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a.k.a Florian Lepa
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a.k.a Sven Weisemann, one can recognize similar sound shapes with his Desolate productions as well.
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About the America DJ tour: "I also won’t do any further DJ or Live Performances of any of the projects in the future anymore. I am not a part of today’s club culture anymore.."
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In September 2011 Arne Weinberg stated it was "time to close the chapter", declaring: "I will not release any new music under my real name anymore", deciding to "stop doing the style of music that I am mostly known for, often described as detroit ... See full review
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also Franco a.k.a Petstov
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RUR 01/04 artwork by Andy Lomas and his 'Aggregation' series, particularly presenting 'Aggregation 12' -