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posted a comment on Daft Punk - Alive 2007. about 1 year ago
The sound is stellar!
The digital version has an overhelming bass but the vinyl has an astonishing bass, it seems more precise.
0825646225378, highly recommended.
posted a comment on Laminat / Kobermann - Untitled EP. about 1 year ago
This is a very interesting release from Laminat aka Kobermann.
posted a comment on YWF - Platane EP. about 1 year ago
Pure gold!
S2 is really special, Abscond very intriguig and S2 (Sven's Mediterranean Atmopshere Mix) is from another planet.
posted a comment on Wax (19) - No. 30003. over 2 years ago
Wax series 30003,Side B it's pure bliss.
Both sides runs at 45 RPM.
posted a comment on Wax (19) - No. 10001. over 2 years ago
It's a tremendous release from Wax.
Every track it's simple and clean with very,very deep bass lines.
Yes,it is Shed.
posted a comment on Bruno Pronsato - Lovers Do. over 2 years ago
Bruno did something brilliant.Excellent compositions,beautiful beats and atmosphere.It's much more than a must have,it is something different.
posted a comment on MHM 1 - Bubububadub. over 2 years ago
Ridiculously unbelievable (hidden) pure gold! Both sides plays at 45Rpm.
posted a comment on Matt Tolfrey & Chris Sylvester - Real Talk EP. over 2 years ago
The real star is B. Reality. Sounds deeper at 33 RPM.
posted a comment on Fila Brazillia - Spill The Beans. over 2 years ago
All tracks on Spill The Beans EP are 33 RPM.
posted a comment on André Kronert - Raw. over 2 years ago
Ruff stuff.
posted a comment on Nitin Sawhney - Homelands. over 2 years ago
A surreal experience. It's a must have.
posted a comment on Various - A Feeling That We Share EP. over 2 years ago
A1 a little bit meditative.atmospheric beats,profound beats
A2 a little bit heavier than A1.there's a piano and a violin that shines through the whole track
B2 much heavier than A2.profound beats
Owning copy 217.