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posted a review of Lonesome Kings - Shotgun Full Of Blues. over 4 years ago
Here is a quick video review of the 2003 release from The Lonesome Kings entitled "Shotgun Full of Blues," released on Emerald City Sounds.
posted a review of Cosmic Voodoo - Vertigo: Unreleased & Rare SoCal Stomp 1992-1997. over 4 years ago
Here's a quick video review of the 2005 release from Cosmic Voodoo entitled "Vertigo," released on Kaiser Records.
posted a review of Graveyard Shift (2) - Rest Without Peace. over 4 years ago
Here is a quick video review of Graveyard Shift's "Rest Without Peace" album. 2005 release on Dead Body Wreckerds.
posted a comment on The Krontjong Devils - Moovin With The Krontjong Devils. over 5 years ago
The B Side is a different band
posted a comment on Hellbillys - Torture Garden. over 5 years ago
This version is pink, instead of the blue on the Wingnut release
added Ug & The Cavemen* - Ug & The Cavemen to their wantlist. over 6 years ago
posted a comment on Boris The Sprinkler / The Dead Vampires - Split. over 7 years ago
I know it says purple marbled, but mine is blue. Were there other pressings or some different colors?