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Cosmic Discoteca, Typhoon, Baia degli Angeli – the best original tracks played by DJ Baldelli, Loda, Mozart...
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400 Blows 12" - Pressure
Airto - Parana
Andy Summers/Robert Fripp /LP Bewitched
Anna - Systems Breaking Down
Antena - LP Camino del sol
Azymuth - Young Embrace /LP Light as a feather
Belle Stars - Iko Iko
Black Machine - How Gee
Brian Briggs /LP Brian damage
Carte de Sejour /LP Rhorhomanie
Clara Mondshine /LP Luna Africana
Claudja Barry Love for the sake of love LP Sweet Dynamite
Codek - Tim Toum
Craig Leon - Donkeys Bearing Cups /LP Nommos
Danielle Dax LP Pop-Eyes
Depeche Mode 12" - Shout Remix (33RPM)
Eek-A-Mouse - Wa-do-dem
Fatback Band - Are You Ready (Do The Bus Stop)
Fern Kinney - Groove me
Führs Fröhling /LP Strings
Harry Thumann - Underwater
Herb Alpert -- Rotation
Impi - Impi
IZIT - Stories
Jim Pepper - Ya Na Ho; Goin' down to Muskogee /LP Comin' and Goin'
John Forde - Woman
John Lee & Gerry Brown /LP Chaser
Johny Warman - Screaming jets (45 RPM) /LP Walking into Mirrors
Killing Joke - Requiem
Kinkina - Jungle Fever
Kissing the Pink - Mr. Blunt
Klaus Schulze - Tango-Saty / Opheylissem
Kongas - Africanism; Anikana-O
Logic System /LP Logic
Logic System /LP Venus
Love International - Dance on the groove (and to the funk)
Mark Shreeve - Angel Of Fire (LP Assassin)
Meo - Chichita
Mon Dino - La Danse Des Mots
Monsoon Wings of the dawn; Ever so lonely / LP Third Eye
Monyaka - Go deh yaka
MOZART - Svario Party /LP Art of Moz
Novaga - Electronic Drums
Otto Mix - Sahara Sand
Ozo 12" - Anambra
Payola$ - Eyes of a stranger
Per Cussion /LP Beatwave
Peru Africa; Oriental; Continents; /LP Continents
Pete Shelley - Witness The Change/I Don't Know What It Is
Pili Pili (Jasper VantHof Hoomba Moomba
Rah Band Electric Fling
Richard Wahnfried - Time Actor /LP Time Actor
Sandy Nelson - Let there be drums
Sheila Chandra /LP Quiet
Shock Dynamo - Beat
Sue Ann - My baby my /LP Sue Ann
Supermax - As long as there is you (45RPM) -> /LP Meets the almighty
Synergy /LP Semi-Conductor
T-Connection - Do What You Wanna Do
Tangerine Dream /LP Exit
The Dan Siegel Project - Where are you now LP Another Time, Another Place
Thomas Leer - All about you
Thomas Leer & Robert Rental /LP The bridge
Timmy Thomas - Africano / Why can't we live together
Tony Banks /LP The fugitive
Tony Esposito - Pagaia
Torch Song - Prepare to energize
Toure Kunda - Emma
Tri Atma und Gyan Nishabda /LP Sehnsucht und Einklang
Tri Atma Yummy Moon LP Ka Yakee Music
Unknown Cases - Masimba Bele
Vangelis - Dervish D /LP Spiral
Via Africa 12" - Via Africa
Wally Badarou 12" - Novela das Nove
Will Powers - Adventures in success
Yellowman - Strong me strong; Zunguzunguzung

Greg Hawkes - Ants In Your Pants /LP Niagara Falls
BEF - A Baby Called Billy /LP Music For Listening To
Art Of Noise - Yebo!
Sky - Desperate For Your Love / LP Great Balloon Race
T-Connection - Do What Ya Wanna Do / LP Magic
Eloy - Horizons / LP Colours
West India Company - Ave Maria
Blue Vision - Visions instrumental (slowed down to 33RPM
Miami - Kill That Roach /LP Notorious Miami
Zazou, Bikaye and CY1 - LP Noir Et Blanc
Sapho - Salon De Musique /LP Passions, Passons
White Door - Jerusalem + In Heaven @ 45RPM /LP Windows
Sheila Chandra - All You Want Is More

Central Unit - Loving Machinery EP
Toni Esposito - Processione sul mare
Data - A-O (No Bungalow)
Front 242 - Sample D./Take One on 12" Endless Riddance
Wally Badarou - Mambo /LP Echoes
Jimmy The Hoover - Ego
Black Machine - How Gee
Martha And The Muffins - Sins Of Children
Airto - Parana
Bautista - Vida
John Ozila - Africa Sound
Wet - That's The Game

