Worldwide-Records is a selling collective. Members are 20 different sellers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Sweden who combine storing stock, order-handling and packaging in order to centralize and optimize activities and reduce overall expenses. Check our stocks here:
- WWR Stock Worldwide-Records

We collect only one time each week all orders which were paid before monday morning 09:00 CET. The orders after that will be shipped the week after. We are a selling collective and no commercial webshop. Most sellers also do the order picking and packaging of the parcels themselves, and organizing this is a difficult planning job, as most sellers have other obligations during the week, it might take 1-9 working days before we actually ship your order.

Selling Collective stock : 216.624 items offered ( 9 nov 2023 )
Music-All-Over: 44.287 items: WWR
JosS: 37.289 items: WWR
Peter (EuRecords) : 24.000 items : WWR
Rens (Moondance Records): 19.550 items: WWR
Rinus (Project-38 ): 20.000 items: WWR and also WWR

Ilmar: 11.262 items: WWR
Paul: 9.442 items: WWR
Rinus W : 8.283 items: WWR
Kris : 7.842 items: WWR
Edward: 7.765 items: WWR
Gunila : 6.286 items: WWR
Hans : 5050 items: WWR

Gera: 4.782 items: WWR
Arthur : 3.492 items: WWR
Bert : 3.067 items: WWR
Andre : 2.596 items: WWR
JosB: 2.386 Items: WWR
Gerard : 1021 items: WWR
Kristof :964 items: WWR
Niklas :749 items: WWR
Marcel : WWR
Patrick: WWR

Some reasons why joining us :
- Central secure storage of all items, this might save lots of space at your home.
- Efficient order-picking as all items are numbered. That way we can easily find them.
- As we have large stocks, orders will in many cases contain many items, this will reduce average expenses and effort for the buyers.
- We have good worldwide shipping contracts.
- When you store your goods at our storages, we offer your items on 3 other EU based selling platforms. Especially CDs will sell better because of that.
- You will not have any packaging and communication-effort anymore. Our staff takes care of that all.
- Optionally we reduce prices weekly with max. 0.5%. This will keep the sales running.
- Nowadays Discogs passes EU seller information to local customs as part of the VAT regulations. When you store your items at Worldwide-Records we pay all the VAT/BTW involved and we cover all businesslike activities.
- If you are a Dutch seller in 2020 Dutch KOR rules changed significantly. Joining us will lower your total turnover/omzet so you then might be able to stay in the KOR.
- We are registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce ( EuRecords )

Here are our rates for 2024 for collections / stocks which we sell for you. All rates are based on actual costs. We have four types of expenses that will be invoiced to you:
- Variable fee per ordered item.
- Personnel costs for order-handling ( platform management, customer contact, order-handling and picking, cleaning, packaging )
- Storage expenses

All are explained in more detail now. All conditions stated are subject to change.

Variable fee per ordered item.This rate went up from 22% to 23.21% incl VAT/BTW in July 2023 because Discogs raised its fee excl VAT/BTW from 8% to 9%. No Raise for 2024 expected.
23.21% of discogs selling price. This is for covering ( all incl VAT/BTW ) :
- A 10.89% Discogs fees. If Discogs raises this fee, we will also raise our fee. Other platforms have much higher fees, for those platforms we ask a bit more shipping fees to compensate that.
- A 6.05% financial processing fee. This is for covering all our financial services ( invoicing, paypal fees, higher fees for third party platform who handle payments etc )
- A 6.27% Rental fees for our packaging centre, usage of IT infrastructure and packaging materials and covering lost/damaged shipments

Personnel costs incl. VAT/BTW for order-handling ( customer contact, workplanning and preparation, order picking, cleaning, packaging etc etc )
Personnel costs rates go up in January 2024 with 5% as an inflation correction. Members who come packaging their own orders will get a higher return fee for the items they packaged

These fees have a fixed part of 50% for the actual packaging job. The other 50% is for covering all kinds of personnel costs like workplanning and preparation, customer contact, content management, workflow management etc.

