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posted a review of Bill Withers - Bill Withers' Greatest Hits. over 7 years ago
Packed with classic. Grover Washington.Jr.'s Also known as version, or mellow tune like that crosses my mind like Twilight, "Just The Two of Us", the 20 songs are covers to look for Grace Jones was there at the beginning of the trivial wax. Funky Soul ... See full review
posted a review of Alison Crockett - On Becoming A Woman. over 7 years ago
Debut vinyl release of the album was only released on CD. 7 "was released" Like rain ", bluesy" Crosroads ", broken beats flavored" Alive ", etc. Organic Soul album arranged around Jill Scott. Is of such prominence among them, Yam Who? Hit the Remix of" ... See full review
posted a review of Hugh Masekela - Mama - Metro Area Birthday Dub. over 7 years ago
"Verve remixed 2" 12inchi Cut song especially popular in high.
"what is wong with groovin '" also known as the author of, Trumpetter Hugh Masekela from South Africa.
Afro ~ Regge Jazz masterpieces which he introduced in 1975, Remix the Metro Area. ... See full review
posted a review of Candy Apple Feat. Joy Malcolm - Smile. over 7 years ago
Vocal House candidates one melancholy masterpieces. Experienced team of producers and other releases of Shack Music, Joy Malcom celebrated title song is wonderful in the Vocal Candy Apple.
Vocal and women between the upper track with a reasonable, but ... See full review
posted a review of Kem - Heaven. over 7 years ago
shelter-related releases from the label is "without you", "I'm in love", "Set you free" R & B singer from Detroit's popular remix of the well house, etc., Kem.
In a finished work on two songs on the quality of prospects no less, and handle the remix duo ... See full review
posted a review of Dego & Kaidi Tatham - Ain't Nothin You Can't Feel. over 7 years ago
This is also the best lineup featuring vocalist "Vanessa Freeman" and "Face".
First, "Ain't nothing you can't feel" is a vocal intertwined Face to hyperphosphorylation of Afro-solid broken beats, fusion soul and cosmic oneness that flows into the Rose ... See full review
posted a review of Midnight Star - Body Snatchers. over 7 years ago
Side B:Curious (Vocal/LP Version)
The Kid Capri "Old School # 2" at the Mary Jane Girls "All night long" it took on the basic staple of the next. Classic R & B masterpiece of mellow R & B want to hear what all the fans.
posted a review of Thor (23) - Mas Que Nada. over 7 years ago
Sergio Mendes is known classics you know, R & B beat produced by Italy's popular and spacious with a cover. For sweet crisp beats, female vocals drift meet pathos, exotic works of Italian and the addition of MC. Once the press has been re-released ... See full review
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posted a comment on Hellchild / Discordance Axis - Hellchild / Discordance Axis. over 7 years ago
The sound that DxAx is tha world as far as i know it, and is tha most severe.
DxAx is most grind,fast,violence&noise....most extremeearliest.

I'm their sound and gig in tha "shinjuku Loft"...........
I can't forget it eternally.

I show FxxKin' RESPECT ... See full review
posted a comment on Disassociate - Controlled Power. over 7 years ago
"Controlled power is the ultimate in aural extremity!" : Kevin Sharp,Brutal-Truth
posted a review of Masters At Work Featuring India - I Can't Get No Sleep. over 7 years ago
R & B. The Unknown by Little Louie Vega MAW project worked with Kenny Dope. At the time this song had been secretly exchange information between some of the DJ's, great! ! The gritty breakbeats with a good hip MAW "Just the two of us" on track to expand ... See full review
posted a review of Kenny Dope Unreleased Project* - The Pushin' "Dope" EP. over 7 years ago
With Minnie Riperton "Get on down" Tracks recorded a party staple. "Inside My Love" in the loop mellow, ringing voice of Massive Tracks Method Man.
posted a review of Mario Fabriani - Fender Bender EP. over 7 years ago
West Coast blue-chip label, Fetish Jackin Tracks under tha first bullet, Joey Youngman pseudonym.
All samples will be mixed, but have a reputation for funky Chicago style, finish work, at work now challenge tha sweet track.
Alto saxophone soundz ... See full review
posted a review of Constant Deviants - Can't Stop / Fed Up. over 7 years ago
Around the time of the 1st slammed the Sound Providers on the West Coast HipHop monumental series of modern jazz in 1999 was to make it a duo of NY.
The Gentle Jazz piano phrases reminiscent of the Common initial energy beat Swingy Horn riff play the ... See full review
posted a review of Reel People - Second Guess. over 7 years ago
Jazz scene in 2003, Reel People album is one of the subject work.
Phil Asher, Nathan Haines, Mike Patto, Seiji, Afronaught, west London, in addition to bias, such as Vanessa Freeman, DJ Spinna, as Angela Johnson
also participated in Cooly's HotBox. Of ... See full review
posted a review of D.J. Disciple* - The Vinyl Factory EP. over 7 years ago
Great popularity of the genre boasts many "Latin Love" recorded. Party house and not only because it continues to be played in the crossover, many people would know. The melancholy guitar Supanish, and painful song sounds groovy percussion weave a good ... See full review
posted a review of Perquisite - Double Vision EP. over 7 years ago
"JAZZ for the bad boy hiphop junkys" under the concept of fusing classical jazz and instrumental hiphop "Outta nowhere EP" will, EP was the second series of the popular perquisite. Like previous work, from the New School Collective, joined the ... See full review
posted a review of Moodymann - Inspirations From A Small Black Church On The Eastside Of Detroit. over 7 years ago
Moodymann that Detroit continues to embody the charm of the house, along with Theo Parrish, Kenny Dixon Jr. His own label, glue it back issues press KDJ. Published by KDJ / Winter breeze from the previous Soul City "I feel joy" B-1 from the Soul City as ... See full review
posted a review of John Beltran - Kissed By The Sun. over 7 years ago
Album "Sun Gypsy" John Beltran came up route Latin / Brazilian to intense. The perfect summer single pushed the line further. The vocals were recruited Ayro "Kissed by the sun" is a light samba beat, mellow scatting chorus, guitar drifting melancholy, ... See full review
posted a review of Earth People - Dance. over 7 years ago
Disco loop track continues to be played in many DJ's from the past. "Hot Music" by Pal Joy masterpiece on a par with, and built up Art of Jack the beat of the classic Carl Bean / I Was Born This way. It is said that including the original standard and ... See full review
posted a review of Joey Negro Presents The Sunburst Band - Fly Away. over 7 years ago
"Until the end of time" from a single cut. Full throttle and feel the groove black "Earth wind & Fire + Joey Negro". Brass and exhilarating session, falsetto vocals are very comfortable singing in unison, for the excellent tracks well with the colors ... See full review