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posted a review of Masa - Beautiful People / Gonzo * Groove. over 11 years ago
What a track! Top quality Goa trance as Masayuki Kurihara knows best.
The hypnotic melodies with eastern rhythms and Osho’s vocal samples capture how Goa used to be back in the days,
Hypnotic, spiritual, shamanic and energetic.

this track will ... See full review
posted a review of Trilithon - Prayer. over 11 years ago
It's hard to believe that this one doesn't have a review yet...

Another superb track from 1991, this is a real treasure and definately my favourite track of all time (Mix 1).
This is the true origin of Goa Trance, the spiritual atmosphere and the ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Guy Sebbag* - Classic Trax. over 11 years ago
When Guy Sebbag came back to Israel in 92' from the Far East, Avi Nissim (Astral Projection) already was a DJ playing ebm/newbeat/techno/trance in the underground scene in Tel Aviv.
In that time there was no place for 2 trance dj's is Israel, so they ... See full review