💿 former long time collector of original 80's and 90's Compact Discs if its added to my collection then its on CD 💿


“Will Show Signs That It Was Played And Otherwise Handled By A Previous Owner Who Took Good Care Of It”
(should be near mint then)

and VG+ grade should be scrapped for inlays with cuts and holes!!!
Discogs grading states "it may possibly have a cut-out hole (or similar)"

no CD cover graded VG+ should have cut holes some sellers benifit now grading VG+ and don't mention cut outs now many buyers are not happy with their purchases if there is cut outs on covers that have been graded VG+

because its stated in the goldmine standard
they get away with it when buyers complain.

covers cuts on sleeves should be graded VG!!
not VG+.

a VG+ cover inlay or sleave is not handled carefully and took good care of if its been sliced with a manufacturer cut!

Descriptions like VG++++++ baffle me if it was that good of a plus then why not grade it near mint?
most VG+ i have bought on Discogs are in dreadful condition.

As for NM "yellow on the top due to tarnished cigarette smoke"
broken jewel cases (that most will blame the post service) however I find strange because the snapped prongs are never in the packing or case do they suddenly vanish? more like they are sent out already smashed...

"new unplayed" = re-sealed battered, smelly, yellow tobacco stained CDs full of scuffs

probably never played is true just used as a plate for Sunday lunch.

I wish I could post the images of CDs I have received unplayed what they actually mean is unplayable.

finger marks writing on discs scratches folded , crinkled covers stickers on cds and sleeves.
then get sent out in an envelope to save money then blame the post service for the scratches and tears.
yeh my post person opens the package then writes his name on the CD then posts it me 😆

and the best of all a CD that costs £0.99 on release day some sellers try to sell them for £200 plus and extortionate prices

try to make a generous offer of half that and they will refuse so so greedy making a profit of triple of what its worth and they are still not happy.

I have offered £200 for CDs that was listed for £300
and have been declined when previous copies sold for around £100 NM condition

I have never known so much greed lately even on generous offers I still see the same disc still for sale 3 years after.

they must be so desperate to wait their entire life for a sale for a maximum price.
just sell it for a fair price make s little profit and let the buyer enjoy it rather than leaving it for sale for over a decade.

they can always maybe charge £100 for shipping .....
to make up the price lost on accepting offers........GREED!

Wanting €250 but refusing a €200 offer then lowering it to €216 a month down the line? not like they are loosing €34
they are making a profit of €194
the CD probably cost around 6 euro new from the shop 😀

a small few sellers actually sell VG+ graded items that have actually been better than NM and closer to Mint! 💿

I own CDs over 27 year old that have been “Played and handled” and are just that still as new and have sold them as such with 💯feedback
its always nice to receive something better than advertised it is not however nice to receive something worse than advertised...

handle CDs this way they will last a life time 💿

CD’s… 💿…Cloud services fail, Hard drives crash. LPs wear out., Cassettes deteriorate, as long as you don't scratch them, CDs stay put. 💿

