💿 ​eurodance collector of original Compact Discs if its added to my collection then its a CD 💿.
My collection is mostly made up of 90s releases but also 80s sounds.


“Will Show Signs That It Was Played And Otherwise Handled By A Previous Owner Who Took Good Care Of It”
(should be near mint then)

and VG+ grade should be scrapped for inlays with cuts and holes!!!
Discogs grading states "it may possibly have a cut-out hole (or similar)"

no CD cover graded VG+ should have cut holes some sellers benifit now grading VG+ and don't mention cut outs now many buyers are not happy with their purchases if there is cut outs on covers that have been graded VG+

because its stated in the goldmine standard
they get away with it when buyers complain.

covers cuts on sleeves should be graded VG!!
not VG+.

a VG+ cover inlay or sleave is not handled carefully and took good care of if its been sliced with a manufacturer cut!

Descriptions like VG++++++ baffle me if it was that good of a plus then why not grade it near mint?
most VG+ i have bought on Discogs are in dreadful condition.

As for NM "yellow on the top due to tarnished cigarette smoke"
broken jewel cases (that most will blame the post service) however I find strange because the snapped prongs are never in the packing or case do they suddenly vanish? more like they are sent out already smashed...

"new unplayed" === re-sealed battered, smelly, yellow tobacco stained CDs full of scuffs

probably never played is true just used as a plate for Sunday lunch.

I wish I could post the images of CDs I have received unplayed what they actually mean is unplayable.

finger marks writing on discs scratches folded , crinkled covers stickers on cds and sleeves.
then get sent out in an envelope to save money then blame the post service for the scratches and tears.
yeh my post person opens the package then writes his name on the CD then posts it me 😆

and the best of all a CD that costs £0.99 on release day some sellers try to sell them for £200 plus and extortionate prices

try to make a generous offer of half that and they will refuse so so greedy making a profit of triple of what its worth and they are still not happy.

I have offered £200 for CDs that was listed for £300
and have been declined when previous copies sold for around £100 NM condition

I have never known so much greed lately even on generous offers I still see the same disc still for sale 3 years after.

they must be so desperate to wait their entire life for a sale for a maximum price.
just sell it for a fair price make a little profit and let the buyer enjoy it rather than leaving it for sale for over a decade.

It's fairly obvious the seller isn't interested in enjoying the music as they put it up for sale.

they can always sell it for £1.99 and maybe charge £200 for shipping ...
to make up the price lost on accepting offers........GREED!

Wanting €250 but refusing a €200 offer then lowering it to €216 a month down the line? not like they are loosing €34
they are making a profit of €194
the CD probably cost around 6 euro new from the shop 😀

But niw my rant is over 🤪 a small few sellers actually sell VG+ graded items that have actually been better than NM and closer to Mint! 💿

I own older CDs that are over 27 year old that have been “Played and handled” and are just that still as new and have sold them as such with 💯feedback
its always nice to receive something better than advertised it is not however nice to receive something worse than advertised
And that's how i go through life in general
handle CDs this way they will last a life time 💿

CD’s… 💿…Cloud services fail, Hard drives crash. LPs wear out., Cassettes deteriorate, as long as you don't scratch them, CDs stay put. 💿

no flac
no wav
no mp3
no interest in digital downloading.

Although anyone genuine wanting help regarding tracks locating them etc that are expensive to buy in certain circumstances I can help rather than them paying well over the top to line greedy peoples pockets...

When most just want the song they enjoy so much.

Now I'm done here I will go and play a compact disc on my old reliable boombox....that can play WAV files from a USB and WAV files from a DVD ...

probably scan the AM stations too or unplug the telescopic ariel and insert a wired ariel thats attached to the roof and listen to some crystal clear RDS FM stations aggh.....the pleasures of choice...

or I could just sell it and buy one of the modern cheap tiny boom boxes of today you know i mean the ones the size of clock radios......with no boom....and listen to some digital DAB stations know the compressed music stations that sound worse than AM and FM .or i could just buy a blue tooth speaker Box...... NO!!! Arhhh .....😳

DAB = dynamic audio bottlenecked

Once a great place for sellers and buyers is
Now getting only 3% of my total monthly purchases
I refuse to pay €2.00 for a VG+ CD €15 for shipping and €10 vat
Total spend €27 to receive a CD delivered in an envelope smashed and in G+ condition !!

