House and Techno DJ since '89 w/ former residencies in Washington DC and Florida, and guest appearances in many cities throughout the US including San Diego, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Columbus, Chattanooga, Ricmond, Sacramento, Orlando, Pensacola and Daytona.
I collect and spin all types of electronic music including House, Deep House, Progressive House, Acid House, Techno, Electro, Breaks, etc..

I don't sell anything in my collection, but I've been know to 'gift' them to people.

Play what you want, don't let anyone tell you any different!

"Reality is an opinion. You make up your own reality. Wow!"
-Timothy Leary-
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posted a comment on Various - Rhythm Method Disc 1. 11 months ago
why is this still worth so much money? It isn't even that good :(
is it just because it's Mark Ambrose?
I mean, I have a copy.. well, two actually.. but i don't get it..

posted a comment on Sotero And David Christophere - One Of Us. about 1 year ago
There were only 500 pressed.. fact!! I know one of the artists 😊
posted a review of Evangelos Project* - Music Is The Key. over 2 years ago
Love this!! I'll never sell the two copies I have
posted a comment on Various - Firme. over 3 years ago
Oh and uh... Lizard Lounge plays nicely at 45 too 😊
posted a comment on Various - Firme. over 3 years ago
Sheep Industries = Marc Isenschmid (aka Electric Sheep, elevatorrecords)
O.W.S.U. (Off World Slave Unit) = Dave White (aka OnuO), Pizo Meyer (aka Phoenelai) and Mike Mapes (aka Alias)
Lotus = David Applegate
Nate = Nathan Ascher (aka Your Friend Nate)

I ... See full review
submitted Tim Baker - Detroit Transplant EP. over 6 years ago
submitted Galaxy P - Untitled. over 6 years ago