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posted a review of Raft - Risky Trains / Microcosmos. over 16 years ago
"Risky Trains" is truly beautiful melodic track. Soft samples make me imagine blue skies, light wind -- this creates positive experience. Superb.
posted a review of Umek - The Torture Chamber 2. over 16 years ago
Amazing mixing, even more amazing effects and great selection of funky-techy records. Though, it's strange that Umek built the same 1:1 track order as in his I Love Techno 2001 set.
posted a review of The S.N.S. Project* - Give Us Hope. over 16 years ago
Tasty and sweet piano tune on A-side while Jason Jinx is striking his pumping, but very quality famous drum loops again keeping the remix very deep.
posted a review of Boris Dlugosch Feat. Roisin Murphy* - Never Enough. over 16 years ago
"Chocolate Puma" remix is a true dancefloor killer at any soulful house party. Smooth amazing vocals by Roisin with much darker that its original synths and drums by Chocolate Puma. One of the best in my collection.
posted a review of Medway - Fat Bastard E.P.. over 16 years ago
B-side has a plenty of very sexy and funky loops with non-standard rhythm. Highly recommended.
posted a review of Jori Hulkkonen - We Are Being Watched. over 16 years ago
Don't ever miss "Man From Solaris" as its sweet bells making a delicious melody over nice male vocals. "Let Me Love You" is another great french-like track from the Finn.
posted a review of Rino Cerrone - Rilis 05. over 16 years ago
Funky samples doing a thing with dark Italian fast beats on A1. Very quality tune.
posted a review of Danilo Vigorito - Imaginary Boy EP 2. over 16 years ago
"Concordia" is a banging, full of energy track that blows your mind by 2:25 with awesome cut-off and frequency works.
posted a review of Darren Emerson - H2O. over 16 years ago
Brilliant single-sided promo that brings you to any holiday destination while listening to it. It's warm, sexy, funky and groovy with breath-taking melody. Definately one of the top summer tracks so far.
posted a review of Bipath - Paranoize. over 16 years ago
Tech enough to be in my all-time favorites as well as to be spinned at all factories worldwide. Ideal record for underground parties with dark and dirty walls.
posted a review of GPAL* Presents GHOS - Future Music EP. over 16 years ago
"Future Music" is one of these masterpieces, which make you just stop for a moment, like in coma, and think of everything. It can make you hug your girlfriend somewhere in the fields where noone is around during the sunset or sunrise and show you how ... See full review
posted a review of Medway/Sean Cusick* - The Fiscal E.P.. over 16 years ago
Interesting loops on A side with great echoing "bell" samples and very dark FX'es. B side is full of chill out sounds.
posted a review of Jay-J & Chris Lum - Freaks Like Us. over 16 years ago
Cut the first half of A side track, and you'll get perfect filtered male vocals over dark San Francisco sound. Words must be on everyone's lips. Didn't like much the B side.
posted a review of Finger Fest Inc. - Auto Porno. over 16 years ago
Banging, dark, dirty and techy sounds make this tune massive! The moment when it takes a bit slower and says "porno" a couple of times - one of the best cut in house music scene!
posted a review of Different Gear - A Little Bit Paranoid. over 16 years ago
Amazing chorus vocals on peak A side. Dub version looks much darker with superb echo and fade effects.