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posted a comment on Starflyer 59 - Starflyer 59. over 3 years ago
maybe they can also do 'gold'. + + + +
posted a comment on Starflyer 59 - Starflyer 59. over 3 years ago
jiminey cricket, man.......i heard rumours in the past but nobody has come through with another pressing of this. i was around for the pressing of 'silver' (which i could swear i saw ads for the vinyl edition when it was originally released, and... See full review
posted a comment on Glass Eye. over 3 years ago
also....there is a cassette ep, or tour tape, that had a couple songs from 'huge' in Spanish (along with a few other tracks). wish I still had it, in fact it might be in one of many boxes I haven't looked at in years. [edit] perhaps it was the same... See full review
posted a comment on Swervedriver - Ejector Seat Reservation. over 3 years ago
needs a quality repress. having the creation pressing would be terrifiic but current listing is $230.00...just too much. and in my opinion, their 3rd and 4th albums were their height of songwriting and composition.
posted a comment on Blutch (3) - L'île EP. over 3 years ago
thank you x x x x x x x x x
posted a comment on Awate - Happiness. over 3 years ago
I think I need an instrumental version of this. ok?
posted a comment on Rod Modell - Sacred Geometry EP. over 4 years ago
i consider kettle point a companion. these two on echocord are very likely my fav modell releases. just fucking killer, timeless stuff.
posted a comment on Blutch (3) - L'île EP. over 4 years ago
anybody give me a vocal credit/sample source for blu sky?
posted a comment on Balam Acab - Wander / Wonder. over 4 years ago
I'm sorry I do not remember her name, or if she had even been introduced. she did a great job though.
posted a comment on The Goslings - Grandeur Of Hair. over 4 years ago
first: how do you tell the two editions apart?
second: I'm surprised this hasn't gotten the vinyl treatment from anybody. like, really surprised at this point.
posted a comment on Jocy de Oliveira - Estórias Para Voz, Instrumentos Acústicos e Eletrônicos. over 4 years ago
must've gone quick. release date was early july, and late july all gone.
posted a comment on The Smashing Pumpkins - 1979. over 4 years ago
uummmmmmm...... there was no 7" release? I guess they were out of fashion at the time.
posted a comment on Basic House - I'm Not A Heaven Man. over 4 years ago
I believe the two other tapes from 2012 were before this one, so not sure about the note that says this was his first.
posted a comment on TOKiMONSTA - Half Shadows. over 4 years ago
yes there should be a vinyl edition. for the lovers
posted a comment on Prostitutes (2) - Live At Cook Out. over 4 years ago
only one listen so far, and this may be a rush to judgement, but i'm inclined to rate this five stars.
posted a comment on J. Albert / Person Of Interest - EDR002. over 4 years ago
i know its a split, but this may be my favorite stuff from j albert. both sides are great.
posted a comment on Luc Ferrari - Presque Rien. over 4 years ago
re-press maybe sometime? perhaps?.......more wants than haves here. was it a smaller pressing than usual?
posted a comment on Butthole Surfers. over 4 years ago
these guys' live performances through the 2nd half of the 80's were a lot of fun and highly entertaining. they were the shit. and i'm still fond of all their records....up until 'stairway' which is when, imo, they started losing their edge, but they... See full review
posted a comment on No Moon - Nothing Else Matters. over 4 years ago
you know how some records the b-side is much better? like this one.
posted a comment on DJ Aakmael - Daydreeming EP. over 4 years ago
worth it for A1. if you appreciate excellent use of a good vocal sample then check this out. and the strings support it nicely. tempted to say this track is timeless. surprised i don't see any other comments here.
posted a comment on Klubbhuset - Marathons. over 4 years ago
anybody else have sound issues with their copy? i asked for a replacement after the 3rd track on each side had a lumpy bass warped sound, and the 2nd copy had the same issues. as far as the music i'd say a very good record. recommended.
posted a comment on Various - 7 Years, Who Cares . over 4 years ago
all the tracks are great. maybe too short, but kind of expected from being on 7".
posted a comment on Various - HDC003. over 4 years ago
i agree. (i have to say i'm not into the kind of emphatic (obnoxious?) black-chic vocals that're sampled on A1). A2 is hypnotic.
posted a comment on Byron The Aquarius - Euphoria EP. over 5 years ago
mine from juno recently. no problems. perhaps mine is a repress?
posted a comment on Carla dal Forno - You Know What It's Like . over 5 years ago
it's not strictly a review section, it's a comment section too. you can check the box if it's a review you are making (although I don't know what that does......). a brief comment doesn't always require a minimum of 10 words, and there should be a... See full review
posted a comment on Grant (24) - Cranks. over 5 years ago
yeah my pre-order with a u.s. distro fell through. I'm pretty pissed off right now.
