Philip Samartzis - Unheard Spaces WorldWide-Records

July 8, 2020
Here you can take a listen at the site of the Australian National Gallery of Victoria:

Klaus Ditzer*, Friederike Lehmann - Emotion WorldWide-Records

May 25, 2020
Easy listening blend of guitar and keyboards. I use it mainly for background music. At some moments it reminds me of Gandalf, Mike Oldfield etc.

Ryo Okumoto - Synthesizer WorldWide-Records

May 12, 2020
edited 2 months ago
Comes with 12 page booklet showing Roland gear and Japanese description of instrument usage like synth, sequencer, vocoder and computer rhythm. And each track describes in Japanese how synth adsr, vco, vcf etc is used.

Jack Teagarden And His Orchestra - 1941-2 WorldWide-Records

April 26, 2020
The whole label is put on Unofficial and sales are banned. Please check the story at the label.
My copy has a shop sticker of Special Import Jazz-Inn from Amsterdam which assumes that the were "legally" distributed those days.

Claude Larson - Digital Landscape WorldWide-Records

April 21, 2020
4 star grading because of tracks B2, B3 en B5, you better start with the B-side.

Deuter - Osho Nadabrahma Meditation as reviewed by WorldWide-Records

April 6, 2020
Track 3 called Silence is indeed a fully silent track ending with 3 Tibetan bell strikes. So actually 45 minutes of music. Track 1 is a nice long stretched Tibetan bell track. Track 2 I experience as the best tracks with various instruments like Harmonium/Organ and chanting vocals.

bvdub - Return To Tonglu WorldWide-Records

February 13, 2020
My copy has jitter on it. Worth checking before you buy it.

Various - Spanische Hofreitschule Wien - Musik Zur Morgenarbeit as reviewed by WorldWide-Records

March 1, 2019
No way this is a Westfries Popkollektief release :-) :-)

Mozart* - Complete Mozart Edition WorldWide-Records

September 25, 2018
There is also a version with the discs in cardboard sleeves. Saves a lot of space and weight!

Levantis - Natural Moments WorldWide-Records

November 8, 2017
Track 10 is a very nice swinging piece of downtempo music.