I will continue to consume vinyl until 3012 AD.

Vinyl sucks. Nothing compares to the sound of a hard drive clicking away as you listen to your immense collection of mp3s AND OGG Vorbis files. Vinyl is for losers. Anyone who's told you to go with a pair of SL1200MK2 turntables isn't worth anyone's time. So get with the program. Follow the revolution and remain in awe at the magnificent number crunching salvation to the new school DJ, the omnipotent mp3.

BTW, software kicks hardware's ass any day of the week.

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posted a review of Spacetime Continuum - Emit Ecaps. over 10 years ago
Frankly this album is amazing. It's really that good. Honestly, the amount of creativity and effort that went into every track shows. Attempts to simplify the genre descriptions for this album as triphop, ambient, detroit techno, DnB, progressive house, ... See full review
posted a review of K-Scope (2) - The K-Scope Project Part 2. over 11 years ago
If you're going to consider grabbing this then it should be for "Planet K". The other tracks are OK but this one track ebbs and flows on beautiful pads, a smooth keyboard "carpet" and a with very jazz-influenced flute riff. It reminds me of Frankie ... See full review
posted a review of Dave Spoon - Sunrise EP. over 12 years ago
This EP is simply badass. The B2 track is dominated by the hook "Regeneration" and underlined by a breakbeat sample that is looped and further emphasized with a classic 4/4 house beat. The use of filters also helps to intensify the breakdowns. If this ... See full review
posted a review of Gonno - Hammersmith E.P.. over 12 years ago
IMHO, this album is very much influenced by the artist 69 (Carl Craig). The year 1995 stuck out in my head as I listened to each track. When I say 1995 I mean timeless, way ahead of it's time! I believe both tracks on side B and the first track of side A ... See full review
posted a review of Cutting Records. over 12 years ago
Cutting Records has been a large distributor of both latin freestyle, electro and house from the 1980s and into early 1990s. It has showcased numerous artists who defined electronic music within the New York City backdrop. Some of the most prolific ... See full review
posted a review of G.D.* - Pukaar. over 12 years ago
The Sassot Remix is as uplifting as trance could ever get. This piece is beautifully composed with expansive riffs, that build up to Cloud 10 expotentially. This is definitely a track that needs to be reserved for the peak hours of a mix. In the wrong ... See full review
posted a review of CCL (2) - Released. over 12 years ago
I don't care if you wanted Trance like Marion Barry needed crack. The production of this pressing is neither stellar nor ingenious. And, to add insult to injury, this record is poorly mastered. A quick listen reveals oversaturation at it's finest. The ... See full review
posted a review of Cycloid Dyaxis - Psychotraumatic Paranox Troubles • Session 1. over 13 years ago
If there's anything worth listening to on this pressing it's Acid Drugstore. Very trancey acidic drops runs throughout the piece and are carried by light percussive breakbeats. This mellow melody weeves you in and out of conciousness and continually ... See full review
posted a review of India - The Lover Who Rocks You (All Night). over 13 years ago
I often heard this song played by freestyle and garage/house DJs before HOT97 NYC turned to an all hiphop/R&B station. The production was tight and India had a voice that put chills down your spine.

This was also a period where India and Louie Vega ... See full review
posted a review of Corina - Temptation. over 13 years ago
This song was a pivotal milestone during an era that was heavily laden by hiphop radio. It's production easily stood out combining latin freesyle with a strong hiphop influence, not typical of previous freestyle songs. At the very least it helped to ... See full review