💿 former long time collector of original 80's and 90's Compact Discs if its added to my collection then its on CD 💿


“Will Show Signs That It Was Played And Otherwise Handled By A Previous Owner Who Took Good Care Of It”
(should be near mint then)

Descriptions like VG++++++ baffle me if it was that good of a plus then why not grade it near mint?
most VG+ i have bought on Discogs are in dreadful condition.

As for NM the last batch of NM CD's I have bought have been yellow on the top due to tarnished cigarette smoke, broken jewel cases (that sellers blame the post service) however I find strange because the snapped prongs are never in the packing or case do they suddenly vanish? more like they are sent out already smashed...

There are only a few good sellers on Discogs the rest sell battered, smelly, yellow tobacco stained CDs full of scuffs as NM.

however a small few sellers actually sell VG+ graded items that have actually been better than NM and closer to Mint! 💿

I own CDs over 27 year old that have been “Played and handled” and are just that still as new and have sold them as such with 💯feedback

handle CDs this way they will last a life time 💿

CD’s… 💿…Cloud services fail, Hard drives crash. LPs wear out., as long as you don't scratch them, CDs stay put. 💿
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posted a comment on Pharao - There Is A Star (Remixes). 2 days ago
There Is A Star (Galactic Space Race) I thought was the better version on the remix CD and even beats the the original.
posted a comment on Dreamland (2) - Anything For U. 4 days ago
glad im not starting to collect again these days! over 25 year year collecting I couldn't do it all again!
bought this CD a long time ago prices now are just for lining pockets I always wonder if a track is good why sellers have to stick a crazy price ... See full review
posted a comment on 2 Fabiola - Lift U Up. 4 days ago
one to get is the Lift U Up (E-Raver Remix) on the Netherlands only CD
posted a comment on Four A.M. - Stayin' Alive (We All Need Love). 6 days ago
Stayin' Alive (Fruit Loop Mix) is ace only version on this CD that I can imagine being on speed in a smoke filled room slinging my arms around like a mad 90's raver 😜
posted a comment on Expected Two - Don't Break My Heart. 6 days ago
another good track and again obscure on any compilations shame ;(
posted a comment on Lunja - Close Your Eyes. 6 days ago
beautiful track in my opinion typical Italo 95 the best.
posted a comment on Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer. 10 days ago
yet another pointless set of mixes! eventually the constant remakes and remixes it will just end up sounding like a totally different track!!
leave it alone! please! find something better to do and leave it in 1992!!
posted a comment on Eleonora Espago. 11 days ago
the credits to these tracks are different on each release.
posted a comment on Shades Of Rhythm - The Album. 13 days ago
I see items sell for £0.48p then the next time its listed as £78.00 some sellers are very very greedy I see it all the time and mostly they sell crap for stupid prices and cant even justify it!!
they buy bulk batches of battered worn out items for like ... See full review
posted a comment on Fantasia (8) - 7. 15 days ago
yes I know the Snakes CD does its where I first heard it before I tried to chase the full version CDM ;)
posted a comment on Various - Best Of Italian House. 15 days ago
exactly mental they mean they were full length before editing
posted a comment on Masterboy - Different Dreams. 19 days ago
I Got To Give It Up is better than what was on the CD maxi release
posted a comment on Masterboy - Is This The Love. 19 days ago
that is so true I bought this as I was after a particular version and I noticed instantly distorting base that sounded horrid and harsh similar to when DJ's turn their master volume too high! or like when an amp is pushed too far and the rich warm bass ... See full review
posted a comment on D.J. Professor* - Rock Me Steady. 20 days ago
one of the first of many batch of cds around 1991-1992 I bought back in the day started of my collection with any CD that Gianfranco Bortolotti had is name too I was only young at the time but after a while I used to see the same group of names on the ... See full review
posted a comment on Transformer 2 - Pacific Symphony. 20 days ago
me personally prefer the "Techno Symphony Remix" it just seems to flow better but its a great tune regardless of version and them hoovers :)
posted a comment on Masterjam - I Wanna Know. 20 days ago
for a ZYZ release its very expensive I noticed that yes ;)
posted a comment on Traffic Light Feat. Cita (2) & The Funkee Neighbor - No Matter What U Do. 20 days ago
how strange some releases are just more obscure than others yet it appears to be for no reason must have been pressed small quantities
posted a comment on D-Move - We Are Ready To Fly. 20 days ago
yep ;)
im always looking for these type of tracks they get buried ;)
posted a comment on Xeya - Kiss Me. 20 days ago
posted a comment on Xeya - Kiss Me. 20 days ago
Mentality this contains the master high quality https://www.discogs.com/Various-Best-Of-Dig-It-International/release/1555391
version dam MP3's trouble is this CD is also hard to find took me years but its the only place I know to get the full master ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Disco Bomb. 20 days ago
yes ;) still tot found a copy yet to buy maybe one day ;)
posted a comment on Shades Of Rhythm - Shades Of Rhythm. 21 days ago
makes a change mastered correctly but then again 808 states "90" was remastered on Salvo and it was perfect also!
posted a comment on Liquid Bass - In Full Effect EP. 21 days ago
banger! in full effect is absolutely brilliant back on rave and nation to nation monosphere are also as good liquid bass didnt have many tracks but both are great.
posted a comment on Maximize (2) Feat. Corvus Corax - Corpus. 21 days ago
another one of them tracks that is a mixture of happy core and hard trance and its pretty dam good.
posted a comment on Linda Hermes - Not A Love Song. 21 days ago
another great track again from the 90's total feel good ;)
posted a comment on Tracy Anne - Tonight. 21 days ago
great euro tune exactly how they were back then full on euro.
submitted Corona - Try Me Out. 22 days ago
posted a comment on Transformer 2 - Fruit Of Love. 22 days ago
track time are wrong on the inlay I corrected them as listed.
posted a comment on Centory - Alpha Centory. 23 days ago
some of these eurodance artist had some great tunes on there albums
Make A Wish (Close Your Eyes) both parts are great but - Part I is a very nice track celestial feeling track.
posted a comment on Imperio. 23 days ago
their mid 95 tracks sounded like 2 unlimited on speed I remember late 94 and 95 people asking what the tracks were about that i just bought that day recorded to cassette playing in the car
not much of this stuff was well known back then in the UK then ... See full review
posted a comment on Decadance - Save My Soul. 23 days ago
Big Club Mix doesn't half wallop the speakers when it starts off probably the best single by this group the fuzzy buzzing synth that was mostly found in the early 1993 italodance tracks is brilliant ;)
as cheesy as some eurodance tracks was theres no ... See full review
posted a comment on Captain Hollywood Project - Animals Or Human. 23 days ago
pretty good album this with mostly all good tracks with no fillers Flying High should have been the full 12" though but 2 nice tracks here
Relax Your Mind and Sea Of Dreams are magnificent ;)
posted a comment on Culture Beat - Take Me Away (Remix). 24 days ago
Doug Laurent Mix on here is not as good as his mixes on the the other CDs like Inside Out for example
Aboria Euro Mix is the best version of this track found on the none Remix CD.
posted a comment on Culture Beat - Take Me Away. 24 days ago
Aboria Euro Mix on this CD was done better than the Aboria Euro Mix on Crying in the Rain Single ;)
posted a comment on Culture Beat - Crying In The Rain. 24 days ago
on this CD Crying In The Rain (Doug Laurent Mix) is the best version then again I prefer the faster melodies on the synth ;)
posted a comment on Culture Beat - Inside Out (Remix). 24 days ago
many mixes here but "Inside Out" (Doug Laurent Euro Mix) is the best and better than the Doug Laurent Mix
on the none Remix CD
Inside Out (DNS Mix) is ok though.
posted a comment on Culture Beat - World In Your Hands. 24 days ago
totally agree the tribal mix is the best version on here the remix CD has the M.S Dance mix that is also good slight edge over the Danish Flex mix.
posted a comment on Culture Beat - Serenity. 24 days ago
funny the comment here regarding "Anything" because I preferred this track on the whole album when I first played It thought wow! when the single was released I couldn't wait to grab it however the single release CD and even the remix CD don't have one ... See full review
posted a comment on Culture Beat - Mr. Vain. 24 days ago
I didnt actually hear this first at the time when I was buying all German imports my mother actually had the kitchen radio on I heard her shout through the window outside to me theres a song on the radio that you might like lol. ;)
the comments about ... See full review
posted a comment on Moby - Go. 24 days ago
when I hear this I always think of Jam & Spoon Stella ;)
2 great tracks.
posted a comment on Atahualpa - El Cobra. 25 days ago
this is great Italo track another good old ZYX release ;)
posted a comment on Biodrive - Stay In The 80's. 25 days ago
Unfortunately i purchased the CD via bandcamp with the option to download the files in lossless ie FLAC and WAV etc but they are not true lossless I tried them all Flac WAV , AIFF and MP3 etc

