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posted a comment on Various - Singles - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. 1 day ago
Same here, I use an Audio technica AT540. Very good in the inner grooves.
posted a comment on Korn - Untouchables . 3 days ago
A very nice pressing with zero noise. Soundwise this is of course not optimized for analog listening, but despite that the mix is very nice. There is no insert and plain white sleeves. Only downside - the ugly artwork.
posted a comment on Monster Magnet - God Says No. 15 days ago
I can't agree with the first comment. This isn't an audiophile recording, but the pressing itself is just fine. Plays without noise, soundwise it's as good as it can get for a presumably digital master.
posted a comment on Korn - The Nothing. 15 days ago
Album is 44 minutes long, perfect for a single album.
posted a comment on The Smashing Pumpkins - Cyr. about 1 month ago
Pressing quality is ok, in some parts a little crackling but not dramatic. Soundwise a nice mastering. The music is of course questionable, I like it as a long time fan (since siamese dream) but I understand that not everybody does. Maybe a single... See full review
posted a comment on AC/DC - PWR/UP. about 1 month ago
Nice pressing but the sound is very compressed. Glad that is not one of those annoying double albums.
posted a comment on The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots. about 1 month ago
Great pressing, very dynamic and quiet. Something to play when you want to show someone how cool vinyl sounds.
posted a comment on Kraftwerk - The Man•Machine. 2 months ago
My copy had a big scratch on Side 1, I can't accept that, so return to sender.
posted a comment on The Flaming Lips - American Head. 2 months ago
Cut by Chris Bellman - it sounds very good and the pressing quality is also very nice. A great album to enjoy on vinyl.
posted a comment on Deftones - Ohms. 2 months ago
Was this one also pressed by GZ? If so, well done this time. Hopefully GZ will do more pressings of that quality in the future.
posted a review of The Cure - The Top. 2 months ago
Good sound but the pressing qualität is typical GZ. Littered with dust and paper debris, lots of crackle and a scratch made me return my copy. The seventeen seconds issue is way better. I cannot understand why GZ isn’t able to produce constant quality.
posted a review of The Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin. 3 months ago
This is a great reissue, perfectly pressed with zero noise. I wish every pressing could be like this one.
posted a review of Mr. Bungle - The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo. 3 months ago
My copy arrived today, I had a hard time getting them out of the sleeves due to heavy static. I can't understand why they still put records in such sleeves. Fortunately the records are flat and the pressing is silent. Only downside are the rough... See full review
posted a comment on Tom Petty - Wildflowers & All The Rest. 3 months ago
This is the proof, that great pressings are still possible. How great it would be if every reissue would be done this way. Fantastic sound, great package and flat/silent records. I love it, worth every dime! When you want to show someone how cool... See full review
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here. 3 months ago
I also own a copy, I agree with you all - sounds great with low noise. But the machinehands-Label is missing, unfortunately. Nevertheless, a very recommendable version!
posted a comment on Tool (2) - Fear Inoculum . 4 months ago
Where can I buy a copy? Word Word Word Word
posted a comment on Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin III. 6 months ago
Me, but I carefully removed it. Cover looks fine now.
posted a comment on Badly Drawn Boy - Banana Skin Shoes. 7 months ago
Pressing quality is not very satisfying. Got two copys, one is warped and crackles sometimes, the other one is better, also with a few crackles and visible hairlines. Very cheap thin paper innersleeves - that sucks because nowadays we all know that... See full review
posted a comment on Sepultura - Beneath The Remains. 7 months ago
I agree, this is a very good pressing. The second LP is nonsense to me, though.
posted a comment on Enslaved - Vertebrae. 7 months ago
This reissue is just perfect - pressed flat, no cracks and pops, nice cover print and two bonustracks.
posted a comment on Sanctuary (4) - Into The Mirror Black. 8 months ago
Great sounding reissue, very recommendable. Mov does great metal masterings.
posted a comment on King Diamond - The Eye. 8 months ago
Got the purple version with red splatter and I am impressed of the pressing quality and mastering.
posted a comment on King Diamond - Fatal Portrait. 8 months ago
Great pressing and mastering, only downside is that the lake isn’t included.
posted a comment on Paradise Lost - Obsidian. 8 months ago
I have the bicolored version, on both sides there is noticable hissing/crackling ... sounds like wet played. Cleaning did help a bit, but not much. I don't bother too much, because the rest of the album sounds great. As far as I am reading here this... See full review
posted a comment on Coroner - No More Color. 9 months ago
A reissue like a counterfeit. The vinyl is also warped but playable, the sound quality is ok but by far not as good as the noise remasters. This band deserves better vinyl versions.
posted a comment on Morrissey - I Am Not A Dog On A Chain. 9 months ago
Love the songs and the fine pressing. Way better than Low in High school.
posted a comment on Type O Negative - World Coming Down. 9 months ago
Definitely one of the best pressings in my collection. Yes, it’s expensive but worth it.
posted a comment on Pearl Jam - Gigaton. 9 months ago
I had to exchange my copy because lp1 had some strange little warps that were audible as rumble noise. Second copy has now arrived, still with strange hissing noises on LP1, first track and now with a nasty non fill on LP2 in Retrograde.

