this year from the techno scene. 100% Psychedelic trip burning your brain.
Rank 1 - Awakening
posted a review of Rank 1 - Awakening. over 2 years ago
I challenge anyone to find a more energetic trance track than Awakening. It's just impossible to stand still on the intro.
Emmanuel Top - Climax V 1.1
posted a review of Emmanuel Top - Climax V 1.1. over 2 years ago
Absolute essential record Both tracks are legendary material, the best of Emmanuel Top.
Ultra Vibe - Choose Freedom
posted a review of Ultra Vibe - Choose Freedom. over 2 years ago
If you ever feel down in your life, just choose freedom.
Ivan Carsten - Amazing Combination
posted a review of Ivan Carsten - Amazing Combination. over 2 years ago
After 12 years I still can't decide which version I prefer... Both are fantastic !
Various - Bonfido Disques 002
posted a review of Various - Bonfido Disques 002. over 2 years ago
To this day, the best vaccine against this shitty lockdown period.
Voiski - Our Brilliant Failure
posted a review of Voiski - Our Brilliant Failure. over 2 years ago
Chasing Shadows is a mind-blowing futuristic mind-trip, and the last one has a hell of a groove. Serious stuff !
Segue - Pacifica
posted a review of Segue - Pacifica. over 2 years ago
P A R C H M E N T !
Ado The Dream - Roll Of Bass
posted a review of Ado The Dream - Roll Of Bass. over 2 years ago
One of my favorite >2000 hardtrance records of all time. Everything is just perfect.
Quantic - Theme From Selva
posted a review of Quantic - Theme From Selva. over 2 years ago
Honestly I was starting to feel really depressed this year, not much original good releases, covid-19 shit and so... and hopefully this BOMB comes out. Both sides are FIRE ! So good to have this, thank you William.
DeFeKT (8) & Extrawelt - Field Day / Off Planet
posted a review of DeFeKT (8) & Extrawelt - Field Day / Off Planet. over 2 years ago
Off Planet is a great futuristic/post-apocalyptic journey full of piercing, heart-rending sounds, very progressive approach. Me like it !
Stephan Jolk - Analogy EP
posted a review of Stephan Jolk - Analogy EP. over 2 years ago
I want to not like those tracks, but I cannot. Analogy gives such a feeling and emotion with the synth work... Yes it's basic but it works so well... you can connect it so easily with the beauty of our planet..
Bostro Pesopeo - Meti
posted a review of Bostro Pesopeo - Meti. over 2 years ago
I don't understand why nobody is interested in this record, Meti and Baal are very touching pieces, delicate, well-crafted, and can enrich many sets. So much better than many Tech House tracks !