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posted a comment on Sunkry - We Stay Together. 7 months ago
radio edit is a independent version. some projects made it
posted a comment on Terry Buckwald - Don't Try. 7 months ago
Feroldi in the period 1989-1992 was the king of the rhythm. synths and beats were very harmonic and sweet.
Actually sweet dreams sounds
posted a comment on Ammonia (3) - Down On My Level. 7 months ago
The project Ammonia made Down on my level in 1992, but it wasnt released. The song with same vocals and synths and drums was released with the name Angy DJ System from Lupomannaro in 1994.
posted a comment on Nikita (2) - Eterna Divina. 10 months ago
Sorry, but Paura Mix is the powerful version. This is absolutely balance between melody, synth elements, samples and rhythm. Catalano and Zucchini made a perfect version.
posted a comment on Cabballero - Sleepin' (Now That You're Gone). over 3 years ago
This Cabballero project is not the same 90's project.