Inter Face - Louder Than Words
Pas De Deux - Lits Jumeaux
Recent Activity
posted a review of Quarion / Session Victim - Treats Vol. 1. over 9 years ago
The B track, Session Victim's "Contribute", remembers strongly Coco, Steel & Lovebomb. Check them out, you will be surprized... Indeed, great start for this label.
posted a review of Various - Workshop 10. over 9 years ago
Finally the hidden track of the first “Airbag Craftworks Compilation” released in 1999 on CD got a proper release on vinyl. Maybe therefore the intentional 'pop' recurring between A1 and A2. Amazing tune, still after all these years.
posted a review of Various - Further Adventures In Techno Soul. over 9 years ago
The cover artwork reminds me an old Philadelphia International compilation LP "Let's Clean Up The Ghetto" (http://www.discogs.com/Various-Lets-Clean-Up-The-Ghetto/release/928953). Nice idea
posted a review of Stefano Pulga - Suspicion. over 11 years ago
The LP contains the killer space jazz fusion track "Superflight" and the main title used on a famous italian tv series.

In fact this is a rare original italian jazz fusion LP from 1979 and it is Stefano Pulgas first solo LP. Pulga later in the 80's ... See full review
posted a review of Nu Groove Records. over 11 years ago
The NY based Nu Groove label has an extremely wide catalogue, releasing deep house, garage, hard house, rave-inspired techno and breakbeats, not forgetting some very tracky, more or less experimental material, even if that was pretty common in the early ... See full review
posted a review of Gepy & Gepy - Body To Body. over 11 years ago
This is a masterpiece of Italo Disco.

The artist behind Gepy & Gepy is Giampiero Scalamogna, an italian producer who had a significant success in the 70's thanks to works for famous italian pop artists like Patty Pravo and Ornella Vanoni. In 1979 he ... See full review
posted a review of Discognosis - Discognosis. over 11 years ago
Very rare and obscure production by two of the greatest disco producers: Rinder & Lewis. This was an experimental project where the sound isn't well definited. Pshichedelic disco in the opening track with orror themes, very good. "Poison Ivy" is more ... See full review
posted a review of Tommy Stewart* - Tommy Stewart. over 11 years ago
This is one of the most sought after disco albums in the world. It's a perfect album full of rare groove tracks. In this LP you can find all the reading keys which characterized the disco music. Tommy Stewart is a real cult producer, second to Patrick ... See full review
posted a review of K.A.O.S. - I Can't Stop. over 11 years ago
This release is built round the well known vocal sample from Plez's 1988 tune "Can't Stop", nowadays considered an alltime classic, and as inpiration includet in Warp's Influences, which lists all the great tunes, inspiring Steve Beckett, Rob Mitchell ... See full review
posted a review of Chirurgie Boutique - Vintage Island E.P.. over 12 years ago
For sure one of Ricardo Villalobos dopest tracks is "808 The Bassqueen", released in 1999 on the Lo-Fi Stereo record label. But if you want to listen to the blueprint for this dope and in demand track, you should listen to the A1 track "Le Spleen For E." ... See full review
posted a review of Various - The Airbag Craftworks Compilation. over 12 years ago
This fantastic CD (artwork & music) contains a hidden track after ca. 30 seconds of silence, duration ca. 4:30. In my eye this hidden track is even the best piece of music on this CD, and there are some real outstanding pieces on it... Some years ago I ... See full review
posted a review of Mr. K.* - Rock The House (Parts 1 & 2). over 12 years ago
From Grand Slam magazine, an edited history of cut n paste, interview with Danny Krivit:
TD was strictly a bootleg label. Could you fill me in a bit more about that? I mean, was it only your edits that came out on it?
DK: Basically, that's all I ... See full review
posted a review of Odori - Number One. over 12 years ago
A journey into the deeper realms of house music. If you like Bobby Konders house stuff on Nu Groove, this is the stuff you want. Awesome early house-deep-tribal.
posted a review of Farben. over 13 years ago
If you translate the German word Farben to English it means “colours”. So, the first Farben releases (KLANG 19, 25, 32, 39, 48 and 65) with their different cover colours black, white, cyan, yellow, magenta are like a concept work – these are the colours ... See full review
posted a review of Christopher Just - The Comfort Of Strangers / I Love The Acid Too. over 13 years ago
I Love The Acid Too is a cover of: Ecstasy Club - Jesus Loves The Acid on Swordfish records, a very rare Acid House classic back from 1988. In a interview Just says, he never could get the original record, so he decided to do himself his own version of ... See full review
posted a review of Christopher Just Presents Acid Joseph - I Love The Acid Too. over 13 years ago
I Love The Acid Too is a cover of: Ecstasy Club - Jesus Loves The Acid on Swordfish records, a very rare Acid House classic back from 1988. In a interview Just says, he never could get the original record, so he decided to do himself his own version of ... See full review
posted a review of Music Box. over 13 years ago
The full spectrum of what the Music Box set out to do is well represented here in these seven 12”, with Mixes & Re-Edits played at Chicago's legendary club wich laid the foundation for today's dance music scene. All of them are real killer tunes. A very ... See full review