This is a separate account to keep track of my netlabel releases. See home page for my real collection.
Most of this collection was aquired in 2005 and 2006, then I wasn't even on the site for several years. As of 2012, I'm looking through my old collection and downloading a few new releases. Many of the labels have been shut down, but still a few hidden gems out there =)
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If you have a question, want to recommend something, or just want to talk, feel free to contact me.
About the items in my wantlist. These are files that I haven't found at the places where I expected to find them. If you by any chance have one or more of these please don't hesitate to contact me...
In addition to the items listed, I also want the Camomille 017 release, which seemingly has dissappeared from the net.
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posted a review of Various - L'Arbre D'Un Train. over 15 years ago
With a lineup of both well-known and unknown artist this compilation promises to be interesting. I'm glad to say that it keeps it's promise. Varying from smooth ambience to more distorted beat-driven melodies, it somehow manages to tickle me in the... See full review