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submitted Infinity (7) & Roxanne Price - In The Name Of Love. 1 day ago
posted a comment on Rimini - Come Together. 1 day ago
another fantastic gem CD single from the 90's the video to the left titled "unknown 2 getha" is actually the "Deep South Mix" from the release.. the original 12" is also quality euro.
posted a comment on Konya - Role Play Game. 4 days ago
"Euro Play Mix" is full on pure retro mid 95 Eurodance similar to Cappella or Ice MC's "Think About The Way" the "Instinctive Mix" is similar sounding with the heavy basline but sounds something the UK would produce in Euro.
the "Chemical TV Mix" is ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Flamingo Funk Volume 1. 8 days ago
well with this release all profits are going to charity (not the profit resellers make ;) but then again if the company can't make enough to go round and have more proceeds go to charity...its a pitty as there will always be limited edition prints ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Sonic (5) Feat. Timea (4) - Across The Universe. 13 days ago
one of my most wanted CDs! and a tough track to find very melodic euro techno similar to Cyrella Take A Trip To Fantasy, Blue Ocean Cult I Can Fly and Tasha Take You To The Top ...sweet vocals, nice rolling tempo.
posted a comment on Kano - Greatest Hits. 13 days ago
shame Can't Hold Back (Your Loving) was not included unbelievable....
posted a comment on Various - Quadrant Park Classics. 14 days ago
sold my set on ebay a while ago just after i submitted them as all my images are disabled and the release is blocked on discogs.
however i have the full set backed up on various hardrives and blu ray discs so they arnt going anywhere i often send them on ... See full review
posted a comment on React 2 Rhythm - Whatever You Dream. 15 days ago
i remember picking the CD single The Complete Intoxication from Virgin records (remember them...) back in the early 90's for the Original mix' strange it isn't included on here... (although the dubfield mix is better a choice then the clubfield mix) it ... See full review
posted a comment on Energy 52 - Café Del Mar (Remixes). 17 days ago
Anything remixed by Oliver Lieb would be good i will check that version out!
posted a comment on Waterfront Dining - Night Lights In Japan 日本ではナイトライト. 18 days ago
It happens and I agree it's a bit unfair when people want the actual music but miss the opportunity because resellers grab up all available copies just to sell on for profit.. and line their pockets....
posted a comment on DJ Sonic (5) & Nina* - Riding On A Meteorite. 20 days ago
not a patch on the other 2 previous singles but 1997 enough said......
posted a comment on Beat System (5) - Lights Of America. 20 days ago
after sorting my collection just last week i have actually found 4 copies 2 Beat System and 2 Beat The Beat i honestly need to stop this crazy collecting!
posted a comment on Waterfront Dining - Night Lights In Japan 日本ではナイトライト. 21 days ago
its greed! notorious for it on Discogs re-selling etc.
Vinyl probably sounds no better than the MP3 release anyhow its a known fact 99% of these bedroom artists are lossy lovers and record there music initially in MP3 due to space (and are notorious for ... See full review
posted a comment on Tesla Boy - Remedy. 21 days ago
never seen it i have my doubts these days a shame really ;(
posted a comment on Timeshare'94 - Malibu Condos v2​.​0. 21 days ago
corrected it i meant a compact disc it was another release i was ranting over ;)
posted a comment on Timeshare'94 - Malibu Condos v2​.​0. 21 days ago
lets release a mini disc and cassette in 2018 but omit a CD release unbelievable.
posted a comment on Angel IQ - Gimme Love. 24 days ago
well you find everything in mint condition ;))) i think ;))
posted a comment on React 2 Rhythm - Intoxication. about 1 month ago
Bought this when I just turned 20 back in the day and I say it again they don't make music like this any more saddening on us oldskoolers ;) we are aging...but the music stays the same as good now as it was back then 5/5
posted a comment on JFC* - Chrome De Lux. about 1 month ago
Had the same trouble myself with one on this label Mint sealed (actualy G+) and also with them dam plastic slip sleave jackets that often are used for promo's and the cardboard sleaves that usually hold the 2 track releases and are no better just as ... See full review
posted a comment on Armin van Buuren Vs Human Resource - Dominator. about 1 month ago
the format itself says it all shit mix in shit mp3 throwaway crap.
posted a comment on Various - Motiv8tion (The Official Motiv 8 Remix Collection). about 1 month ago
You are right there isn't that many compilations with all motiv 8 mixes together on one disc.
thats why i bought the cd maxi and cd single releases of as many as i could obtain without going vinyl.

their remix off "all i need is love" is great but was ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Altered Images - Happy Birthday The Best Of Altered Images. about 1 month ago
and the recording is decent that makes a change these days!!
posted a comment on Lola Disco ☀ - Summer Body. 2 months ago
Printed on the cover of the cassette....
Super high
Stereo high
Quality CD
Yet no physical CD release.
Give us people who still collect discs a choice.
quite laughable really.
posted a comment on Dollar - Haven't We Said Goodbye Before (The Arista Singles Collection). 2 months ago
I am with you here i only collect CDs the old Arista releases are pretty good like most of the mid 80s
West Germany pressed CDs
Downloads and MP3 seems the normal way for music today.
