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Cex - Role Model
posted a comment on Cex - Role Model. over 3 years ago
This album is like mad underrated. If you ask me, the stuff is just as good as Drukqs or Bogdan Raczynski or kid606, at times even more emotional, heartwarming, psychedelic, comforting and hard at the same time. It suits both home listening and a +-... See full review
Ol (2) - Memory Mist
submitted Ol (2) - Memory Mist. over 3 years ago
Тихий Зайчик - Белый Альбом
submitted Тихий Зайчик - Белый Альбом. over 4 years ago
Тихий Зайчик - Терминал
submitted Тихий Зайчик - Терминал. over 4 years ago
Moor*, Lehn*, Butcher* - Thermal
posted a comment on Moor*, Lehn*, Butcher* - Thermal. over 4 years ago
amazing example of contemporary jazz / electroacoustic / noise experimentation which manages to explore new realms of sound while always keeping thing interesting. this record is based on improv sessions, which are deconstructed and reassembled into... See full review
Gramm - (Personal_Rock)
posted a comment on Gramm - (Personal_Rock). over 4 years ago
A very underrated album and one of the best IDM records ever if you ask me. Jan Jelinek here achieves incredible results in giving electronic music a feeling of organic, natural growth and an ever-evolving sense of flow. This is so far the only record... See full review
Ryoichi Kurokawa - Copynature
posted a review of Ryoichi Kurokawa - Copynature. over 4 years ago
Some quite interesting sound design on this record on the noisier side of glitch, but the only pieces that really struck me were "OOL", "Opside" and "A Few Walks", that is after only two listens. possibly other material on this album will grow on me... See full review
Gridlock - Trace
posted a comment on Gridlock - Trace. over 4 years ago
Don’t mean to argue or anything, just interested, are you familiar with Autechre stuff Tri Repetae onwards and still think this is more alien/futuristic in terms of sound and ideas? I only gave this album a few listens so far, probably it requires... See full review
Boards Of Canada - Twoism
posted a comment on Boards Of Canada - Twoism. over 4 years ago
Hi! Could you please clarify, what do you mean by 7 self-released albums? Play by Numbers, Twoism, Boc Maxima and two Old Tunes compilations make only five, am i missing something? I’m relatively new to BoC, were there any other releases before they... See full review
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