Nothing but wax, not messing with all that digital malarkey.

Mixes in all sorts of styles wandering the net.

🎵 Latest mixes 🎵

2023-01-16; 50 Shades of Blues (Blues)
2022-08-19; Over in an instant (Tekno)
2022-06-28; Squirm (Tekno)
2021-10-19; Short Crud (Tekno)
2021-08-18; w=p in flow (Hard Tekno)
2021-08-11; Watch Your Step! (Dubstep)
2021-08-08; Shifting Gears (Electronic Mashup)
2021-07-27; Flibbelob (Hard Tekno)
2021-07-13; Electronic Showdown Gone Awry (Tekno Hodgepodge)
2021-07-06; Pong (Breaks / Experimental / Acid Tekno / Hard Mental Tekno)
2021-07-04; Yuck Fou (Frenchcore / Hardcore)
2021-06-21; Now I'm Hungry (Tekno)
2021-06-20; Frequency Arguments (Tribal Tekno)

My acid / hard / mental / tribal / tekno / hardcore / frenchcore mixes can be listened to and/or downloaded at
Numerous mixes in other styles like reggae, soul, funk, hiphop, jazzy hiphop, rock, electronic, breakcore, miscellaneous mashups etc. can be listened to and/or downloaded for free right here.
Enjoy and spread them round if you feel like it! ☺

Note: All my mixes are vinyl only. I don't plan and prep my mixes, nor do I do any fancy editing afterwards like cutting, pasting, mastering, volume control etc when I'm done. I just go with the flow and then drop it on the net.
Imho vinyl mixes are especially nice for their perfect imperfection 🙃

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