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Bizz O.D. - I'm Coming Out Of Your Speakers
posted a review of Bizz O.D. - I'm Coming Out Of Your Speakers. about 1 month ago
Seriously superb record!! Return To The Speakers is an absolute beauty with its elastic sounding 303 and pounding percussion. This record is nearly thirty years old and could still bring any club to life! Brilliant!! 10/10
Khan & Gill-Mann - Ear Goggles
posted a review of Khan & Gill-Mann - Ear Goggles. about 1 month ago
Superb acid/techno from Can Oral. Sloppy/melted effects driven by some beautiful TB 303 work. Woderful record from a byegone era.
Khan - Sweet Pink Lemonade
posted a review of Khan - Sweet Pink Lemonade. about 1 month ago
Stunningly beautiful, deep tripped out electronics from the psychedelic mind of Can Oral. What an absolutely wonderful record this is. An absolute treasure!!
Khan - Beeperhead
posted a review of Khan - Beeperhead. about 1 month ago
Excellent, analogue machine driven acidic techno from Can Oral aka Khan.
Been waiting since 1996 for this to come out and it has eventually seen the light of day. Would definitely deserve a full vinyl release. I originally found out about this... See full review
Moron - (Neo)Moronics Volume VII
posted a review of Moron - (Neo)Moronics Volume VII. about 1 month ago
As the reviewer below has stated, this is a thoroughly intriguing listen. Mechanical percussion and wobbly bubbling dub techno effects wrap themselves around you.
I stumbled upon this record as I follow one of the artists that produced this record... See full review
Wanderwelle - All Hands Bury The Cliffs At Sea
posted a review of Wanderwelle - All Hands Bury The Cliffs At Sea. about 1 month ago
Another fantastic release from the Amsterdam based duo Wanderwelle. Bleak, somber soundcaspes invoke feelings of decay and despair with these modern classical tracks.

After last year’s Black Clouds Above The Bows, Amsterdam-based collective... See full review
Radiowaves - Radiowaves
posted a review of Radiowaves - Radiowaves. 2 months ago
Absolutely superb analogue machine driven electronics from the minds of Can Oral & Ingmar Koch a.k.a Khan and Walker(Radiowaves).
These guys are notorious for filling themselves with mind altering substances and Kolsch beer and then recording an... See full review
Walker* - Schrei Nach Liebe
posted a review of Walker* - Schrei Nach Liebe. 2 months ago
Mad acid carnage from Ingmar Koch a.k.a - Walker. 3 cuts of typical Walker/DJ.Ungle Fever 303 driven electronics and one very mellow, trippy sounding track in - Virus Protected. Another classic record from the Koln posse produced back in the day.... See full review
Rasmus Hedlund - Alster
posted a review of Rasmus Hedlund - Alster. 3 months ago
Absolutely superb, dark spacey ambient and dub techno of the highest order. Excellent album!!
Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92
posted a review of Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92. 4 months ago
This album just gets better and better and time has no effect on it. This has aged so well and is still as playable as it was when it was first released!! It’s just a magical album, end of story. Such a pleasure….
Age - Pages From The Book Of Sins 1-4
posted a review of Age - Pages From The Book Of Sins 1-4. 4 months ago
What can i say that hasn't already been said about this absolute classic!! Doomsday is just one of those tracks that you never want to end. I first heard this track at "Pure"- In the Barrowlands Glasgow and it was mixed into Pergon -... See full review
Age - Early Sessions & Outtakes
posted a review of Age - Early Sessions & Outtakes. 4 months ago
At nearly 46 mins long, this is more like an album from Thomas Heckmann under his A.G.E moniker. Some of his really early acid tracks and some of his best work in my opinion. Track this record down if you are a fan of TPH or just good quality acidic... See full review
Paleman - PLMN004
posted a review of Paleman - PLMN004. 5 months ago
What a record!! A1 - Seives will destroy your speakers and melt the dance floor!! Absolute weapon!!
posted a review that has since been deleted. 6 months ago
Aphex Twin - Xylem Tube E.P.
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Xylem Tube E.P.. 11 months ago
Polynomial - C is just such a beauty!! The MC-202/SH-101, whatever one he used just sounds so perfect and then on to the terrifying monster that is Dodeccaheedron, lurking in the darkness!
I wonder why there was never a CD release of this like the... See full review
H.E.A.D. - EFS
posted a comment on H.E.A.D. - EFS. about 1 year ago
Definitely a lot clearer and not as muddy/distorted as the original(not that its bad in the first place) you can hear the sampled voices way clearer than the original.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
Unknown Path - Weathered Peak
posted a comment on Unknown Path - Weathered Peak. about 1 year ago
The first excursion for ASC's Unknown Path project since 2017's Pathfinder, Weathered Peak continues in much the same vein. Tribalistic submerged electronics vaguely reminding of techno, dub techno, all with a grey area time signature to unify the... See full review
Heiki* - Dub Town
posted a comment on Heiki* - Dub Town. over 2 years ago
The album features six tracks of electronic, ambient dub techno, often layered with thick psychedelic washes of abstract sound and noise. Deep baselines, acidic tweaks and heavy rhythms define these long twisting soundscapes, averaging in length from... See full review
TM404 - Syra
posted a comment on TM404 - Syra. over 2 years ago
I will never tire of listening to TM404 albums. They all contain what i love most in life...Roland analogue hardware!! =)

