Collector,bedroom DJ and general obsessive.
My main area's of interest is Progressive House & Deep Trance/Tech Trance.
I will consider requests for mp3's.You can also find me on Soulseek under my user name alderaanic

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Various - Electric Calm
posted a review of Various - Electric Calm. 3 months ago
Sublime Ambient Album. Just put your headphones on and lay back and enjoy being served with pure pleasure.
Spiritchaser - 1440
posted a review of Spiritchaser - 1440. 4 months ago
Good selection of Spiritchaser stuff hear of your a fan this is essential listening 🎧
Nick Warren - Global Underground - The Album: Live In Prague
posted a review of Nick Warren - Global Underground - The Album: Live In Prague. 4 months ago
This is similar to some of Nick's Essential Mixes from around 96/97 uses many of the same tracks.
The opening track Cruzeman - Ohm Sessions (Coloured Oxygen Reprise) is a great opener and sets in motion a fantastic mix. Not Nick's best but I forgive... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
Jan Johnston - Silent Words
posted a comment on Jan Johnston - Silent Words. about 1 year ago
The Solarstone Remix is a Progressive Trance classic. Best mix of them all.
Various - Chilled Euphoria
posted a review of Various - Chilled Euphoria. about 1 year ago
Agree with the previous comment well worth getting for The Auranaut's Remix of Breeder - Twilo Thunder. An Ambient/Breaks gem.
Spiritchaser - I Remain
submitted Spiritchaser - I Remain. about 1 year ago
Spiritchaser - Rendezvous
submitted Spiritchaser - Rendezvous. about 1 year ago
Spiritchaser - The Dreams We Have
submitted Spiritchaser - The Dreams We Have. about 1 year ago
Spiritchaser - We Will Never Know
submitted Spiritchaser - We Will Never Know. about 1 year ago
Spiritchaser - Paradise Row (The Remixes)
submitted Spiritchaser - Paradise Row (The Remixes). about 1 year ago
Cirque - Cirque Music Volume 1
posted a comment on Cirque - Cirque Music Volume 1. about 1 year ago
An absolute stomper of a track by Weekend World's Martin Cartledge. Progressive House of the finest quality.
Way Out West - Intensify
posted a review of Way Out West - Intensify. about 1 year ago
Way Out West come up with a track that simply destroys dancefloors. Part 1 is a real peak time set track more in the style of the earler track Domination.
A thumping bass, eerie noises and FX build and build until the track drops into the vocals and... See full review
Desyfer - 831
posted a comment on Desyfer - 831. about 1 year ago
Championed by Paul Oakenfold on his 1999 Essential Mix Tour and only limited to 250 copies made/makes this a highly sought after vinyl.
Head straight for the B Side ''Deep Dawn Mix'' that Oakey played for an absolut classic Progressive Trance track
Invisible Inc. - Stars
posted a comment on Invisible Inc. - Stars. over 2 years ago
Simply one of the finest pieces of melodic Progressive House ever made. Music for your mind rather than the dance floor.Perfect but then you'd expect nothing less from Barry Jamieson. Well worth checking out the Ambient verson too,Heaven.
The Funk Lab - Bad Ass Mutha
submitted The Funk Lab - Bad Ass Mutha. over 2 years ago
Nat Monday - Flammable UK Presents Nat Monday Live
posted a comment on Nat Monday - Flammable UK Presents Nat Monday Live. over 3 years ago
@ SCO77BROWN I completely agree with your comment on track 7 Slimey answer Stepper - A New World. Like you say it is clearly Sunset Sky - A New World. As for the artist name change I like yourself am at a loss as to why. I think Nat Monday although... See full review
Various - Progressive Trance
posted a comment on Various - Progressive Trance. over 4 years ago
I recently came across this in a charity shop while digging like I love to do. And while most I own 8 of the 11 tracks listed for 50p i thought why not. Good little mix and the hidden gem is Twenty Three - Jagannath as said in willbrooks comment.
