Ambient experiments with field recordings, granular synthesis and Argeïphontes Lyre.
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posted a review of The Sight Below - Glider 10: Reworks. about 1 month ago
Need a vinyl version of this please. Amazing stuff, I love it more than the original.
posted a review of Hiroshi Yoshimura - Music For Nine Post Cards. about 1 month ago
Anyone know what's happening with the repress of this? Was meant to be October/November but seems it's been pushed back until January 2019 now (according to Boomkat).
posted a review of Brian Eno - Ambient 4 (On Land). about 1 month ago
Sounds great, nice thick vinyl. Little surface noise. Haven't compared it to the half-speed version but didn't really want a copy split over four sides at 45rpm.
posted a review of Linkwood - Expressions. 2 months ago
Fantastic pressing. Although the screen printed artwork on my copy is slightly smudgy compared to the original version.
posted a review of Godspeed You Black Emperor! - F♯ A♯ ∞. 2 months ago
My version didn't come with a flattened penny. Also just came with a generic brown paper 'FSC' stamped envelope, not a manila. Nice thick pressing through, definitely 180g.
posted a review of Exael - collex. 2 months ago
West Mineral are becoming my favourite label. Forward thinking, futuristic ambient that escapes the drudges of the often tired neo-classical, chin-stroking 'wallpaper' music. Highly recommended stuff.
posted a comment on Khotin - New Tab. 2 months ago
Check out Lnrdcroy - Much Less Normal, not Warp era but a similar sort of vibe (also from Vancouver). Warp stuff I'd recommended Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works, their Artificial Intelligence series, early albums from Autechre. You might also like ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Mono No Aware. 3 months ago
Great pressing, but the packaging is pretty bad. The sleeve is really thin and they've put a hideous lamination on top which creases really easily. Mine arrived with a big ring mark imprinted on the cover. Why put a matt-lam finish over nice uncoated ... See full review
posted a comment on Linkwood - Expressions. 3 months ago
I think I actually prefer it at 33RPM, much more hypnotic. Maybe it's meant to be played at either speed?
posted a comment on HIA* & Biosphere - Birmingham Frequencies. 3 months ago
Would love a copy of this on vinyl. Lovely stuff.
submitted Linkwood - Expressions. 3 months ago
submitted Linkwood - Expressions. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Various - bblisss. 3 months ago
My copy sounds great. Some of the tracks do have a lo-fi treatment and background tape hiss/white noise, but they're in the original WAVs.
posted a comment on Shinichi Atobe - Heat. 3 months ago
I think you're right. It sounds great once you lower the highs and up the mids through a mixer. Otherwise I find it quite fatiguing to listen to.
posted a comment on Abul Mogard. 3 months ago
For me a lot of Abul Mogard's work sounds similar to Tim Hecker's Ravedeath. Coincidentally Abul Mogard's first release was in 2012, Ravedeath was released in 2011...
posted a review of Jake Muir - Lady's Mantle. 3 months ago
This is great, best thing Sferic has put out so far. Looking forward to see what the label brings. Reminds me a bit of the stuff on West Mineral.
posted a comment on Shinichi Atobe - Heat. 4 months ago
What is? Bad mastering? My copy of Ship-Scope sounds great.
posted a review of Shinichi Atobe - Heat. 4 months ago
Is it just me or does the EQing seems all over the place on this one? The highs pierce through the mix in an unpleasant way and all of the mids seem really muffled and quiet. The shaker on 'So Good, So Right' are so harsh.
posted a comment on Various - bblisss. 4 months ago
Boomkat usually distribute to the US I think. They do all the distribution for West Mineral which is available in the US.

Also to the scalpers selling this for £50+, it’s still available on Boomkat for 20 quid.
posted a comment on Various - bblisss. 4 months ago
I don’t think I’ve bought anything so fast in my life. Don’t sleep.
posted a review of Terekke - Plant Age. 5 months ago
Anyone else’s copy have excessive surface noise and crackle? Even after a thorough clean there’s lots of clicks and pops on my pressing.
posted a review of Various - I Could Go Anywhere But Again I Go With You. 5 months ago
My first real introduction to Posh Isolation as a label, I've listened to a bit of Varg before but that's about it.