posted a comment on Sarah Davachi - Vergers. over 5 years ago
very nice. i'm not as crazy about B1 as i am the other two tracks, but this is beautiful music.
posted a comment on Tlim Shug - Mutuality EP. over 5 years ago
like the whole thing, but the b-side tracks have really been doing it for me lately.
posted a comment on Aquarian Foundation - Silent Teaching EP. over 5 years ago
yes. slight, but not as bad as yours z y x
posted a comment on Lenta - Jyoti. over 5 years ago
yeah 'loop-finding' by jelinek, but percussive sounds and tempo remind me of earlier murcof albums too.
posted a comment on Eddie C - On The Shore. over 5 years ago
my copy is fine. one track sounds crackly, but it may be on purpose.
posted a comment on Rezzett - Rupez. over 5 years ago
just listened to this again. makes me think these guys might be even more successful if they just did 3 min tracks on 7" format. thinking this is essential and will be sought after 20 yrs from now. just may be timeless...
posted a comment on Benedikt Frey, Nikoslav Nachhall - Unknown Title. over 5 years ago
after hearing samples had to buy it for the "monster" b-side (as backfloep described it). not disappointed, either. a-side is a nice bonus - the drums at the beginning are like 'atrocity exhibition' by joy division.
posted a comment on Shall Not Fade White. over 5 years ago
i love aries. who are all these people with ears too sensitive for distorted bass? all 4 artists are making fun contributions. lighten up.
posted a comment on Strip Steve - The Dog Days EP. over 5 years ago
the strings loop in machine gum sounds a lot like time circle by moomin which isn't a bad thing. all 4 tracks good. solid record.
posted a comment on Tlim Shug - Surf Dude EP. over 5 years ago
did this small repress already happen? just started looking for this......
posted a comment on Nthng - Untitled [LT029​.​5 Sampler]. over 5 years ago
mine sounds pretty clear & clean at normal volume. you know the b-side tracks will be issued on the upcoming full-length.
posted a comment on Willow (18) - Workshop 23. over 5 years ago
am i the only one who is disappointed with this? i see a few low maybe not. her track Feel Me was so excellent that this is a let down. and is willow a vocalist? vocals are kinda sparse here. i honestly don't like to leave negative... See full review
posted a comment on Various - In Any Case Records 001. over 5 years ago
beautiful track. same reason i had to grab it. is his other stuff this great?
posted a comment on DeepChord Presents Echospace - Vibrational Studies (In Echospace). over 5 years ago
now that you mention it, the b-side does remind me of Liumin. I loved this 12" immediately, but not Liumin so much. I should find my copy and give it another listen.
posted a comment on Tosca - Opera. over 5 years ago
... but not by Studio !K7. Initial release was only cd, vinyl later same year by another label. who knows how !K7 would have presented it on vinyl.
posted a comment on Die Roh / Trudge (3) - Split Ep . over 5 years ago
F*CK this is beautiful music!!!!! (stupid "more words"...that's my whole comment).
can't wait to hear more from Trudge.
posted a comment on LB aka LABAT - Swing Du Ghetto Vol. 1. over 5 years ago
a little more expensive than the average 12" and just in a plain innersleeve?
posted a comment on Leveret. over 5 years ago
hard to believe the 'furs' release is the same artist as the two rootbeat releases.
posted a comment on Tosca - Opera. over 5 years ago
crackle on C2 of my copy. and a couple pops at the end of D1.....disappointing.

i have to say, after not listening to this album for years, that this release seems to have grown even better with time. initially would have given it 4 stars but... See full review
posted a comment on L.B. aka LABAT* - Disques Solaires. over 5 years ago
didn't notice any on mine. sounded clean all the way through
posted a comment on Mall Grab - Let U Kno. over 5 years ago
about you sounds like a re-make of elegy: sounds like same synth or sample.
posted a comment on LK (8) - Keion. over 5 years ago
sounds like a K&D sample from the g-stoned ep.... sounds like
posted a comment on Scott Young - Homeless. over 5 years ago
thought I was getting 1 of the 1st hundred.....o o o o
posted a comment on Brassfoot - Realms. over 5 years ago
lost in the sauce reminds me just a bit of the 1st minor science 12". i like all 4 tracks here. also glad that i grabbed this one. i'm gonna be picking up his other stuff. (hope its not wrong to assume the artist is a male: i'd be all for more females... See full review