All records/cds need to go / Alles moet weg ..Complete collection for sale make an offer/doe een bod.

50% of the Total sale goes to charity / poverty reduction
( not included in 50% is discogs fee and pay pall or other money transfer)

Please give the number / organisation / link you would like to donate too.
1. First aid, disasters .
2. Healthcare
3. Animal safety ,prevention.
4. Nature / Environment
5. Human aid
6. Science
7. Other

After the sale i Will try to give you a.s.a.p. A link Or email of money transfer of the donation you prefer.

All cd's Will be sent Without cd jewel case where possible.
It will be send in new plastic sheet with booklet cd and backcover.
This is done because of lower shipping rates and lower fuel emmisions.
Recent Activity
posted a comment on Regina Belle - Passion. 1 day ago
This is Another Classic R&B release , plenty of tracks to choose from.
posted a comment on Chanté Moore - Love's Taken Over. 8 days ago
Pure balearic bliss the quiet storm mix , great remix.
posted a comment on The Brand New Heavies. 8 days ago
What a bunch of beautifull tracks they have made through out the years.
posted a comment on The Truth (2) - Truth Theme. 15 days ago
What more can i say ,this message “ the Truth” .Massive.
posted a comment on Julio Iglesias - Guajira / Oye Como Va. about 1 month ago
Masters at Work doing the remix job on Julio Iglesias ,in a nice bouncy shuffle beat.
posted a comment on Wrecks-N-Effect - Club Head / Rock Steady. about 1 month ago
Ahh yeahhh nothing beats the old skool .This is for the Clubheads.
posted a comment on b-tribe - Nadie Entiende (Nobody Understands). about 1 month ago
Under the radar remix from van Helden (guarana mix) 90,s party track
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on KWS* - Hold Back The Night. about 1 month ago
Mr Dave Lee typical trade marks are spot on on this remixes. Huh, city / Allnight mix.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Pancake - The Remixes. 2 months ago
Olav’s maple syrup mix still a swinging MF even better than the club Classic original.
posted a comment on Gilles Peterson & Norman Jay - Desert Island Mix. 2 months ago
Classics,Classic,Classic yessss. What a brilliant 2 mix cd from way back.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Will Downing - A Love Supreme (Jazz In The House Mix). 3 months ago
Classic track by Will Downing with great remix by Arthur Baker.
posted a comment on Various - House Party V - The Ultimate Megamix. 3 months ago
One continious party mix with top tracks from the good old days
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Maxwell - Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder). 4 months ago
Smooth as silk this jam by Maxwell never gets old.
posted a comment on Lil' Louis & The World - Saved My Life. 4 months ago
Garage house classic by no other than lil Louis and Mrs Cardwell with a very strong remix by Vega and Gonzales.
posted a comment on Stefano di Battista - 'Round About Roma. 4 months ago
Beautifull album this one on blue note, graci Stefano .
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Ramirez - Hablando. 5 months ago
Original on here of this Club Classic and on the flip Push with a brilliant remix.
posted a comment on Guru - Jazzmatazz Volume: 1. 6 months ago
Legendary album by Guru (r.i.p.) and all featured Artists involved.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Octave One Featuring Lisa Newberry - I Believe. 6 months ago
More than 25 years old Beautifull Detroit techno track of the highest order.
posted a comment on Romanto - Smiling Faces. 6 months ago
This whole track is based around Evelyn King - shame sample but added with Some smooth acid bass lines and gentle drum beats pattern for maximum effect.
posted a comment on Naked Music NYC - Naked Music NYC E.P.. 6 months ago
A very solid Ep . I’ll take you to love uplifting vocal tune. Tell me , relaxing NY vibe. Keep pushin fierce female vocals in the good old Us house tradition.
posted a comment on Clubland Featuring Quartz (2) - Let's Get Busy (Pump It Up). 6 months ago
Another one from the vaults Classic hiphouse with Pryme in the centre.
posted a comment on Johnny Gill - Johnny Gill. 6 months ago
This album is classic R&B from start to finish.
posted a comment on LDC - Daydream. 6 months ago
Laidback track from the 90 era. Nice woman voice talkin smoothly over this track. FrAnk de Wulf provides some extra flavor with his remix especially dreamtravel mix.
posted a comment on Subterfuge - Reunited With Myself EP. 7 months ago
Friday (night mix) still a Nice piano driven Barnett tune
posted a comment on Fix Featuring Orlando Voorn & Blake Baxter - Mastercuts Vol. 1. 7 months ago
Still some great cuts“ from the ghetto”/ “ here we are” by Voorn & Baxter.
posted a comment on Soon E MC - Élucider Ce Mystère. 7 months ago
Very Nice arrangements in this Classic French hip hop record from 93
posted a comment on Culture Beat Featuring Lana E. & Jay Supreme - No Deeper Meaning (Mixes). 7 months ago
This 51 west 52 street mix is a sick 90’s remix of this track by Fenslau and Jens.
posted a comment on Sven Van Hees - The Bellydance EP. 7 months ago
Another great track from back in the day . Psychedelic Bellydance that is.
posted a comment on Gerideau - Take A Stand For Love. 7 months ago
Classic garage vocal house cut . Wheter it is the original,Blaze remix Or x press 2 /Duke remix enough to choose from.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 7 months ago
posted a comment on C.J. Bolland* - Electronic Highway. 7 months ago
Just listen to con spirito and be amazed by Cj’s production.
posted a comment on Miles Davis - Doo-Bop. 7 months ago
Some great tracks on this album by Easy mo Bee and Miles . You feel the energy of the Ny streets through some of these tracks. My favorite one on this one will always be “Fantasy”
posted a comment on The Stranglers - Always The Sun. 8 months ago
What a great song, Yeah i like this one by the Stranglers.
posted a comment on Ronny Jordan - The Law EP. 8 months ago
Another great track by the late Ronny Jordan , very atmoshperic.
posted a comment on Various - The Born EP. 9 months ago
Man i love this raggamuffin kinda track A1 Franschene Go Sister
posted a comment on Various - Underground Selection 2/92. 9 months ago
Great remix of the track Chic Mystique by Brothers in Rhythm
posted a comment on Subtech - Future Retro / Eastern Dawn. 9 months ago
“Future retro” has a Nice mediterraine type of vibe to it great building track.
Eastern dawn doesn׳t disappointe either.
posted a comment on Various - Swingbeat. 9 months ago
Great new Jack mix from Allstar Fresh all the big hits from that period.
posted a comment on Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence. 9 months ago
The ecstatic dub by mr Kevorkian is a deep sounding remix of this Classic track. Don’t forget Sibeling.
posted a comment on Agua Negra - More. 10 months ago
Love evolution another great track from the deephouse 90’s archives
posted a comment on Giant Wheel - Retrash / How Deep Is The Ocean?. 10 months ago
How deep is the ocean is an oldskool deephouse track in 90’s NY tradition.Retrash easy mix was / is just a peak time partytrack sampling “ the real thing” to maximum effect.
posted a comment on LL Cool J - 14 Shots To The Dome. 10 months ago
Head straight for the track Crossroads . What a brilliant track by ladies love cool James.
posted a comment on Kid Frost - East Side Story. 10 months ago
Yes the “Froster” with an Classic latin flavoured hip hop album.
posted a comment on Jesus Loves You - Generations Of Love (Timewriter Bootleg Mix). 10 months ago
Very Techyhouse remix by the Timewriter and still perfect playable.