7 of the tracks from the album are Lossy encodes and ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Underground Vol 1. 26 days ago
Best tune on the disc and its hacked dam edits :(
posted a comment on Sefe - I Can Feel Your Body (I Need You Tonight). 27 days ago
Another CD that never turns up I bought a copy years ago not seen it in almost 10 years!
to say its on Dance Pool but released in France very rare.
good track however.
posted a comment on Various - Reactivate 13 (Beats, Chance & Liquid Trance). 28 days ago
another that has been trimmed down Cascade Transcend (Moonman's Trancedental Flight Remix)
they had some great tracks included but the CDs for the most part had a few tracks shortened from their original lengths.
posted a comment on Various - Reactivate 15 - Harry The Hammerhead's Pounding Trance Jawbreakers. 28 days ago
Cold turkey (Transa Remix) is another thats been edited to fit the CD.
they did it to Carlas Theme also.
and here with Transtar!
also Alpha 5 (Olmec Heads Remix) has been shortened.
posted a comment on Various - Reactivate 14 - Larry The Lobster's Trancetastic Pot Boilers. 28 days ago
good compilations these reactivate CDs back in the early days but some tracks were edited here the excellent Carlas Theme is shortened from the original running at 8:23
posted a comment on Various - 21st Century Trance.2. 28 days ago
2.10 John '00' Fleming Alpha 5 (Olmec Heads Remix) has been sliced from 8:53 to 7:56 on this compilation.
posted a comment on Up 'N' Dance - Real Groove. 28 days ago
over a dozen mixes! the best is the the Real Groove (Remix) (Dance Remix).
posted a comment on Fairy Tale - The Dream. 28 days ago
best mix out of these is the "Mystidalic Mix" gallops along with a nice melody the "Dreamage Mix"
is ok also the remixes are not that great.