New stocks or external stocks shipped to us by you cleaned. This rate is a rate per item, so a 2LP counts as 1.
- LPs, 12" : Euro 1.23
- CDs / 7" : Euro 0.85

Second Hand stocks which need inspection and occasional cleaning. For CDs we might need to supply or replace the jewelcase and we might need to clean the disc.This rate is a rate per disc, so a 2CD counts as 2.
- CDs : Euro 1.07

Storage solutions ( rates per month incl. VAT/BTW paid in advance for the next month as we need to pay rent as well for the next month, ):
All these storage rates went up in January 2023. No raise for 2024.

A rate per disc, so a 2LP counts as 2.
This is especially suited for stocks up to about 5000 items. We supply shelf space where you can store your goods.
Euro 2.20 for 100 LPs
Euro 1.10 for 100 CDs / 7" Singles

A rate per 1 meter shelf
This works nice of you have items with unusual sizes or. We support you a bunch of shelves where you can store your goods. Don't remove the jewelcases as we need them.
Euro 2.20 for a 1 meter cd-height shelf.
Euro 4.40 for a 1 meter lp-height shelf.

You own storage space
When your stocks grows very large ( more than 20.000 items ), we will ask you to rent your own space in our building so you can manage stocks yourself. We then supply a key to the storage space. In that case we will ask you a monthy fee for using the specific storage solution. When you have a very large shop or collection and prefer to manage this yourself at our location with your own access, we can discuss the options. Actually all members with stocks over 20.000 items currently have their own storage solutions.

Regarding the value of your stock
On behalf of the members we rent storage space for them to store their items. As a selling collective we store the goods in a very good building with fire alarm ( no sprinklers ), burglar alarm ( within 10 minutes a guard is at site ) and electronic locks. We do not insure your goods as insurance companies cannot cope good with our constantly changing stock levels of different members. Besides that valuation is very hard for these kind of mainly second hand goods. When insurance is important for you, you need to insure the stock yourself. We are also thinking about an optional basic insurance scheme based on a 1 year net discogs revenue paid in 12 monthly terms, but we are not sure yet how to finance that. We prefer a funding solution supported by the members of our own selling collective. We have a rental contract for at least one year in advance, so if for some reason our rental contract/business stops, you have a one year period to pickup your goods.

Regarding the quality of your stock / refund policy
We quite regularly have discussions about selling goods which do not have the right grading. In those cases we might do a partial or full refund of the user payment depending on the case and the proof supplied. This refund amount you will find as a correction in the monthly report which we send you. We will also charge you 2 euros extra for each refund when there is a grading/quality problem as handling these issues cost us extra helpdesk/reporting time and also a non-refundable fixed paypal fee.
When the item has quality problems and is to be returned because of the high value, the return shipping costs will also be charged to you as a seller.
If the monthly refund total is below 4% of the total sales then we handle this without contacting you. When it is above 4% then we will give you feedback about the issues which we have with your stock.
When you bring your goods to store in your storage space, we might do an inspection to check the stated quality.
EU buyer have a 14 days return right so your item migt be paid and then you see a correction in the next month when he item is returned.

Regarding starting and stopping your membership
Starting a membership: We first do an assessment of the aspirant member before accepting this member. This includes a full check of the personnel/business and banking data using a KYC processor. We can refuse members for other reasons after an internal member voting. Besides that we have minimum stock level demands depending on the quality of the goods. This to be discussed. Please notice that we cannot give a tour at our premises showing the storage spaces to non members as we only accept members to our storage spaces. When accepted we will make an agreement of our cooperation.

