Born 1971 in New York. Former part time DJ & club lighting guy. Married in 2010 to a girl who doesn't understand my obsession of music/db submitting but puts up with it.

I collect (and therefore submit) 80s/early 90s New Wave vinyl, synthpop, EBM & darkwave CDs...

I enjoy the research aspect of this DB. Tracking down artists and uncovering run-out info on vinyl is what I am about.

Any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Since I saw this on a few profiles from other members...
I am not interested in selling any of my collection, eBay auctions or people asking for mp3s.

For runout information please see:
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posted a comment on Boy Waiting - Where Did All The Boys Go. over 7 years ago
Mine also has the same defect on Side A. I was hoping Debbie (debsings7 below) aka the lead singer of Boys Waiting might know. =)
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