Collecting 1-500 of each Happy hardcore 1st, then garage . house . hard house . Then anything just calls out to me, techno disco breaks. Any help along the way I thankyou all already. forced to sell years ago getting back my tunes, just trying to save as much as i can its a dying art vinyl Dj. Shame at the cost as will never sell on so no profit just love of music. Still i will chip away do my best to save all i can my pocket has limits so help a lover not a money maker out.. I MIX THE STUFF SO CLEAN COPIES PLEASE NO SCRATCHES. just screws mixing over no-one wants a pants record in the collection
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posted a review of Ramos & Vinylgroover - Phantasm / The Beast (Shadow). about 1 month ago
This tune just stand out big sounds big beats plus piano ,hits the sweet spot for me. Phantasm comes alive 3.04 ( a side b has a darker side
posted a review of DJ Rooster (2) - System Booster. about 1 month ago
Some lovely beat loops cheeky little number this one worth a listen
posted a review of Midas - Midas Volume One. about 1 month ago
B side hints of what's to come cheeky little breakbeat then the beat drops, do they have an instrumental version without the singing ?
posted a review of Sons Of Aliens - In Love E.P.. about 1 month ago
Guilty pleasure this one some serious sounds in (love with you) can't help the hypnotic sounds of(wicked games)choo choo. throw away the handbag dance its stompy time get a sweat on
posted a comment on Space Cube - Kool Killer Vol 3. about 1 month ago
If anyone has a good copy can we have a chat thanks …… time to kill tune and the beat love it
posted a review of The Prophet - Big Boys Don't Cry. about 1 month ago
I always liked it one of those marmite songs, just makes me smile happy good time tune
posted a review of Various - Thunderdome '96 - Dance Or Die! (The Thunder Anthems). about 1 month ago
Too fast for all the stuff ive got, still want it what a record guess will have to buy hundreds of tunes to fit in oh well got to be played out. Anyone with good price one going. Dj Weirdo everytime for me
posted a review of DJ Massive - Enter The Bad Boy E.P. Part One. about 1 month ago
One of those tunes just gotta play it (Drum thunder the beat is addictive. the dust is getting blown off the decks for this one
posted a review of Double Trouble (3) - Volume II. about 1 month ago
EVERYDAY great tune I just can't help myself one I would like sample at 2.48 classic
posted a review of Casseopaya - Riot Cracker. about 1 month ago
I just cant get enough of this Happy beats track only heard it other day..
posted a review of Bush Brothers - So Afraid / Ooh Allright. about 1 month ago
I like both side's both with cheeky little piano piece got a funky vibe some good samples used, never heard of it lucky to stumble across. Play loud enjoy. find myself drawn to OOH ALRIGHT
posted a review of Sunshine Productions - Take Me To The Top / Just A Melody. about 1 month ago
Quality tune really big tune sounds real good silly loud thrown a few shapes on the dance floor to this
posted a review of DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - Access. about 1 month ago
The switch tune oh my days I can't play it loud enough, I need a power amp for this little treacle. Bouncy and mahoosive sound chuggy tune
posted a review of Virtualmismo - Ludwigs Generation. about 1 month ago
I just can't help myself bit of v/cheese easy mix nice beats
posted a review of Krome & Time - This Sound Is For The Underground / Manic Stampede. about 1 month ago
Both tracks classic's for the time I do love the aa side
posted a comment on DJ Smokey Joe* - The Crimewatch Project. about 1 month ago
This is a cheeky little number the price oh my days
posted a comment on Dr. Who - Love Of My Life. about 1 month ago
I got a bad press got in the post today gutted, all is not lost have other vinyl for mix with it on so all is not lost.
posted a review of DJ Scratch & DJ Curly - DJ Scratch & DJ Curly EP. about 1 month ago
Used to have it if it ever comes up i'm interested, used to love it