I won't touch them myself.
posted a comment on Various - 100 Hits 80s. 2 months ago
Exactly i have had so many of these throw away compilations some tracks have sound quality that really really is disgraceful and unacceptable.
I recommend these when on sale for £0.01p for the younger generations in help in obtaining information ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Underground Vol 1. 2 months ago
I wanted to do the same 3:30 bloody edits! makes my blood boil!!
posted a comment on Sway (8) - Open Up To Love. 2 months ago
wicked oldskool Italo belter right up my street give me more 94' ;)
posted a comment on Paul Hardcastle - 19 (The 30th Anniversary Mixes). 2 months ago
I know it is a shame I would love Dolores on CD.
posted a comment on Unit (4) Feat. Red Bone - Move Your Body. 2 months ago
totally agree it was one of the first euro tracks i bought this and samira....
posted a comment on Athena (9) - 7 Seconds. 2 months ago
unbelievable i wish manufactures would let us collectors buy originals it would stop all this!!
they make stuff so rare....but today its all AAC and MP3!! 🤮
posted a comment on Vivian (9) - Angels And Devils / Virgin Song. 2 months ago
i wonder where the original recording is...;) i have the club mix that's on the VMP release.
maybe on DAT tape but long gone...
posted a comment on Various - Electro Breakdance 2. 2 months ago
Some good tracks on here just like the other volume both have a fair share of radio or short edits that creep in and a bit annoying but the CDs are good quality hard to find on modern compilations of this type.
Plus some are pretty good full length ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Powercuts. 2 months ago
bad recording which is a shame with the tracks included crackles pops humming is it a CD or vinyl?.....states "The label is famous for putting out credible quality niche compilations"
compiled by a guy with a vinyl obsession.....not a great job done here ... See full review
posted a comment on Club House - I'm Alone. 2 months ago
this is a brilliant early Italo house track certain parts sound like Captain Hollywood's Only With You.
missed a lot of this stuff as I was only about 17 at the time 😳
posted a comment on Atmosphere - Atm-Oz-Fear. 2 months ago
I take it the other one by "Cozmozone Introducing Beverlee ‎– The Atmosfear" is a cover version?
I often wondered witch one was the original?
posted a comment on D.C. LaRue - The Best Of D.C. LaRue - Let Them Dance. 2 months ago
Hot productions........need I say more knowing this label they had a choice in using the original master tapes a mint vinyl rip or some mp3's ripped from a worn out vinyl LP the latter was their first choice crap label and always will be...
posted a comment on Strictly M.O.R. - Let The Music Play. 2 months ago
Chica (chill out mix) was used and played in the UK soap opera Emmerdale in the woolpack (pub) in the late 90's maybe around 1996 for a round a minute as I wrote to them regarding it they wrote back with the name "Chica" by Frank Ramond and Thomas Marx ... See full review
posted a comment on Donna J - Step By Step. 2 months ago
totally but then i have seen many dumb decisions in music over the years...
posted a comment on Various - Breakin' - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. 2 months ago
is this remastered or just a reissue of the original release?
posted a comment on Nomad - Your Love Is Lifting Me. 2 months ago
was just thinking the same its a good old school track when I bought the CD back in the day I headed to the smart systems mix!!
then again I was only a teenager and unfortunately nostalgia of the good times gone holds true here......
the time the place ... See full review
posted a comment on Jordan F - Galaxy Train. 3 months ago
probably one of the best synth tracks I've heard not heard anything as good unless I'm missing something..... reminds me of something like Paul Hardcastle "Fly By Night"
posted a comment on Various - The House Sound Of London - Vol. IV - "The Jackin' Zone". 3 months ago
full length master quality of Richie Rich "Salsa House" enough said really....🤑
posted a comment on Code 11* + 12* - Spacecut / Nightfly. 3 months ago
worth a purchase for the "Nightfly" especially the Highcheck Mix
posted a comment on Mo-Do - Eins, Zwei, Polizei. 3 months ago
as a collector of euro house from 1994-1995 I've heard many cheese balls... but its too dam catchy even today I only heard a snippet of the music (probably because I was buying everything Fulvio Zafret)
on MTV way back I was so young I just had to get it ... See full review
posted a comment on A Flock Of Seagulls - Wishing: The Very Best. 4 months ago
on close inspection I think its just missing "nightmares" 12" shame.
posted a comment on House Control - Calling The Night. 4 months ago
there were some great euro releases back in the day but to be honest they never got the mainstream success they deserved half were unknown to many and here in the UK most people i knew literally never heard any that had in my collection let alone existed.
posted a comment on Gloryland - Power Of Love. 4 months ago
I see them all now at crazy prices I'm suprised any actually sell with obvious price skimming.
posted a comment on Future Beat - Power Of Love. 4 months ago
Power Of Love and X-Tasy I thought were the best 2 releases by this group
posted a comment on Future Beat - X-Tasy. 4 months ago
always preferred the future mix as I thought the raps were far better and more ragga than the present, past and LP mix also the female vocals were structured better throughout......