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posted a comment on Trillbass - Bhang / Friends Should Never Be Alone. about 1 month ago
I have this record for sale, please contact me thru here. uk.
posted a comment on Kromestar - Vintage. 2 months ago
Typical chancer seller inflating prices..highest sold for 13 quid....there price £85... Ridiculous
posted a comment on Various - Moton Records Inc - Volume 1. 2 months ago
The original is blocked for being a bootleg but this version is fine :0 Good to see some things still slip thru the system!
posted a comment on Charlie Rouse - Brazil. 2 months ago
No, refering to the cover of the cd version `Brazil` re mastered in 97
posted a comment on Kamaal Williams - The Return. 2 months ago
My God, i have the black vinyl pressing and it sounds ablsolutly aweful! Christ how can they let that be sold? Had to check thru my entire setup thinking it was a technical issue but turned out its the aweful cut, reeeaal shame :(
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posted a comment on Taz Dee And The Acid MC's - Up And At Om. 3 months ago
Utterly Bonkers off the wall acid house chucking in allsorts of bizarre snipppets. Imagine Talking Heads vs The Jackofficers - Bside also features a rather brilliant 4/4 120bpm mix of ... See full review
posted a comment on Mega City 2 - Nite Walker / Atmospheric Disturbance. 3 months ago
Strange how only 20 of these exist yet 40 people claim to have it :0
posted a comment on Abaddon (16) - Abaddon. 4 months ago
Finally arrivd this morning, after reading a rather negative comment on here [that seems to have now been deleted] Record looks and feels good, heavy pressing. Unfortunatly it sounds very thin on the bass, clear sound but definatly bass light. When ... See full review
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posted a comment on L•Double* - The Word Of The Night. 4 months ago
- Deadly Dub is the mix for me. Baadman tunage.
posted a comment on Simply Red - Super Soul. 5 months ago
I have this for sale please contact me for info.
posted a comment on Zed Bias + Injekta* Present Phuturistix - Feel It Out. 5 months ago
This album is drenched in super tight garage funk. ‘Feel it out’ being a fav with the brilliant Mr J on vocal. 2018 now and this still sounds FRESH.
posted a comment on Psychemagik - The Trip / Sisters Of The Moon. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Vytear - Kingtrips EP1. 6 months ago did i miss this. .. . .. . Gutted
posted a comment on Sylvain Quément, Gangpol Und Mit - Cosmodrama - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. 7 months ago
This lovely little 10inch, so beautiful in presentation is fast becoming a favourite in this house.
A goto record if a guest or two are over for food and wine. Delicious!
posted a comment on EX- - Stop/Don't. 7 months ago
Very bazaar skeletal 808 and bass lines with lyrics from Daevid ALlen. Standout track for me is the brilliant ‘Dinasaur’ with its solid synth work and original rhythms/atmosphere.
posted a comment on The Rip-Off Artist - Pump. 7 months ago
**** Brilliant phreakd out space funk and athmospheres. [+_+] // ****
posted a comment on The Rip-Off Artist. 7 months ago
MAtt Haines....legend, up there with the best electronic rhythm composers from that late nineties era alongside Atom tm, Twerk, Dimbiman, Kit Clayton.
Anybody shine any light onto what happened after 2005? All output seemed to stop.
posted a comment on Electromeca - Brutal Funk E.P.. 8 months ago
Brutal Funk indeed..this is for B-Boys n Girls who like to spin on there heads on lino needed.
posted a comment on Mashup Twins - The Mashup Twins. 8 months ago
Bangin funky drummer beats smashed all over the classic rollin Blues Brothers song. Bonus bits feature lots of sound fx and samples from movie. Essential party fodder.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 8 months ago
posted a comment on Eight Frozen Modules - Thought Process Disorder. 8 months ago
Brilliant, tight, wonked-out electronica, one of my favs from that time period alongside ‘the rip off artist’. Highly recommended for fans of afx, squarepusher ect..
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posted a comment on Weeks & Co. - Knock, Knock (A Special R.E.M.I.X.E.D. Disco Version). 10 months ago
This mix is more upfront with the drums, slicker arrangement with less sax. The 808 Sounds monstrous on a good system. All time fav.
posted a comment on Massive Sounds - Ruff & Massive. 10 months ago
Ruff & Massive is a Classic house cut sampling Manu Dibango.
posted a comment on Scare Electric* - Rattlesnake. 10 months ago
Block rocking super charged breaks and filth, definatly worth picking up.
posted a comment on The Wee DJs - Get Wee Soon. 10 months ago
All the 12" from wee djs are essential for anybody into electro style beats, this being no exception.