no flac
no wav
no mp3
no interest.
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oh no not mr cdsingles the little man strikes again why don't you just go away you freak and go back and hide behind your computer screen I understand you have no partner and have to masturbate to your own comments to other users but whatever floats... See full review
posted a comment on Steppin' Out Records. 6 days ago
I had 2 on steppin' records that were near enough perfect 2 examples and love 4 sale I had 2 copies of each but sold the NM ones and kept mint ;)
then again the ones I sold were mint as is most of my CDs bought 25 year ago were from new' some people... See full review
posted a comment on Eurokudos. 17 days ago
volume 9 to 26 are the best wouldn't be without this set great music mostly listening to nothing these days but these 5/5
there's a couple of ballads included but they get removed for my play list.
posted a comment on Duran Duran - The Singles 81-85. about 1 month ago
Well i expected this like everything today pushing pushing and pushing levels until its just a complete flat noise ridiculous
posted a comment on Creed Records. about 1 month ago
I totally agree great tracks released on this label back in the day!!
posted a comment on Duran Duran - Decade. about 1 month ago
true that I was looking for an up to date compilation that included that track the "decade CD" sounds wonderful but trying to locate a best of without any nasty volume increase or evil mastering is a nightmare unfortunately the modern the release the... See full review
posted a comment on Tidy Two. about 1 month ago
Yes it's strange as I have some CD singles that are real pressed CDs and have shown the 16k shelf cut off yet I have found them on promo compilations in full spectrum 22k showing original lossless waveform
posted a comment on Gener 8 - Unity. 2 months ago
even today 2021 Im playing this gem of a release 1991 and 1992 I was still in my teens just.....I love the rave sounds that Belgium,Italy and Netherlands kicked out back then it was the time when I was just stating to go clubbing full of energy just... See full review
posted a comment on Diana* - All I Need Is Love. 2 months ago
yeh exactly £0.99 here I hated it at that time it made my blood boil what seemed like every thing I liked or wanted I seemed to have to go through hoops to get it' what seems simple to us as just giving the CDs away they already made' they would... See full review
posted a comment on Diana* - All I Need Is Love. 2 months ago
like a few cd singles in the UK they got manufactured and due to put out for release usually in the form of "promo" but no indication of a typical promo just sent out to shops at around £1.99 but then got pulled just before when they decided it won't... See full review
posted a comment on EuroFire. 3 months ago
Worthy purchases on this label due to the inclusion of eurofire remixes that better the originals for the most part.
posted a comment on Fun Fun. 3 months ago
anyone interested in getting most of their good stuff in the best quality possible
these three should just about do it while avoiding some other compilations of MP3 and Vinyl... See full review
posted a comment on Fun Fun - Give Me Your Love (Remix). 3 months ago
I just light the intro on the one that's on the album ;0
posted a comment on Fun Fun - Double Fun. 3 months ago
many of fun fun tracks are scattered around from various sources really annoying unfortunately
posted a comment on Rave Mission. 3 months ago
every word to a T what ColonelTirpitz wrote!!!!! 2000-2019 that offers nothing original ( youngsters or other brainwashed people using samples from ( Police, Pink Floyd, Beatles , Justin Bieber the same blatant and boring stuff heard a millions times... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Rave Mission - The Summer Edition. 3 months ago
totally! full length full quality full of great tracks its where I first started collecting....
posted a comment on Marlboro Music. 3 months ago
maybe Discogs could ban all CDs for sale that smell of tobacco graded NM ;)
seriously though what next?
posted a comment on Solitaire (3) - Chasing Clouds. 3 months ago
what can I say the Cosmic Baby's Free-Gliding Remix wow.... enough said really ;)
posted a comment on D&A* - Crystal. 3 months ago
this is a exceptionally slammin' 2 track trance release both good mixes turn it up loud ;)
posted a comment on Blümchen. 3 months ago
another example of how this style of music faded away her early releases were great.
then around 1997 and 1998 most were just poor to some degree the tracks tried too hard to be what they once was using the same/ similar formula.
but just didn't cut... See full review
posted a comment on DMN Records. 3 months ago
Yeh thought as much 😀 most are these days.
posted a comment on Various - Paradiso!. 3 months ago
yes totally I have owned it for many years and these old albums are really nice full length and good quality
posted a comment on Code 718 - Equinox. 3 months ago
when you listen to music today and then listen to early 1990's music there really is no comparing back then the music was something else lap top pop that's churned out today ppfff!!
im so glad I built my collection up from the early days I can just... See full review
posted a comment on Vision Quest (2) - Dreams. 3 months ago
another one lost in the abundance or should I say small amounts of short lived dream music this is a pretty nice track.......
the dance edit especially.
posted a comment on Simoncino - Open Your Eyes. 3 months ago
yeh that's why I put "sarcasm" within my comment it was just that sarcasm expressing my love for crap sounding MP3
and this album does sound like one of my old TDK "D" recordings 🙄
posted a comment on Dejure - Sanctuary. 3 months ago
always reminds me of the fantastic Phantasia ‎"Inner Light" that I first heard back in 1990
posted a comment on José Padilla. 3 months ago
so so sad again another excellent music producer lost to this terrible disease R.I.P brother
posted a comment on Jonny L - Hurt You So. 4 months ago
jeez this has shot up in price glad im an old skooler owning all these classics CDs under my belt I would hate starting my collection today!
posted a comment on Love Decade - Dream On (Is This A Dream). 4 months ago
belter nuff said! belter nuff said! 1996 version yeh woteva!
posted a comment on D.J. Professor* - Runner / Anxiety. 4 months ago
I still can't believe this Stella track was released in 1992 I can hear elements from 1992 digital boy had a few releases similar producing music head of his time gimmie a fat beat! its more like Jarren said euro 1993 1994 think dark wood, 2 examples... See full review
posted a comment on Tidy Two. 4 months ago
yes I am at a loss also for the reason why it just doesn't make sense when I have 80's CDs that are using the perfectly level 20k I know some remasters hit 22k
my guessing was the hard disk space I know some DAT machines (not all) recorded to16k limit... See full review
posted a comment on Tidy Two. 4 months ago
to be honest I think its down to the new generation of millennials I mean this as they were making and producing their own music etc but saving them in MP3 I call this the compression generation
maybe they did not study music very well and just saw... See full review
posted a comment on 808 State - Olympic State. 4 months ago
reminds me of the track "drift" from the ridge racer/rage racer series ;)
posted a comment on West End - It's Raining Men. 4 months ago
another motiv-8 mix I didn't think would work but is not too bad motiv-8 made a lot of tracks better some worked some didn't.
posted a comment on Sparks - Now That I Own The BBC. 4 months ago
another track that motive-8 couldn't make better the lyrics are not that great and even with the great motive-8 spin on it just don't work well in my opinion. some work great some not.
posted a comment on Teez - I Should Have Known Better. 4 months ago
only motive-8 remix that I didn't like and thought didn't do this track justice not so much motiv-8 but the track was dire to start with and the track was a slow track from years ago adding to the fact its a poor cover version'
to up beat this pile of... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Sonic (5) - Turn On The Music. 4 months ago
yeh cheapest I saw it for was £147 on Amazon but graded "good" only a few week ago I didnt buy it I offered more or less £200 for a copy listed for £300 ages ago I was refused I offered £199 for a copy listed for £250 I see it get lowered to £216 and... See full review
posted a comment on 808 State. 4 months ago
808 State what can I say in 1988 I was like 17 buying my first records young fresh fast teenager just like these back in the day I was crazy over their music me and my mate never stopped talking about them bought most of their stuff from Warp records... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Armind - The Collected 12" Mixes Vol. 1. 4 months ago
I wouldn't trust any of Armin tracks on CDs like this if they are not cut they will be mp3 transcodes he's notorious for it!
posted a comment on Bananarama - In A Bunch (The Singles 1981-1993). 4 months ago
interesting that you mentioned all were taking from the master tapes its nice when manufactures could state this especially with more and more shoddy releases out there so we know what to avoid and can put our money towards quality releases and... See full review
posted a comment on Bananarama - In A Bunch (The Singles 1981-1993). 4 months ago
Totally agree with every word regarding this topic as for the Digi packs I have bought many CDs new that reuse to play with spin scuffs or marks due to the inferior packing, glue etc and issues with the plastic liner tray falling off and/or cracking... See full review
posted a comment on Quazar. 4 months ago
another one of them groups that just went under the radar for the most part yet they had kind of a rich catalogue
I made it a mission to collect most of their early work and today in 2021 I listen to their music constantly the warm analogue produced... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Twelve Inch Eighties (Rhythm Is Gonna Get You). 4 months ago
not interested in your opinion to be honest anyway mr cdsingles who are you the police officer of Discogs. nothing better to do with your time than look for peoples comments and reviews you have attention seeker written all over you most comments you... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Almighty Presents: We Love Motiv 8. 4 months ago
good compilation of the older remixes I have most on singles but I could have made another I have taken my CDs and singles and made this playlist ;) add a few mixes for fillers
there's a few more but vinyl only I don't own ;) only CDs ;)

