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posted a comment on Click Click - Bent Massive. over 4 years ago
I went to the record store and thought i bought this Siglo XX album but ended up finding this Click Click record inside. Solid find because I was not familiar with the group. Great album. Favorite track would be 'ZF10'.
posted a comment on DAF* - Absolute Body Control. over 4 years ago
Playing 'First Steps To Heaven (instrumental). on 33 rpm is way too nice. Never was my favorite DAF song, til i tried that.
posted a comment on Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft - Für Immer. over 4 years ago
Personal favorite tracks are 'Wer schon sein will, muss leiden' and 'Ein bisschen krieg'
submitted Window (8) - Salvation. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on Social Junk - Give Up. over 4 years ago
I purchased this from Ascetic House January Program. Never previously heard anything of Social Junk. Happy I took the leap and happy that Social Junk and A.H. provided.
'Deserve' feels like a strong ocean current pulling you out to sea. you fight but the ... See full review
posted a comment on Mercury Living Presence / Saran Man - Split. over 4 years ago
Both tracks managed and increased my anxiety. With 'Bare Bulb' I visualized this digital demon breaking bending the thresholds of my mind. Saran Man's 'Pipe line' feels like my conciseness is floating above, not sure if I am awake or dreaming. I found ... See full review
posted a comment on Jock Club - In The Jungle. over 4 years ago
Andrew Flores' Jock Club keeps the night eternal. This tape is the definition of insomnia.
I bought this at Eastside Records/Double Nickels Collective. I saw it in this sweet looking Ascetic House display case. The case had numerous of tapes of A.H. ... See full review
posted a comment on Kama Rupa - Kama Rupa. over 4 years ago
I purchased this at the 'Sonoran Pop Festival 2' in Tempe Arizona. I personally enjoyed both tracks on this tape. "I don't want to know' really stuck to me and used it as background music in my mind when I am hiking or walking alone. 'Death Rune' I ... See full review
posted a comment on Tollund Men - Donar's Oak. over 4 years ago
I bought this from Ascetic House January Program. I have seen Tollund Men play in Phoenix AZ, a few years ago. All four tracks on this tape are drenched in sweat and homo erotica. I love every track but 'Roots' and 'Body Problem' are my favorite. -Sergio ... See full review
posted a comment on Liable - Ides. over 4 years ago
Super eerie. Tape goes hand in hand with sleep paralysis and a frightening shrooms trip. I bought this from the Ascetic House January Program. My favorite tracks would be 'Silver' and 'Ides'. -Sergio A. Ybarra
posted a comment on Various - Darken My Fire: A Gothic Tribute To The Doors. over 5 years ago
Personal fav tracks 8. Mephisto Walz-peace frog 9. Eerie Von-the spy 11.Controlled Bleeding-When the musics over.
posted a comment on Nightmares In Wax - Nightmares In Wax. over 5 years ago
Read that this is early Dead or Alive material. A side and B side are beautiful pumped up jams. Been playing them at house parties mixed in along with postpunk/goth/ebm/deathrock/disco sets and is such a good EP to play. I feel the "Tracks B1 & B2 ... See full review