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posted a comment on Wildhouse (2) Featuring Brenda (4) - Touch Me. about 1 year ago
Lovely moody vocal on this little known house track. An acapella is included in the form of the vocal dub, some percussion is included. Production isnt fantastic but it has its charms in its roughness. Label only seems to have one release, i wonder what ... See full review
posted a comment on Gangpol Und Mit - Kuala Lumpen French Institute. about 1 year ago
Quality package, music is utterly original and perfectly executed as is the artwork. Packaging, decent cardboard outer and a suprise picture inner sleeve! Came with a Besides records sticker inside.
posted a comment on AmmonContact - Beat Tape Remixes. about 1 year ago
Good e.p Some great remixes featured especially liking the frantic 2 step of Sutekh remix. Well worth picking up at the price its selling for. Side A can be enjoyed on 33 and 45.
posted a comment on Criminal Element Orchestra - House Time, Anytime. about 1 year ago
Absolutly bangin house music. Huge production, will pump the box everytime.
posted a comment on UR* - Acid Rain III - Meteor Shower. about 1 year ago
Yes i have a copy both vinyls are transparent brown.
posted a comment on Jamie Lidell - Muddlin Gear. about 1 year ago
Superb LP From Lidell. Everything from bent dancefloor wobblers, chewed up jungle beats, drones to murky blues funk.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Super_Collider - Messagesacomin EP. about 1 year ago
Great track from Super Collider delivering mutated melodious mushroom music. MDK mix is super bad breakbeat funk sounding fresh as the day it was born.
posted a comment on Ghost - Buck & Bury. about 1 year ago
Badman Heavy version of Buck & Bury. Must have for any Dj that wants some heat on the floor.
posted a comment on Pantytec - A Glimpse. about 1 year ago
Side A stands strong on this release, "You Are So 99" sounding like microcidic garage from the year 2099.
posted a comment on Billy Paul. about 1 year ago
Thankyou for the heads up on the 2009 swedish film.
posted a comment on Salvo Beta - Evil Against Evil. over 2 years ago
Damn shame the other 2 releases in this series never came out. High quality on this wonderous 12"
posted a comment on Wwilko. over 2 years ago
Ah the mighty Wwilko records, i would get so excited when a new Wwilko would come out. The highlights for me were the unrelentingly brutal Gazormass lp & The utterly essential Gangpol Picture disc.
posted a comment on Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Euclid. over 2 years ago
Just purchased this lp on vinyl. Music is Absolutly beautiful.
Record came sealed but vinyl was in VG+ condition with alot of surface scuffs.
Also in my opinion the packaging could have been so much better. The artwork is truly wonderful but with a ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ K-Alexi* - Something For The Pain. over 2 years ago
This ep smashes it. Proper raw chicago beats most of it sounds like K just freakin with the drums and a few vocal fx. Congo prob my fav with its wiggd out uptempo jungle vibes. Wikid Sstuff..
posted a comment on Insight (2) - Updated Software V. 2.5. over 2 years ago
This LP is the BoOMB. Insight truly is the super producer dj / mc
posted a comment on The The - Giant. over 2 years ago
Afx Twin should have a had a bash at remixing this, the string noises that come in around 7.08 remind me alot of his work.
posted a comment on Rio.D - I Got To Make It. over 2 years ago
Fantastic Song. The radio mix is probably my fave with that lovely house b-line and deep vocals.
Timeless house. Very happy to have picked this up again recently after selling my copy years ago.
Also may i ask Rio did you ever do any other house songs?
posted a comment on Park Avenue - Victim. over 2 years ago
Banging little hiphouse stomper on this 12"
The Vick Rap Tim mix.
The other house tunes real nice so well worth picking up
especially if you like your hiphouse!
posted a comment on TRG - Put You Down. over 2 years ago
This 12" needs a repress. Essential. Swinging. Dirty. Deep. Garage.
posted a comment on Count Bass D & Insight (2) Are The Risktakers - The Risktakers. over 2 years ago
Such a brilliant LP. Probably my fav of 2011 some real heavy joints go down.
Count Basses voice plays against insights brilliantly creating magic. Would have been nice to
have it immortalised alongside the other great hiphop lp`s on the vinyl shelf.