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posted a comment on Cerrone. over 2 years ago
It is not mentioned that he is a also a good drummer, and often plays drums on his records.
posted a comment on Ris - Love-N-Music. over 2 years ago
It still sounds good in 2016. And yes it's avantgarde! For once the term is no misused.
posted a comment on Neophyte - Protracker E.P.. over 2 years ago
A real piece of classic hardcore. I hateThe Doors and Jim Morrisson but i make an exception for the sample on the track Back In My Brain, fucking mental as said before !
posted a comment on Banditos. over 5 years ago
I never understood why they got so much success here in France. Music made of ultra-boring bass lines ,drumkits sounding like someone kicking on cartridge boxes. On every single track, you can hear the same redundant breaky DnB-like beat. It definitely ... See full review
posted a comment on Paul Kalkbrenner. over 5 years ago
He got really famous after the movie "Berlin calling" and i've seen lot of people starting loving is production since that. For me this artist is incredibely boring. A real lake of punch in his trancy minimal techno, but it's probably what the public ask ... See full review
posted a review of Eko Records. over 11 years ago
Eko records is one of the finest "spiral tribe style" label i know. Most of the release i've heard on this label is calm, hypnotic, minimal and bouncing at the same time. They sound like old network 23 or acid orange records, resonant and swirly : ) It ... See full review
posted a review of Co-Fusion - Funky Show EP. over 11 years ago
This vinyl is a treasure of groovy tracks. It makes me think of old Cristian Vogel release on sativae. A1 Seals and the B2 Six angles (which is very punchy with funny voices samples in backround)is the more "house-like" track on this release . A2 Funky ... See full review
posted a review of Narkotek. over 11 years ago
Narkotek is one of the most famous label of french hardtekno. They make the typical commercial bumping hardtekno that you can ear in teknivals and free parties since 2000. There is absolutely nothing original in their music. I think it's the worst label ... See full review
posted a review of Lester Fitzpatrick - Danger Room / Lost Souls. over 13 years ago
The track "Lost souls" is a made of pounding techno beat and a silly noisy sound in backround, this is absolutely not melodic, very good to bring a bizard moment in a mix. Bewilderind : )
posted a review of Stefan Küchenmeister - Total Care EP. over 13 years ago
The track "shake" contain a banjo-like sound and have a very happy pumping bassline as "guagua", broken glass sound , a lot of audio files in these tracks . Dancers will smile . : )
posted a review of Various - Slurred Vision. over 13 years ago
On the track B2 from land of the lost, acid melodies are talking together. The structure of this track is perfect drum intro, acid melodies, drum outro.
posted a review of Tim Taylor & Dan Zamani - Planet Of Drums 03 - Acid Over Manhattan. over 13 years ago
The side A is one of my favourite acid tracks, very progressive with a wicked dark atmosphere. In the middle of the track a clap come and give a more punchy taste to all .
posted a review of Inigo Kennedy - Spaghettification. over 13 years ago
This is my strangest disc. All the tracks seems out of beat, but when you put a raw techno bass on , everything become groovy. In the begining i didn't like this record to much but now it's one of my favourite. It took me time to appreciate the real ... See full review
posted a review of Silent Breed - The Great Cornholio. over 13 years ago
The track northern light is stunning.It's a strange and funky slow electronic groove. I can't stop to listen it and i am never bored!