CDs received through ​discogs
Are mostly in terrible state and good luck getting help from the site owners your on your in there....
It's becoming just an ad driven mess.
Shop else where if you want to receive what you really bought.....they have your back........

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Avanti! (2)
posted a comment on Avanti! (2). about 1 month ago
these avanti compilations are worth picking up just to check out the abundance of tracks that have had their vocals used over the years samples etc that the Italians were so so good at

to hear these in their pure before their vocals were used in... See full review
Unit (4) Feat. Red Bone - Move Your Body
posted a comment on Unit (4) Feat. Red Bone - Move Your Body. 3 months ago
Maybe it's because they never got played much here in the UK especially but when people i knew heard these I bought they wanted to know where I got them from and wanting me to make a mix tape 😁
posted a comment on PDO, UK. 4 months ago
Yes and many of these dance CD singles were never pressed again it really annoyed me as most I was buying were dance tunes from certain labels that had many great remixes on them and most never were released on compilations even years after only the... See full review
Depeche Mode
posted a comment on Depeche Mode. 4 months ago
This really is so so sad news Andy Fletcher dies today
Another great dam loss RIP 😞😡
Don Carlos - Livin' A Dream
posted a comment on Don Carlos - Livin' A Dream. 6 months ago
I used to buy every week back in the 90s but I couldn't get everything with imports being harder to find but when I did locate them the price wasn't like today and they were in mint condition.

But today I have had more items bought on discogs for... See full review
TC 1991 - 1991
posted a comment on TC 1991 - 1991. 6 months ago
amazing tune the paradise and fratty versions are totally different yet both are great i remember when the fratty version got dropped back in 1992 in Sheffield i slammed my cider down and went crazy on that dance floor ;) dam to be 21 again....
Phatt B* - And Da Drum Machine
posted a comment on Phatt B* - And Da Drum Machine. 6 months ago
the hoover sample was also used originally on M.A.N.I.C. ‎– Party People
DJ Movement
posted a comment on DJ Movement. 6 months ago
yes yes yes 10 words here yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!
Pharao - Temple Of Love
posted a comment on Pharao - Temple Of Love. 6 months ago
Same as Da Blitz they also went down this route with tracks produced after 1996/1997 with "I Believe" not their best track using the same baseline of the mid 95 eurodance but it was slower and the dream elements crept in.