Comes off as mostly pretentious and amateur 'art school kid' ambient/experimental/noise music. Have to agree with the review below. 'One ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Pro Bono Publico. 5 months ago
Only bought this record for a copy of Kim Hiorthøy – Evil House, Evil Day. Stunning.
posted a review of Pontiac Streator & Ulla Straus - Chat. 5 months ago
Really nice off-kilter tribal ambient album. West Mineral Ltd. are definitely a label to watch, everything they've put out so far is great.
posted a review of Khotin - New Tab. 5 months ago
Glad to finally own this on vinyl, big ups to Pacific Rhythm. Reminds me a lot of the early ambient stuff on Warp in the 90s, but with that distinctive 'Vancouver sound'.
posted a comment on Pendant (2) - Make Me Know You Sweet. 5 months ago
What's the pressing quality of the black versus clear version of this? In my experience non-coloured vinyl tends to have less surface noise and lends itself to a cleaner listen.
posted a comment on Various - bblisss. 5 months ago
Is this going to be a cassette repress or an actual vinyl repress?
posted a comment on Vladislav Delay - Huone. 7 months ago
Has the full 22 minute album-version ever made its way to vinyl?
posted a comment on Visnadi* - Hunt's Up. 11 months ago
The Hunt's Up (Live Mix) is an absolute belter. Might have to buy a copy just for that.
posted a comment on 2814 - 新しい日の誕生. about 1 year ago
Just grabbed a copy of this off They've got copies of all the other albums as well. Don't pay insane prices on here!
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Terekke - Plant Age. about 1 year ago
I'm glad I didn't blind buy it like some people suggested. It's an okay release but nothing standout like his previous EPs. Feels slightly unfinished and just a collection of ideas/beats.
posted a comment on Brainwaltzera - Marzipan EP. about 1 year ago
Knew I should've probably bought this when I had the chance.
posted a comment on D. Tiffany - Blue Dream. about 1 year ago
Anyone else think the drums on Blue Dream sound a lot like the ones on Andrés - New For U?
posted a comment on Various - Music For Shut Ins. about 1 year ago
It samples Dead Can Dance - Dawn of the Iconoclast. Sample originally made famous by Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea.
posted a comment on Lnrdcroy - Much Less Normal. about 1 year ago
Great news, missed it first time around! Will it just be a standard pressing or do you think they'll release another batch of the deluxe version?
posted a comment on Portishead / Little Dragon - Twice / Machine Gun (Infamous Upstarts Remixes). about 1 year ago
The Little Dragon remix is perfect, any idea who's behind this?
posted a comment on Bloc Party.* - A Weekend In The City. about 1 year ago
This desperately needs a repress. One of my favourite Indie albums.
posted a comment on Florist* - Phenomena EP. about 1 year ago
Phenomena is a phenomenal EP. Final Bounce has such a great outro to mix out on.
posted a comment on Joy Orbison - Off Season / Fuerza. about 1 year ago
Off Season sounds almost identical to DJ Normal 4 – Transcendental Training Tactics. Not sure which samples being used here or if Joy Orbison is sampling the DJ Normal 4 track?
posted a comment on The Boulevard Connection - Sut Min Pik EP. about 1 year ago
Has 1207 bought almost every copy of this record?
posted a review of Panash' - Unicorn / Cheval. about 1 year ago
Unicorn scares the shit out of you. Cheval is a timeless piece of Pépé Braddock house.
posted a comment on Prince Of Denmark - 8. over 2 years ago
Will someone just sell me B – Neoclassicdub please 😏

Absolute banger.
posted a comment on DJ Normal 4 - Mental Command Terror. over 2 years ago
Really, really good. Transcendental Training Tactics is one of my favourites from this year.
posted a comment on Levon Vincent - Invisible Bitchslap EP. over 2 years ago
Word from Levon Vincent himself (via Facebook) – "yes, hold tight. I mean it"
posted a comment on Lobster Theremin. over 2 years ago
Lobster Theremin invented the genres 'Meme House' and 'Youtube House'.
posted a comment on DJ Swagger - Greatest Hits. over 2 years ago
Anyone know what the deal with this is? It's already sold out on their Bandcamp...
posted a comment on Newworldaquarium - Trespassers. over 2 years ago
Does anyone else's copy sound a bit muddy and distorted? The kick doesn't quite sound right to me, never sounds crisp in the mix.
posted a review of Aquarium (8) - Luxury Water Jewels. over 2 years ago
Arrived today, transparent clear vinyl in a plain white disco sleeve. Sandalwood is so lush.

EDIT: Sandalwood along with a few other Aquarium bits were released on this complication from 2013 – ... See full review