From BC:

The evolution of Andreas Tilliander’s moniker TM404 has reached its third stage. The first TM404 album was a heavily... See full review
Owl (5) - Infinite Horizon
posted a comment on Owl (5) - Infinite Horizon. over 2 years ago
What an excellent album this is from Owl. Dreamy, atmospheric electronic music of the highest order from the Silent Season camp! Brilliant.
Another buy on sight album from SS.
The cover photo has some similarities to a previous album from SS... See full review
Aphex Twin - On
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - On. over 2 years ago
D-Scape is one of the trippiest electronic music tracks i have heard. Haunting vocal snippets and moody almost harpsichord/string sounds that take you into a dark place. The pounding kick drum just tops off the hypnosis of this track. Serious stuff!!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
Thomas P. Heckmann - The Lost Tales Vol. VI
posted a comment on Thomas P. Heckmann - The Lost Tales Vol. VI. over 2 years ago
The sixth volume in Thomas Heckmann’s long-running series finds him raiding more lost arks of genre girth, revealing how well he mints extraordinary variations on many well-established electronic architectures. This particular volume is a moog-tastic... See full review
Thomas P. Heckmann - The Lost Tales Vol. VI
submitted Thomas P. Heckmann - The Lost Tales Vol. VI. over 2 years ago
Heavenchord - Drones
posted a comment on Heavenchord - Drones. over 2 years ago
Moving away from his mainstay dub techno experiments, Heavenchord has created some sublime, ethereal star watching drone and beautiful airy ambient electronics. Relaxing and meditative, this album is to soothe and calm the soul. Limited to 25 copies... See full review
DeepWarmth - Nature
posted a comment on DeepWarmth - Nature. over 2 years ago
Beautiful, haunting ambient with dub tech influences. A wonderful, deep and hypnotizing trip to the stars. Check this one out, you wont be disappointed. Brilliant!
Khan - Blue Box Sessions
posted a comment on Khan - Blue Box Sessions. over 2 years ago
I love this guys music, and I’m so glad to see it getting recycled and still doing the rounds after all these years! Just shows the quality of the music that it has managed to fresh and relevant nearly thirty years later 👍

From Khans Bandcamp:

The... See full review
Thomas P. Heckmann
posted a comment on Thomas P. Heckmann. over 2 years ago
The man is a true legend!! A pioneer in electronic music, carving his own path and creating some of the finest electronic music ever! I have followed his music most of my life and will always treasure his early recordings. The Drax and AGE projects... See full review
posted a comment on cv313. over 2 years ago
I have every single Cv313 album and I absolutely love their take on dub techno and deep psychedelic electronics. So sad the way it all ended!!
Heavenchord - In Chain Reaction
posted a comment on Heavenchord - In Chain Reaction. over 2 years ago
Superb atmospheric dubby electronics..Return To Source is a real heavy dub techno trip! Brilliant
Vytis (3) - Gliding
posted a comment on Vytis (3) - Gliding. over 2 years ago
A wonderful, lush dub techno trip. Excellent, dreamy tracks filled with echoing chords and reverberating electronic effects. TIP.
posted a comment on Purl. over 2 years ago
Totally agree with the comment below about no one commenting on this fine artist Purl. I’m surprised in myself for not commenting before now as this man has been my go to “buy on sight artist” since I first bought his first album on Silent Season-... See full review
Submersion - Inward
posted a comment on Submersion - Inward. over 2 years ago
Again, Submersion demonstrates the masterful art of creating gloomy and dark atmospheric electronic music! Wonderful stuff. Can this guy do any wrong....not in my eyes. He’s my buy in sight artist with every album. 5/5
Advanced Dreams - Absent Presence
posted a comment on Advanced Dreams - Absent Presence. over 2 years ago
Blurred Trip is an absolute beauty!!! What an Ep from start to finish, these guys manage to get you totally absorbed within their ultra complex tracks. Atmospheric dubby electronics of the highest level. Superb!!
cv313 - Subtraktive [Reprise]
posted a comment on cv313 - Subtraktive [Reprise] . over 2 years ago
Originally released in small quantities on the esteemed Smallfish imprint back in 2007. An outline and blueprint of the cv313 sound; lush analog submersion enveloping one's mind into an altered hypnotic state. This release features the original in an... See full review
Advanced Dreams -  Islands Of Memory
posted a comment on Advanced Dreams - Islands Of Memory. over 2 years ago
Superb long haul dub techno tracks with soul! Surprisingly not many comments here about this album but I’m sure if this was a 2 x 12” vinyl release there would be many more...vinyl release perhaps???
Anyway, the music is mesmerising and the 80 mins... See full review
Night Sea - Still
posted a comment on Night Sea - Still. over 2 years ago
Beautiful, dreamy, deep techno from the ever fabulous Silent Season!! Night Sea are new artists to me but I will definitely be looking out for more from them as this album is superb.
cv313 - Glass City Sessions
posted a comment on cv313 - Glass City Sessions. over 2 years ago
Amazing dub tech album from Cv313. Totally engrossing from start to finish...lovely stuff!!