Black Rose and Future Beat... See full review
E-Type - Set The World On Fire
posted a comment on E-Type - Set The World On Fire. 7 months ago
the structure also seemed to be better arranged and the speed increase suits the track more and their second release "This Is The Way" was a slightly faster track than the first release of "Set The World On Fire"....... and Russian Lullaby" went even... See full review
Ron Trent - Dance Classic
posted a comment on Ron Trent - Dance Classic. 8 months ago
this double CD is sublime there's just something about this guy and his talent to produce music like this sooo goood....lush rhythms that just flow
Opolopo - Voltage Controlled Feelings
posted a comment on Opolopo - Voltage Controlled Feelings. 8 months ago
will never happen all the best stuff never gets a physical release these days record companies don't care that collectors like to own as well as listen to their favourite artists its all MP3 and downloads today as they are easy profit for them.
blame... See full review
React 2 Rhythm - Whatever You Dream
posted a comment on React 2 Rhythm - Whatever You Dream. 9 months ago
Yes they are different in sound as a i recall the US version is mastered slightly louder i have both if you want to listen I can upload them if you want to compare them.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 9 months ago
Motiv 8
posted a comment on Motiv 8. 10 months ago
tried to buy and collect all of their remixes digitally from CD singles and good non mixed Compilations a few were a pain to get especially their excellent remix of "all I need is love" and a decent copy "stars" a nice list from my collection below... See full review
Luna* - Que Pasa Con Migo
posted a comment on Luna* - Que Pasa Con Migo. 10 months ago
this tracks awesome with that fuzzy Italo synth god dam it luv Italo ;)
Unlimited Beat - Pet Shop Boys Medley
posted a comment on Unlimited Beat - Pet Shop Boys Medley. 10 months ago
unlimited beat did many dance covers some were shocking a few were better this i agree was nasty !
The Zeony Lee Experience - Love Energy
posted a comment on The Zeony Lee Experience - Love Energy. 10 months ago
cant believe the limited availability of this track on CD compilations would be nice for a digital clean copy shame
its only on 1 CD and its an edit not only that its a PDO disc......and we all know how many excellent old school music got put out on... See full review
Party Animals - Greatest Hits & Underground Anthems
posted a comment on Party Animals - Greatest Hits & Underground Anthems. 11 months ago
not all or complete, nor best of we like to party? ill be your friend? good to go? i need a love?
and a few others.... i still think gang of 4 is better as a compilation then again to get the "complete buy both.
boys dont cry and i wanna be a hippie... See full review
Various - House Warming 01
submitted Various - House Warming 01. 11 months ago
Asia 2001 - Live
posted a comment on Asia 2001 - Live. 11 months ago
Yes Parkinson's dreadful disease i also just found out when i discovered this artist like many great artists i have left us over the last few years and its many...;( here is a list pulled from the internet of many great musicians and dj's producers... See full review
Control - Feel The Music
posted a comment on Control - Feel The Music. 11 months ago
only reason I bought this single was for the white label mix years ago track but back then in my late teens I would have been buying almost all of these CD singles Digital Orgasm ,Praga Khan,love decade etc etc
The Shadows - The Shadows 50 Golden Greats
posted a comment on The Shadows - The Shadows 50 Golden Greats. 11 months ago
avoid this pile of crap even though its 50 golden greats and not 20 golden greats (and near 1:1 identical cover your not actually getting anything much more just +30 DB more volume! released in the noughties (naughty's more like) the loudness of... See full review
Paul Hardcastle - 19 (The 30th Anniversary Mixes)
posted a comment on Paul Hardcastle - 19 (The 30th Anniversary Mixes). 11 months ago
no I sold all my vinyl years ago and moved to Compact Disc but I agree they should stop with all the remastered remixes and re-releases
and give us the original versions that are not available to buy ;)
posted a comment on House Warming. 11 months ago
bought all these three volumes the first one is about the best not sure why i used to play it after a night out or if i had met someone i would be playing random CDs and most always asked about this volume...strange if i play it now just brings back... See full review
K90 - Urban Anthems
posted a comment on K90 - Urban Anthems. 11 months ago
I agree totally when I first played this CD it seemed over too quick some tracks I wish they were longer it seems rushed but not in a bad way maybe I just want t to play forever ;) like everything in life thats great its always over too quick ;(
Elisa (15) - Love Vibration
posted a comment on Elisa (15) - Love Vibration. 12 months ago
Love Vibration (CD Mix) over 12 minutes of pure perfect perfection
Mauro Picotto - Pulsar (Remixes)
posted a comment on Mauro Picotto - Pulsar (Remixes). 12 months ago
yep that's the state of it today remix great music and destroy it.
100 Hits
posted a comment on 100 Hits. about 1 year ago
