i like..My 2 Technics MK2 !!! and....i love and mixing..hardhouse,techno,aciiiiiiiiid,transe,a little touch of transe,progressive transe...&....

if a record in my collection interessted you,send me message...!!

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added DJ Gogo - The Cyber E.P. to their wantlist. 5 months ago
posted a comment on So Inagawa - Logo Queen. 7 months ago
"Selfess State" is really a so nice,sweet house,techno-house trax...
a perfect creation....
posted a review of Various - After Trance Vol. 5 (A Winter Techno Morning Mix V01.5). about 1 year ago
so nice old mix by Mr JMK ,like all the after trance !!
posted a comment on DJ Sonic - Q.Bick / The Game. about 1 year ago
i bought the same record,without read the problem with this record, i have now the same problem !!! 1 second without music!! in a mix,it's not cool! must mix or stop the next record before..... :(
posted a comment on Grand Resonant - Central. over 3 years ago
"central".....is magic !!!!
a real pleasure to mix this record !!!
posted a comment on Vapour Recordings. over 3 years ago
for me,the same !! Vapour rcd is so excellent.... deep transe progressive....... a real pleasure to mix them !!!!
posted a comment on Schultz (3). over 3 years ago
je savais pas...
je viens de voir que papa shultz n'était plus................
posted a comment on Guillaume La Tortue. over 3 years ago
grand respect pour lui,dans ses productions,ses mixs.... je suis fan...
posted a comment on Samuel Onervas - Fugitive E.P.. over 4 years ago
2 tracks are pumping...
nice to mix !!!!
very good Primate !!
posted a comment on DJ Olive (2) - Transcore Version 2.0 - 200 % X-Tatic. over 4 years ago
what a fucking dj mix !!!
nice selection...
great dj mix!!!!
posted a comment on Mazzo. over 5 years ago
always a big pleasure to listen all these dj mixs !!!!
added Kinetico - Crossfire to their collection. over 6 years ago
posted a comment on Disco Volante - Moonraker. over 7 years ago
toujours au top!

superbe et magique..
jolis petits sons qui montent..
une belle petite mélodie...
et une bonne basse qui tape bien!
posted a comment on Luke Chable Presents Quest - The Shepherd. over 7 years ago
really magic record!!!
a magic record!!
posted a comment on Radium - Attract - A Special Limited Mix. over 8 years ago
great dj mix!!
Radium is on war!!
posted a comment on Flowjob - Super Duper Supernova EP. over 8 years ago
a magic travel in progressive transe....
with sweets sounds....
a real pleasure!
posted a comment on Fred Chichin. over 8 years ago
R.I.P Fred....
plein de pensés....
posted a comment on Dirty Rotten Imbeciles. over 8 years ago
DRI in my heart,in my soul and in my veins for...ever!!!!
posted a comment on Patrick Lindsey - Tanze Bei Nacht EP. over 8 years ago
again a great record by Mr Lindsey...
"Seelenstorm" is a emotional techno track...
nice sounds...,a little sweet melody....
just magic !!
posted a comment on Zero Gravity - Thunderball. over 8 years ago
no reviews about this nice record ??!!!

just one of my favourite LPP trax !!!!

posted a comment on Rave Creator - Divine Dancer. over 8 years ago
"music maestro please....."

