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submitted Sneaky Sound System - Can't Help The Way That I Feel (The Works). 19 days ago
submitted Tall Heights - The Deep End (Kaz James Remix) . 24 days ago
submitted Agoria & Black Coffee* Feat. Phoebe Killdeer - Embrace (Black Coffee + Aquatone Remix). 29 days ago
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posted a comment on 25th Street - Needing / Lebanon. 9 months ago
Illicit apparently, but who knows. It doesn't really feel like Tom Middleton's style, but I could be wrong.
posted a comment on Pete Wardman - The Lizard Queen / Tragically Glamorous. 9 months ago
Yep. Tragically Glamourous has a sample of Bumblebee Man's "ai ai ai" as well as loads of other samples.
posted a comment on Jentina - French Kisses. 10 months ago
The E-Smoove Remix has typical E-Smoove magic. Funky, sexy and a guaranteed party starter. What let's it down for me is a sound like a car alarm which runs most of the way through the track. Why?
posted a comment on Hyperlogic - Only Me. 11 months ago
Every mix of this is good, but this is one of Red Jerry's finest (of which there are many). An absolute screamer that still goes down harder than an Albanian street hooker.
posted a comment on Mauro Picotto - The Lizard Man. about 1 year ago
Excellent mix. First CD is Euro trance and hard trance it never quite goes into cheese territory. CD 2 is techno and tech trance, anyone familiar with Picotto's style will know what to expect. Well worth a listen.
posted a comment on Ras Kass - Soul On Ice. about 1 year ago
Classic album coming just after the golden age of Hip Hop. Ras demonstrates his multi-syllabic rhymes and metaphors to full effect. This album surely influenced Can-I-Bus and Vakill. What let's this down is the production isn't Grade A like say Preemo or ... See full review
posted a comment on Storm - Time To Burn. about 1 year ago
Spot on about that remix being ahead of its time. I heard similar records 4 years later at Frantic and Goodgreef.
posted a review of No Use For A Name - More Betterness!. over 2 years ago
A really solid album. The Fairytale of New York is the only misstep for me, it is a good enough cover, but I think it's a track that should never be covered as nobody can top the original. Top Tracks include: Lies Can't Pretend, Saddest Song, Coming Too ... See full review
submitted Various - The Ultimate Xmas Album Volume 1. over 2 years ago
submitted Hey Rosetta! - Seeds. over 2 years ago
posted a review of Richard X - Back To Mine. over 3 years ago
Really interesting album. A lot of synth pop as expected - old and new. Also a few good R&B tracks. This mix is not predictable, mixing is sort of minimal, but unobstrusive. There's been a lot of the Back To Mine mixes, but who would be bold enough to ... See full review
posted a review of Röyksopp - LateNightTales. over 3 years ago
Starts off good, but too much classical music for my liking. What was the point in the Benedict Cumberbatch track? This album had a lot of critical acclaim and it is interesting, but it is probably the weakest in the Late Night Tales series.
posted a comment on Memphis Bleek - 534. over 3 years ago
I can't fault the production on this album, but I don't feel anything when I listen to it. Lyrically it's just bland and generic. MOP is a surprise collab, but they don't really raise the bar. It also has Rihanna doing her "Carribean style" sweet lyrics, ... See full review
posted a comment on The Avalanches - Gimix - Radio Mix. over 3 years ago
Yes. I've heard it.
posted a comment on Chable* & Bonnici* - Ride. over 3 years ago
People talk about milestones in music. I first heard this on Sasha's Creamfields mix, Pete Tong announces "we've had one hell of a day and it looks like we are going to have one hell of a night" with this in the background, a tune and a half. It reminds ... See full review
submitted The Very Original Brasso Band* - Plays Tunes From...... over 3 years ago
submitted Morcheeba, Kool DJ Klear - Get Mashed. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Reel Big Fish - Turn The Radio Off. over 3 years ago
When I was at college there was a lot of interest in Punk and Ska. People used to say how great this album was. After hearing it again after many years it's average at best or maybe the booze has worn off. Beer and Sell Out are still great tracks, but ... See full review
posted a review of Larry Levan / David Morales / Kenny Carpenter / Todd Terry / Justin Berkmann - Live & Remastered (20th Anniversary). over 3 years ago
A truly magical album. I've listened to each set a few times and given the abundance and availability of (digital) music these days I normally only listen to a mix once and then delete it. Pretty much every track is a classic. The Todd Terry mix has some ... See full review
submitted Bird Of Paradise - Airbourne. over 4 years ago
submitted Burleskimo - The Departure EP . over 4 years ago
submitted Zuckre - Once In A Lifetime EP. over 4 years ago
posted a review of Phats & Small - Funky House The Essential Horny House Selection. over 4 years ago
A really solid house mix. The mixing isn't the best and they tried to cram in a lot of tracks. This mix is rarely heard these days, it came out on the now defunct Telstar TV label, better known for their Euphoria trance series. This collection of house ... See full review
posted a review of Seb Fontaine, Al Mackenzie & Tall Paul - Largin' It!. over 4 years ago
Ignore the cheesy covert art, this is quality music. Seb Fontaine plays pumping Trade-style house and goes into big room trance. He's now more famous for his progressive house and electro, but back then he played it harder. Tall Paul's mix is banging - ... See full review
submitted 20th Century Coyote - Live At The Comic Strip. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on Judge Jules - Ministry Presents Hooj Choons. over 4 years ago
This is a good mix, it's actually quite chilled for the first 20 minutes. Surprisingly for Jules it's not too cheesy and is well mixed.It's a good showcase for Hooj, I don't think they really hit their peak for a year after this mix.
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