Paul Oakenfold - The Goa Mix 2011
posted a comment on Paul Oakenfold - The Goa Mix 2011. over 4 years ago
Spot on review Dave mate. I couldn't agree more. Why spoil possibly your most acclaimed work by adding extra tracks ? Well just my opinion but Oakey smelled cash. I have great respect for the man he was one of the pioneers of the whole British Dance... See full review
Lost.It.Com* - Animal
posted a comment on Lost.It.Com* - Animal. over 4 years ago
Absolut quality driving Progressive Trance record... First time I heard it was on Danny Rampling's Love Groove Dance Party" (BBC Radio One) in 1995 and tracked down a copy as soon as I could. Along with Yum Yum's "3 Minute Warning" and Paganinni... See full review
Static Rhythm - Missing Link
submitted Static Rhythm - Missing Link. over 4 years ago
Jan Johnston - Am I On Pause
posted a comment on Jan Johnston - Am I On Pause. over 4 years ago
A lot of Oakenfolk have questioned if it rely ever did get a limited release ? Well of course Oakey got a copy and a handful of other DJ's around early 1999. My guess is there is only a handful of TP's with the highly sought after ''Original Mix'' on... See full review
Various - Rezerection Event 2
posted a review of Various - Rezerection Event 2. over 4 years ago
I Usually collected my tapes from my local independent record shop in Carlisle (Pink Panther Records) these were the first Rezerection tapes that came in a pack with the whole nights music. I purchased them from some Jeans shop in town and remember... See full review
Ritmo De Vida - The Spirit Is Justified
posted a comment on Ritmo De Vida - The Spirit Is Justified. over 5 years ago
Its 100% its Phoenix (9) Spencer Hickson & Scott Latham. Scott sadly died the year tis was released. But the due were responsible for the Classic ''Rise Up''. And Spencer went on to release the classic Desyfer - 831 (Deep Dawn Mix) as well as other projects. See full review
Ratpack, DJ Seduction - Rezerection (The Event) 14th Aug 1993
submitted Ratpack, DJ Seduction - Rezerection (The Event) 14th Aug 1993. over 5 years ago
Slipmatt - Breaking Free / Hear Me
posted a review of Slipmatt - Breaking Free / Hear Me. over 5 years ago
People get too stuck on Genre's. I was 15/16 and buying tapes and collecting Flyers so to young to enjoy the wonders of raving/clubbing (how I longed to go to a Fantazia/Rez etc event). But as everyone knows 93/94 was a cross over period.And a lot of... See full review
posted a comment on Breeder. over 5 years ago
Your comment on "Sputnik'' is not correct. Sputnik was released as a white lable with Narcotik's Conditions on The flip side. New York FM was released on Rhythm Syndicate Records and although New York FM sound similar is not the same track.
Spiritchaser - Paradise Row
submitted Spiritchaser - Paradise Row. over 5 years ago
Shmuel Flash - The Vaults Vol. 5
submitted Shmuel Flash - The Vaults Vol. 5. over 5 years ago
Spiritchaser Feat Angie Brown - Wild Orchid
submitted Spiritchaser Feat Angie Brown - Wild Orchid. over 5 years ago
Spiritchaser - Feel
submitted Spiritchaser - Feel. over 5 years ago
Spiritchaser - Vaults Series 3
submitted Spiritchaser - Vaults Series 3. over 5 years ago
Spiritchaser - Spiritlevel 2
submitted Spiritchaser - Spiritlevel 2. over 5 years ago
Spiritchaser - Sueno Latino
submitted Spiritchaser - Sueno Latino. over 5 years ago
Spiritchaser - Yesterday's Gone
submitted Spiritchaser - Yesterday's Gone. over 5 years ago
Spiritchaser - Find A Way
submitted Spiritchaser - Find A Way. over 5 years ago
Spiritchaser - So Clear
submitted Spiritchaser - So Clear. over 5 years ago
Spiritchaser - Vaults Series 2
submitted Spiritchaser - Vaults Series 2. over 6 years ago
Paul Hamill - Sliver / Hed Driver
submitted Paul Hamill - Sliver / Hed Driver. over 6 years ago
LT Project - Boom
submitted LT Project - Boom. over 6 years ago
Raft - Risky Trains / Microcosmos
posted a comment on Raft - Risky Trains / Microcosmos. over 6 years ago
Couldn't agree more.''Risky Trains'' is a beautiful deep house track,full of etheral layers of melodic harmony and a very catchy male vocal.Superb piece of vinyl this.
Northface - Sunset
submitted Northface - Sunset. over 8 years ago
Pob - Boiler
posted a review of Pob - Boiler. over 8 years ago
Excellent disscriptive review so i'll keep mine short.I also heard it on Danny Howells Tech Trance CD (Free with Ministry Mag) and what amazed me at the time was how ground breaking & unique this track sounded.Its aged so well too.which is the mark of... See full review
Ryan Maunder - The Reach / Substate
submitted Ryan Maunder - The Reach / Substate. over 9 years ago
posted a review of Fluid Recordings. over 15 years ago
/////Quite brillant lable which incaptulated the sound of late 90's early 2000's Progressive House/Progressive Trance.When big Prog Dj's realy knew how to rock a dance floor.
From early releases like Andy Ling - Calling Angels and Kobyashi - Release... See full review
Skinnymalinky Records
posted a review of Skinnymalinky Records. over 15 years ago
Never have i heard a Label with such quality and consistancy as Skinnmalinky. I cant think of a single release that doesn't ooze quility.
Skinnymalinky created there own unique style between 1995-1997. A blend of big Progressive House tracks that have... See full review