again a great HC classic by Mr Acardipane!
will be here again in 100 years!
posted a comment on Astral Projection - Mahadeva. over 8 years ago
just magic,so beautiful....superbe.....
a classic by the classics!!
posted a comment on Aircraft - Fiesta. over 8 years ago
i know just the "Fiesta(Acid Mix)"...
great happy acid techno trax....
to danse and be happy!!!
posted a comment on Art Of Trance - Kaleidoscope. over 8 years ago
what a magic record!!
Mr Art of Trance at his best,as ever!
nice melody,full of magic and sweet sounds...
a magic travel in Art of Trance's plane,by the Platipus home!
a Platipus classic...a GREAT Platipus!
posted a comment on Van Bellen - Let Me Take You. over 8 years ago
cool trax..
sweet melody,nice woman's voice...
ever a pleasure to mixing it in a transe or a techno set!
posted a comment on Fuzz Face - Far Out. over 8 years ago
no reviews????
a classic,a diamond!
"old friends" is so cool....great acid trax!
run to find it,now!
posted a review of Various - Darkcore 7. over 8 years ago
the dj mix of Dj Radium is so cool!!!
a great french dj of techno hardcore.
a master of decks!
(like Manu le Malin,speedfreak,producer,hellfish...and many others!)
ever a great pleasure to hear him..at his best job!
posted a comment on The Speed Freak - The Cycore-Megamix Chapter II. over 8 years ago
no reviews ??!!!!
Mr Damm...again & ever....at his best !!
a master,a génious....in Hardcore techno!!
since a long time!
Cycore megamix (1&2)... A Must to have for real hardcore techno Lovers!
run to find them!
it's the war...and we love that! (just in ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Misjah - Wicked Snails. over 8 years ago
no reviews here ???!!
a great 2 lp's...,full of great techno trax!
a pleasure to mixing them together!
posted a comment on Kevin Mó - Sandman. over 8 years ago
i've it since a long time and love listen & mixing it!
pumping techno trax!!
specially "walking"!!
a cool trax with a big sound who travel and make jumping...and...a Big basskick!!!
posted a comment on Acme (2) - Oscarology. over 8 years ago
"oscarology" is a wonderful acid techno trax!!!
this nice acid sound come and back...,up and down....,make you going crazy!
to loose your head on the dancefloor...!!!!
oldschool sound....,crazy trax!!
posted a comment on Hellfish - Turntable Savage. over 8 years ago
no reviews here ????!!!
what say ???
Mr Hellfish at his best,as ever!!
"turntable savage"... incredible trax,one of my favourite hardcore trax!
"head grit"... incredible trax too!
full of scratchs,samples....
just a Slaughter record!
posted a comment on MikeroBenics - Diadora. over 8 years ago
what a magic record!
"Diadora" is a wonderful transe trax...,full of sweets nice sounds....
a Harthouse classic....,like many many others others Harthouse classics!
"Julika" is the same...,for me..
a nice travel in techno-transe...
ever a great pleasure ... See full review
posted a comment on The Speed Freak - The Cycore Megamix. over 8 years ago
a must to have !!
a classic!!
a big bomb!!
Mr Damm is the master!!
posted a comment on Spectral - Kundalini / Moonstone. over 8 years ago
a classic in goa transe!
a must to have.
specially "moonstone"...for me.
cool,sweet sounds,... a nice sweet travel!
i remember it in rave in mid nineties...
posted a comment on Two Thumbs - Two Thumbs 4. over 8 years ago
what a classic acid record!
i just love it since many years..
"virtual reality" is just a great trax!
sweet nice melody,deep sounds...,a little touch of melancolie...and this acid sound who turn and turn...go back..and become!
just faboulous!
posted a comment on Noom Records. over 9 years ago
all is said..
just one thing again..
posted a comment on Michael Kores. over 9 years ago
Mr Kores is,for me...,a marvellous maker of classic hits (!!) of transe,acid transe,hardtranse..,with the magic German touch!
ever a pleasure to mix these records or hear them,since many many years!
just feel them...dance,smiles and be happy to be in ... See full review
posted a comment on D.A.V.E. The Drummer - Hydraulix 17. over 9 years ago
what a great techno trax!!
cool sounds...pumping!
cool to mix it!
posted a comment on M-K Ultra* - Freedom EP. over 9 years ago
"polarizion" is THE trax!
what a sublime classic!
a marvellous melody,nice sounds...
just feel to dance,smiles,love life...wow!
i love it so much since many many years, in my top ten !!
you haven't it ??? you loose something,trust me!
THANKS STEP ... See full review
posted a comment on M-K Ultra* - Escape From Anywhere. over 9 years ago
magic record!
tb or not tb ???
make me crazy!
for acid...transe...lovers!!!!!!
posted a comment on Silicium (2) - Nowhere E.P.. over 9 years ago
no review ??? i dream!!!
what a magic record!
a must to have,a classic!
"spirit of ankh" is just marvellous.
sweet nice sounds,melody...joy...and dance!!
i remember when i had hear it on radio FG...in magic years....

posted a comment on Cohen* vs. Deluxe* - Just Kick! (Carl Cox Mix). over 9 years ago
cool techno trax!
i love it!
this little voice....
just jump and dance on the kick!
posted a comment on Manu Le Malin - Biomechanik. over 9 years ago
no reviews here ???!!!
i have it since 1997 and it's ever a pleasure to listen this fabouolous djmix by Mr Manu le maliiiiin!!
one of best djmix,full of great trax!!!
run to get it,you loose time!
posted a comment on Joshua (2) - Niveau 0 E.P. over 9 years ago
"niveau 0....nous y sommes!"
what a fuckin' trax!

posted a review of Intoxication - Walkin / Flight 303. over 10 years ago
What a happy crazy acid trax.
it's a trax for make people happy in a party.
a solid acid and simple bassline who travel during this trax,
up and down simply for our joy, with a solid bassdrum.
it's so simple but so joying. i love.
when you hear it ... See full review
posted a review of Mechanism. over 10 years ago
For me,mr Mac Carty is a magic creator of absolutly incredibles releases on IST record.
the two ist records i have of him are so magic and incredibles.
there is ever an special atmosphere,a magic creation with great sounds and great spirit travel in ... See full review
posted a review of Ground Groove. over 10 years ago
Ground Groove is a great Label and absolutly faboulous for all techno-transe lovers.

all the records are marvellous and very sweet for mixing.
for me,it's a reference. a must to have.
all the records of this Label are really make so good,with ever a ... See full review
posted a review of Global AMBition. over 10 years ago
Global Ambition is a great Label and absolutly faboulous for all techno-transe lovers.
all the records are marvellous and very sweet for mixing.
for me,it's a reference. a must to have.
all the records of this Label are really make so good,with ever a ... See full review
posted a review of Kinetico - Driving. over 10 years ago
Driving make me crazy, it's a monster acid technotranse track.
sweet,proressive,and a sweet acid bassline come to make you jump.
what a marvellous thing,Mr Vivona is a genious.

you will never be the same the day you have listen this absolutly ... See full review