oh no not mr cdsingles the little man strikes again why don't you just go away you freak and go back and hide behind your computer screen I understand you have no partner and have to masturbate to your own comments to other users but whatever floats... See full review
Steppin' Out Records
posted a comment on Steppin' Out Records. about 1 year ago
I had 2 on steppin' records that were near enough perfect 2 examples and love 4 sale I had 2 copies of each but sold the NM ones and kept mint ;)
then again the ones I sold were mint as is most of my CDs bought 25 year ago were from new' some people... See full review
posted a comment on Eurokudos. about 1 year ago
volume 9 to 26 are the best wouldn't be without this set great music mostly listening to nothing these days but these 5/5
there's a couple of ballads included but they get removed for my play list.
Duran Duran - The Singles 81-85
posted a comment on Duran Duran - The Singles 81-85. about 1 year ago
Well i expected this like everything today pushing pushing and pushing levels until its just a complete flat noise ridiculous
Creed Records
posted a comment on Creed Records. about 1 year ago
I totally agree great tracks released on this label back in the day!!
Duran Duran - Decade
posted a comment on Duran Duran - Decade. about 1 year ago
true that I was looking for an up to date compilation that included that track the "decade CD" sounds wonderful but trying to locate a best of without any nasty volume increase or evil mastering is a nightmare unfortunately the modern the release the... See full review
Tidy Two
posted a comment on Tidy Two. about 1 year ago
Yes it's strange as I have some CD singles that are real pressed CDs and have shown the 16k shelf cut off yet I have found them on promo compilations in full spectrum 22k showing original lossless waveform
Gener 8 - Unity
posted a comment on Gener 8 - Unity. about 1 year ago
even today 2021 Im playing this gem of a release 1991 and 1992 I was still in my teens just.....I love the rave sounds that Belgium,Italy and Netherlands kicked out back then it was the time when I was just stating to go clubbing full of energy just... See full review
Diana* - All I Need Is Love
posted a comment on Diana* - All I Need Is Love. about 1 year ago
yeh exactly £0.99 here I hated it at that time it made my blood boil what seemed like every thing I liked or wanted I seemed to have to go through hoops to get it' what seems simple to us as just giving the CDs away they already made' they would... See full review
Diana* - All I Need Is Love
posted a comment on Diana* - All I Need Is Love. about 1 year ago
like a few cd singles in the UK they got manufactured and due to put out for release usually in the form of "promo" but no indication of a typical promo just sent out to shops at around £1.99 but then got pulled just before when they decided it won't... See full review
posted a comment on EuroFire. about 1 year ago
Worthy purchases on this label due to the inclusion of eurofire remixes that better the originals for the most part.
Fun Fun
posted a comment on Fun Fun. about 1 year ago
anyone interested in getting most of their good stuff in the best quality possible
these three should just about do it while avoiding some other compilations of MP3 and Vinyl... See full review
Fun Fun - Give Me Your Love (Remix)
posted a comment on Fun Fun - Give Me Your Love (Remix). about 1 year ago
I just light the intro on the one that's on the album ;0
Fun Fun - Double Fun
posted a comment on Fun Fun - Double Fun. about 1 year ago
many of fun fun tracks are scattered around from various sources really annoying unfortunately
Rave Mission
posted a comment on Rave Mission. about 1 year ago
every word to a T what ColonelTirpitz wrote!!!!! 2000-2019 that offers nothing original ( youngsters or other brainwashed people using samples from ( Police, Pink Floyd, Beatles , Justin Bieber the same blatant and boring stuff heard a millions times... See full review
Various - Rave Mission - The Summer Edition
posted a comment on Various - Rave Mission - The Summer Edition. about 1 year ago
totally! full length full quality full of great tracks its where I first started collecting....
Marlboro Music
posted a comment on Marlboro Music. about 1 year ago
maybe Discogs could ban all CDs for sale that smell of tobacco graded NM ;)
seriously though what next?
Solitaire (3) - Chasing Clouds
posted a comment on Solitaire (3) - Chasing Clouds. about 1 year ago
what can I say the Cosmic Baby's Free-Gliding Remix wow.... enough said really ;)
D&A* - Crystal
posted a comment on D&A* - Crystal. about 1 year ago
this is a exceptionally slammin' 2 track trance release both good mixes turn it up loud ;)
posted a comment on Blümchen. about 1 year ago
another example of how this style of music faded away her early releases were great.
then around 1997 and 1998 most were just poor to some degree the tracks tried too hard to be what they once was using the same/ similar formula.
but just didn't cut... See full review
DMN Records
posted a comment on DMN Records. about 1 year ago
Yeh thought as much 😀 most are these days.
Various - Paradiso!
posted a comment on Various - Paradiso!. about 1 year ago
yes totally I have owned it for many years and these old albums are really nice full length and good quality