If you decide to stop as a member in our selling collective you have the next options.
[1] You come to pick up the stock and we remove the stock from our inventory. The CD boxes which we use to store the items remain our property. You can buy these from us for 40 cents per box if you want to keep them nicely stored.
[2] What happens in most cases is that the stock is transferred to the account of another already accepted member. This should take place at the first days of a month so we can do our monthly calculations properly.
[3] You can transfer the stock to somebody else who considers to become a member. Please check the previous section regaring becoming a member. The transfer is complete only after acceptance of the new member by signing an agreement and after all parties involved give a green light about the payment being done.
[4] When a remaining stock is of a very low value you can decide to leave it at the selling collective. We then decide what to do with it.

At some moment we might consider stopping the worldwide-records selling collective service. We then inform you 4 months in advance, so you have time to come and collect all goods which you stored at our place. You then also get a discogs output file of your stock.

Some more important general remarks:

- We accept selling prices up to 250 euros. These should be reasonable prices not highly overpriced. f you have a highly valuable collection we will ask you to keep the real collector items at home.
- We do not use discogs offers / bids. I
- We do not ship shellac ( bakeliet ) discs as these tend to break during transport. And also we do not ship highly fragile items like wooden boxes or large art objects which are complex to ship 100% safely.
- Second-Hand vinyl with a price of more than 50 euros needs to be graded by listening to parts of the records, Those records need to be described in detail as we get many questions about those items.
- You should not set items for sale where one or more of the Media are missing.

Returned items from customers will be put back in the storage / given back to you, and we set them for sale again in the shop. The monthly sales/costs will be corrected totally.

Stocks need to be brought to us numbered with removable stickers which you can order and print yourself at the starting number which we supply. Numbering your whole stock is also a complete inventorising job, we then both know that all items are present. This can be a large time consuming job. Goods remain your property and you can do a pickup of your goods within 1 week on request.

You can at every moment see you stock items in our large discogs shop with a specific selection. Please check the member stock links at the top of this page.

Optionally we will offer your stocks on other selling platforms besides Discogs which increases your sales with about 15%. These external platforms we pay after 1-2 months as processing that data is more complicated, and many platforms have a return policy which we have to take into notice as well. We don't always have time to service these extra platforms, that's why it's optional.

After we moved your stock to our shop, you get a NearMint Lister account through which you have to enter new items.

From large members ( who use more than 15% of our total resources ) we ask them to bring added value to the selling collective besides using our services. For example managing a new selling platform. So not only take services but also share their own services. That's in their own interest as well in order to make them not fully dependant on the other platform managers. And to make our network stronger.

We supply a detailed report of the monthly sales. We will pay around the 7th days of the month for the completed sales of the previous month. We do not give advance payments. We need the sales to cover all kind of initial startup costs which we did while starting up and growing of the selling collective. Besides that some selling platforms also have a similar delay in paying us.

We guarantee that the Discogs shop is open at least 90% of all days each year. In the summerholiday and/or around Christmas we might shut down operations. Besides that because of for example covid the closure might be a longer period, but we cannot control that. We have a great crew of 6 people doing the daily operations. We try to be open as much as possible. When the shop is closed, the storage expenses are still charged as the rent of the space which we hire as selling collective has to be paid. non-Discogs shops are only open when a platform manager has time for that shop.

We all care for the environment but it's a fact that shipping CDs and LPs around the world is not the most environment friendly way to enjoy music. But we do a lot of efforts to reduce environmental damage:
- For The Netherlands we ship all LP parcels by bicycle carrier / natural gas powered cars. We are looking for expanding this to other countries.
- We replace almost all second-hand jewelcases with new jewelcases. The old jewelcases are fully recycled by a plastic recycling company. They melt new products from them. New jewelcases are taken from old CD distrostocks.
- We offer the possibility to remove jewelcases to reduce parcel-weight.
- Shipping one large parcel costs less transportation effort compared to many small parcels, in that way you can also make a difference.
- Most of our own worktravels is done by public transport.
- Extra suggestions are welcome. Does anybody know how/where to recycle vinyl ?

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