I got into UK Hardcore in '92, and subsequently followed the Jungle/D&B sound. At that point just collected tape packs and single tapes as I was clueless about the music. I started DJing & buying vinyl in '96. Around that time I got into Hip Hop (both old skool and stuff that was around at the time, I can't stand most of the new shite that is around today, 50p and all that bollocks, A Tribe Called Quest all they way!!!) and Hardcore Techno. At this point I met Matrix (11) (Big Up Spencer!!!!) who lived in my hometown and who was signed to DJ Clarkee's Area 51 label and got into producing music.

In '97 I started working with Spencer and a few friends doing 'PRS' at raves like Helter Skelter and Dreamscape to name a few (this was a blag under the guise of the 'Performing Rights Society' noting down the tunes that DJ's were playing supposedly to cover promoters backs for copyright when they released tape packs but was really just to get free VIP passes to the events and as an added bonus we got PAID to go!!!!! We kept this going until the millenium when Skelter stopped doing parties for a bit.).

I also worked at North Radical Technology, where I did the mini-disc recordings which were then transfered to the tape packs (Sorry if any where bad quality but I had real problems with pilled up punters getting into the back room and turning the recorder off or sitting on it as well as an endless list of other ridiculous gurning baffoonery,). I also DJed there a couple of times including the very last event they did under the North moniker down at Lacota in Bristol.

I stopped working at North in around 2003 as they moved from 'The Void' in Stoke-on-Tent to a club in Coalville, Liecestershire, which I couldn't get to as I didn't drive and there weren't any trains. I sort of lost touch with the hardcore techno at that point as I went to university and was skint so couldn't buy records for a bit so my finger just slipped off the pulse, but fortunately back onto the pulse of D&B which I had never really stopped listening to. Don't get me wrong I still love my hardcore just not enough to warrant buying it again. So since then I've really been working on D&B collection and am still looking for some hardcore tunes I didn't get at the time.

I also used to DJ at Ultra+ at the Custard Factory in Birmingham, this was mainly a house event but I played D&B in the room that had alternate music like Breaks, D&B, Techno, Electro etc.

I am still producing my own music which is mainly D&B. Getting to the point now where I'm considering sending my tunes off to labels.

I'm not selling any records at the moment. Once I've managed to get my whole collection onto the database (there's still a hell of a lot to put on.) I may consider selling some that I really don't play or have never really played.

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"There are many imitators, but we are the truuuuuuue creators. We're back!". Never left and never a truer word spoken. Great track.
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Nice release from the Spectrasoul boys. Crisp, clean beats over sublime and interesting bass lines. Deep, thoughtful and elegant is what we've come to expect from these guys.
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Great return from Spor. Woodruff is my personal favourite but there really isn't a bad track on this EP.

Edit: After further listening Know You has become my personal favourite. Woodruff is still awesome but is a straight up modern Neuro dance floor ... See full review
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'1up' is a killer with its 8-bit vibes and is the stand out track here. The other tracks are good, although I don't like the vocals on 'Supernova' or '103 Degrees', they are on the cheesey side IMO and both tracks would be better without them.
posted a comment on Demo (4) & Cease - Ladies Night. over 2 years ago
Both sides of this are heavy. The original mix is more about the hard rolling ameny drum work and the V.I.P is more straight up dance floor. Main differences between the two are that for the V.I.P the intro has been slightly changed, the reece has been ... See full review
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Don't underestimate the influence that Simon has had on the Hardcore/Jungle/D&B scene. True originator and pioneer. You may not be feeling the stuff he is doing with Drumsound nowadays but not many producers/DJs that started out in when he did have had ... See full review
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Must have release for any self respecting Hardcore DJ/lover/enthusiast. 'Overdoz' and 'HP' are the stand outs here. 'Overdoz' is a stone cold Hardcore classic using a re-edited version of the sample from 'Mr Kirk's Nightmare' by 4 Hero. Don't know ... See full review
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Oh my gosh! This tune was actually produced by Lime's girlfriend, Jo(not sure if she still is, but she was at the time). Who'd have thunk that a girl could make such an amazingly dark roller (no offense Jo if you're reading!).

The bassline is so hard ... See full review