For almost... See full review
posted a comment on Paradise Lost - Icon. 11 months ago
Absolute stellar pressing, MOV did a great job again. Get it while it's available.
posted a comment on Tame Impala - The Slow Rush. 11 months ago
Beautiful album and a great pressing. Very quiet and a fine vinyl mastering.
posted a comment on Tennis (6) - Ritual In Repeat. 11 months ago
I cannot confirm this. My copy sounds fine and no skips at all.
posted a comment on Dinosaur Jr. - You're Living All Over Me. 11 months ago
First - this is not a high quality recording, but nevertheless - this reissue is missing something. I compared it to a first press and this one is way better.
posted a comment on Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales. 11 months ago
I have mixed feelings. The first disc sounds well, but the second one with the bonus tracks is mastered too hot with plenty of distortion and to be honest - the tracks are far from essential. A cheaper reissue would be preferable, although I was lucky... See full review
posted a comment on The Mars Volta - Noctourniquet. about 1 year ago
Don’t have issues with my pressing, Sounds a little treble high but great anyway. Also dead quiet.
posted a comment on Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss. about 1 year ago
Sounds very clear and punchy. Unfortunately I don't have an original to compare.
posted a comment on King Diamond - Abigail. about 1 year ago
I also agree, this version sounds indeed very good and is pressed very well.
posted a comment on Kraftwerk - Kraftwerk 2. about 1 year ago
Mine is also of center (got the counterfeit with the blue phillips-label) but only on side 2. I can recognize it only on harmonika, but this doesn't matter so much - this track only sounds a little more stranger this way. All in all the sound and also... See full review
posted a comment on Sepultura - Arise. about 1 year ago
Sold my copy and got a 1st press. Something was missing while listening to it. Maybe just the mojo of a 1st press.
posted a comment on Voïvod - Dimension Hatröss. about 1 year ago
Like most metal remasters this one is also not perfect. Way to bright sounding, doesn't sound as I remember it. Sleeve and pressing itself is of good quality.
posted a comment on David Bowie - ★ (Blackstar). about 1 year ago
I have one with clear inner bag ... no issues, silent pressing, great sound.
posted a comment on Lindemann - F & M. about 1 year ago
My copy has 2X LP2 ... need to exchange it.
posted a comment on ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Lost Songs. about 1 year ago
Fantastic pressing but very bad vinyl mastering. Sounds like a highly compressed mp3.
posted a comment on Kraftwerk - Autobahn. about 1 year ago
My other kraftwerk reissues play also more silent compared to this one, but it is still a very good pressing. Try wet cleaning it.
posted a comment on Monster Magnet - Monolithic Baby!. about 1 year ago
Nice pressing, Side 4 is a little bit off center, but still a joy to listen.
posted a comment on Metallica - Master Of Puppets. about 1 year ago
I compared this release to a 90s version on Vertigo UFO-label and was never happy with this remaster. To me this mix sounded muddy with too much bass. All in all too undifferentiated. I sold my copy.
posted a comment on Pixies - Come On Pilgrim... It's Surfer Rosa. about 1 year ago
I grabbed my triple vinyl-copy some weeks ago from amazon germany for only 21 €. So obviously this will not become a rarity soon. My copy is ok, clean sounding, flat and centered. Really happy with it.
posted a comment on In Flames - I, The Mask. about 1 year ago
No I didn’t went through 4 copies by myself (I may be vinyl crazy but not that crazy). I exchanged it only once, then the store tested other copies before sending a third out. Also a guy in a facebook group told me about the same problem. Obviously a... See full review
posted a comment on Dinosaur Jr* - Hand It Over. about 1 year ago
imho the best and most silent of the 4 reissues. All other reissues are sometimes a bit noisy (mostly rumble) but sound great otherwise. All in all I would say that reissues on black vinyl would have been a better choice for fidelty, but nowadays... See full review
posted a comment on Dinosaur Jr* - Hand It Over. about 1 year ago
I tested two copys of this album, all had minor surface noise. I had to exchange mine because of a pressing defect.
Yellow vinyl overall seems to be a bit noisy here.
posted a comment on Dinosaur Jr* - Without A Sound. about 1 year ago
While the sound is great on this version, the pressing could be better. It is far away from being dead silent, you can hear rumble noises between the tracks (also on all other reissues) which may be caused by the coloured vinyl.