Following on from Dimensional Space on Echospace (CV313 001CD, 313 004CD), dub techno legend CV313, aka Stephen Hitchell, offers up his second album, Glass... See full review
Various - Ditties From The White Lodge
posted a comment on Various - Ditties From The White Lodge. over 2 years ago
A2 - Jack The Knife vs Henry The Fork (Highperspectiv) what an aptly named track! An absolute gem on this record with its off kilter, Tishy percussion and weirdo electronic groans and deranged almost flute like whistle sounds. In the foreground and... See full review
Rod Modell - Dawn, Dusk, And Darkness
posted a comment on Rod Modell - Dawn, Dusk, And Darkness. over 2 years ago
Our Lady Of The Flowers (2) - Holiday In Thule Check this one out if you like the new Rod Modell ambient stuff.
Global Electronic Network - Electronic Desert
posted a comment on Global Electronic Network - Electronic Desert. over 2 years ago
Track B Untitled (Just Another Spaced Out Sunday Morning) is a real mind melt right from the start until around the 8 min mark then some blazing acid techno starts. This track is exclusive to this record and does not appear on the album Global Electronic Network Featuring 4E - Electronic Desert
DJ.Ungle Fever
posted a comment on DJ.Ungle Fever. over 2 years ago
One of the best acid/techno labels around!! Uncompromising, totally original, unique..the stuff of legend!! Part of my life since 1993 when i first heard Shark Vol One on a Friday night Kiss FM show and was totally blown away with it.
Some of the... See full review
Futuristic Dub Foundation - Crucified
posted a comment on Futuristic Dub Foundation - Crucified. over 2 years ago
Absolutely superb 10” from Cem Oral aka “Jammin Unit” one half of the experimental acid and techno group Air Liquide. Crucified is one seriously epic track split into two parts but within the same track. Magical dubby, techno with some twisted, melted... See full review
The Abyss Within Us - Life in a Circle
posted a comment on The Abyss Within Us - Life in a Circle. over 2 years ago
From AI:

For AI-21, Italian duo The Abyss Within Us enters the fold. The project, consisting of Claudio Porceddu (Claudio PRC) and Stefano Ferrari (menion), combines lush ambient textures with beguiling mysticism. Originally performed at Ankali,... See full review
Mental Overdrive - 12000 AD
posted a comment on Mental Overdrive - 12000 AD. over 2 years ago
Absolutely superb early techno from way back! I remember hearing this in a club in Glasgow called “Tin Pan Alley” which was an excellent place for hearing underground and quality new music, especially Techno and electronic stuff.
As said below, this... See full review
Fatih Tuter - Beehive
posted a comment on Fatih Tuter - Beehive. over 2 years ago
Beautiful organic dubby ambient. Another fantastic release to add to the collection from Shimmering Moods. Fatih Tuter has excelled with this release!!
Nemo & Jaymon - Landscapes
posted a comment on Nemo & Jaymon - Landscapes. over 2 years ago
Beautiful ambient and field recordings from Nemo & Jaymon.

So many things have happened since the previous CD release of "Wanderings", and so much time has passed since then. The musical path and the label's perspective has also changed, expanded and... See full review
Tomas Jirku - Touching The Sublime
posted a comment on Tomas Jirku - Touching The Sublime. over 2 years ago
Another fine release from the Silent Season headquarters. Deep, abstract electronics from producer Thomas Jirku. Not the usual sounds from the label but still a totally engrossing listen. My favourite track is Tectonic Monument..wonderful stuff! Go... See full review
Ignacio Tardieu - Shadow Dancer
posted a comment on Ignacio Tardieu - Shadow Dancer. over 2 years ago
ODrex Trip 026 named Shadow Dancer is an hour journey deep into the shadows and far amongst the stars brought to you by Ignacio Tardieu. Various productions over the past months have been created and gathered for this release.
Enjoy the expedition !