Worldwide-Records is a selling collective of about 15 different sellers who combine storing stock, order-handling and packaging in order to centralize and optimize activities and reduce overall expenses. We are growing fast. We have the largest second hand CD stock on Discogs in Europe. Check our large stock here: Stock Worldwide-Records

If you want to be part of our collective please contact us at Worldwide-Records message

Selling Collective stocks at Wordwide-Records shop since last addition (WWR), 155.377 items offered / The own member shop (OWN, shipment can not be combined ).
Tyas (Music-All-Over): 21.289 items: WWR / OWN
Rinus (Project-38 ): 21.211 items: WWR / OWN and also WWR
Peter (EuRecords) : 18.284 : WWR
Jocelyn: 15.903 items: WWR / OWN
Rens (Moondance Records): 14.364 items: WWR / OWN
Ilmar: 13.195 items: WWR / OWN
Maerjo: 11.919 items: WWR
Paul: 10.693 items: WWR / OWN
Rik: 10.150 items: WWR
Archie: 8.286 items: WWR
Edward: 5.643 items: WWR
Gera: 3.056 items: WWR NEW MEMBER !
Boogh : 1.123 items: WWR / OWN
Andre (Count-Vinyl): 762 items: WWR / OWN
Marc (Vinyl Voorgoed): 152 items: WWR
Rinus de W: 0 items: WWR NEW MEMBER !
Jos: 0 items: WWR NEW MEMBER !
There is some shipping delay as we prepare and collect paid orders twice each week. Orders paid before sunday 18:00 CET or wednesdaymorning 08:00 CET will be shipped the next 2 days. Items with comments starting with [X are external stocks exclusively available for us which need to be shipped to us first. Normally they ship together with our own stocks, when there is a delay in delivery of these goods to us they will be shipped 2 or 3 working days later.

The next section describes specific the EuRecords services

Packaging currently takes place at the facilities of EuRecords, but may also take place at the offices of other members depending on available capacity. Shipping is handled currently by us at a daycare centre for people with handicaps and disabilities. EuRecords also handles shipping for several shops on different selling platforms. This daycare centre also has a low priced stock at : Stock of NoJewelcase seller. Orders can be combined to save shipping.

Some reasons why joining us :
- Central secure storage of all items, this might save lots of space at your home.
- Efficient order-picking as all items are numbered. That way we can easily find them.
- As we have a large combined stock, orders will in many cases contain many items, this will reduce average expenses and effort for the buyers.
- Our company for handling shipping EuRecords has good worldwide shipping contracts.
- If you store your goods at our central storage, we also offer your items on 3 other platforms.
- You will not have any packaging and communication-effort anymore. Our staff takes care of that all.
- We will pay you monthly. Please look at the consignment rates further down in this page.
- We reduce prices weekly with about 0.5%. This will keep the sales running.
- Nowadays Discogs passes EU seller information to local customs as part of the VAT regulations. When you store your items at Worldwide-Records we pay all the VAT involved and we cover all businesslike activities. We pay you an amount including VAT as a private seller.
- We are registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce ( Worldwide-Records )

Here are our consignment rates for 2019 ( all incl. VAT ) for collections / stocks which we sell for you. These rates are deducted from your monthly sales. All rates are based on actual costs.

Variable fee per ordered item:
18% of selling price. This is for:
- Covering the 8% Discogs fees or other platform fees.
- Covering the paypal fees which can be quite high especially for low priced items as there is a fixed fee part. On the average paypal fees cost us about 3.6%.
- Covering the VAT/BTW which is part of this 18%: 3.1%
- For items sold on Worldwide-Records 1.65% goes to the staff who do advertising effort on for example Facebook.
- The remains of 1.65% goes to the content-management staff.

- If you keep your stock at home and ship to us twice per week we normally don't offer your goods on non-discogs platforms because of the extra complex backorder administration involved and for the shorter time margin in which items need to be shipped. But if you pay us 2% extra then we also place your goods on other platforms as well. So the variable fee will then be 20% for external platform orders and 18% for discogs orders.

Personnel costs for order-handling ( customer contact, order-handling and picking, cleaning, packaging )
Second Hand stocks which need inspection and occasional cleaning or of which we have to put the record behind the sleeve or for which we need to put a standard sleeve around it. For CDs we might need to replace the jewelcase and we might need to clean the disc.This rate is a rate per disc, so a 2LP counts as 2.
- LPs, 12" : Euro 1.62
- CDs / 7" : Euro 0.81

New stocks from Labels / Distro's or Second hand stock sealed with which do not need further inspection or sealing or jewelcase replacement. These rates also apply if you ship your cleaned ordered goods to us twice a week.
- LPs, 12" : Euro 0.97
- CDs / 7" : Euro 0.65

Storage per month if stored at our place. This rate is a rate per disc, so a 2LP counts as 2.
Euro 2 for 100 LPs
Euro 1 for 100 CDs / 7" Singles
Euro 1 for 200 CDs in envelopes jewelcase removed / Cardboard sleeves.

Some general remarks:
Stocks need to be brought to us numbered with pre-printed removable stickers which we supply to you together with your pre-numbered discogs CSV output list

You can at every moment see you stock items in our large discogs shop with a specific selection. Please check the member Stock links at the top of this page.

When we add your stock to our discogs shop we can add 1-2 euro to the selling prices to cover the personnel costs. The items might sell anyway because customers combine more items in an order in many cases, in that case average shipping costs will go down. Besides that our international shipping costs are low compared to other Dutch sellers. And next to this we will also offer your stocks on other selling platforms which increases your sales as well.

You don't have to close your discogs shop when you bring your stock to us. Just expire all for sale item ( you can delete those expired items later ), And after that you can go on offering new items in you shop ( numbered in the location field is preferred ). After for example a year when most interesting items are sold of that stock you can bring the rest to us again etc. etc. This way you have more time and room for adding new stocks. You will see that your overall sales will increase. When you use NearMint we could add a Lister account for you.

Numbering your whole stock is also a complete inventorising job, we then both know that all items are present. This can be a large time consuming job.

We all care for the environment but it's a fact that shipping CDs and LPs around the world is not the most environment friendly way to enjoy music. But we do a lot of efforts to reduce environmental damage:
- For The Netherlands we ship all LP parcels by bicycle carrier / natural gas powered cars. We are looking for expanding this to other countries.
- We replace almost all second-hand jewelcases with new jewelcases. The old jewelcases are fully recycled by a plastic recycling company. They melt new products from them. New jewelcases are taken from old CD distrostocks.
- We offer the possibility to remove jewelcases to reduce parcel-weight.
- Shipping one large parcel costs less transportation effort compared to many small parcels, in that way you can also make a difference.
- Most of our own worktravels is done by public transport.
- Extra suggestions are welcome. Does anybody know how/where to recycle vinyl ?
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