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posted a comment on Red Jerry - 'Deeper' Euphoria. 8 months ago
I agree its one of the greatest Trance mixes of all time,looking back now. The track selection is second to none - chilled,deep,trancey tracks - its a shame a lot of people who came into Trance a decade later more were never there to witness this time.
posted a comment on Red Jerry. 8 months ago
I agree,the best chilled album of all time. I produce that kind of chilled Trance, check me out on Youtube - search for 'Magdelayna'. You may like that style.
posted a comment on PF Project - Euphoria - For The Mind, Body And Soul. 9 months ago
We have very different opinions on this it seems hehe - this is my favorite mix album of all time. Yes,looking back now there is some ropey mixing,but i actually love how they put bits of tracks into others (like For An Angel comes into the first ... See full review