01 Heaven... See full review
posted a comment on Com Truise - Galactic Melt. 5 months ago
I like how prices increasing again for the VG+ copies (that won't be ;)
was £9.99 brand new when I bought mine still mint greedy sellers again.
also be careful the CD-R ones are usually on demand Amazon manufactured discs thats the norm today had so... See full review
posted a comment on Lux (8) - Deep Down. 5 months ago
I bought the CD single for the the New Age Instrumental Version but I didn't check first ;) as it wasn't included on the CD Single but can be found on the CD Ambient House by DFC team
posted a comment on F. Zappala'* & D.J. Professor* - We Gotta Do It. 5 months ago
yeh the 2 seconds maybe down to anything 2 cd players ,hi-fi software on computers etc seen them range from 8:48 to 8:49 to 8:51 ;)
I have these 2 and are same master... See full review
posted a comment on Future City - Only Love. 5 months ago
jeez... cooly spotted kee mo release states Metroplis fritz lange 1926 ( photo )
so this ZYX release swiped it I think lol as they are both German 1994...
posted a comment on United Condoms - Use Condoms. 5 months ago
don't know but I wouldn't like to use the included condom today this release is from 1995 lol lol
posted a comment on Don Carlos - Mediterraneo (Club Favourites Collection '90/98). 5 months ago
its very true comparing this CD to older ones with the original recorded tracks Aqua and Mediterraneo its ridiculous the sound is beyond brick walled there is no dynamics and it clips pushed to the limits the bass is not at all warm it just... See full review