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posted a comment on Tim Jackiw - Endless Cycles EP. 4 days ago
ha wow what a lovely piece of wax here. definitely one of the most exciting and anticipated FE recs i had the pelasure of catching. fortunately some other version is out there now, including the amazing digital album by Tim on Bandcamp. just glad this... See full review
submitted Biodive - COY001. 5 days ago
posted a comment on D.G. Magic's Project - The Night Is Love. 6 days ago
truly beautiful release . wow word word word word werd
submitted Gi Gi (2) - Lumino Pleco. 12 days ago
posted a comment on Various - Tiden Går Sgu'. 13 days ago
hey! trading this one if you want to send me Changez (3) - Slownotion.
posted a comment on Various - Too Much Ash. 16 days ago
anybody selling this beauty? hmu! i'll gladly take it or trade something for it : )
posted a comment on Sentena - Sink. 17 days ago
brilliant ambient workouts, emphasizing different textures and frequencies in every track. the partially mixed tracks feel like seamles transitions in a dream with many plotlines. well, let me be, it just made me think a lot. amazing.
posted a comment on Pino R. - The Analog Signal. 18 days ago
don't pay the shark's prices mates. copies available in Giuseppe Randazzo's own Bandcamp page:
posted a comment on Mr. Roy - You Know..... 27 days ago
heat heat heat heat heat heat heat heat heat heat
posted a comment on M5 (2) - Celestial Highways. 28 days ago
thanks! been looking for this for a whole life! hope it includes all three tracks
posted a comment on Various - Montreal Pleiades. about 1 month ago
will trade my NM copy of this for a NM copy of R Wong* - Life Principles or one of the first three records in Temple (8)
posted a comment on Mammo (2) - Type Null / Arcology. about 1 month ago
damn this shit is hot get it while it's out and about
posted a comment on Money Morning - Corporate Karma. about 1 month ago
but this record is actually not like Specialivery - Gravity Darkening at all! this is more ambient, deep, and spaced out music. maybe even more influenced by IDM than techno itself, whereas the Specialivery release you are comparing here is more... See full review
posted a comment on Triform - Vinaloop. about 1 month ago
it was actually recorded circa 1997 by Scott Featherstone, a veteran UK house producer that is still active.
posted a comment on MBG Groove Mix - Feel The Voice. about 1 month ago
tribal mix and i am all in. pure bliss, great transition track
posted a comment on Ex.society - M1. about 1 month ago
excellent, underrated deep and euphoric record. my copy skips sometimes in A1, depending on the situation... still great
posted a comment on mdo (3) - Enamel. about 1 month ago
if anyone's selling or has some extra copies or whatnot, let me know! looking for this.
very best,
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
posted a review of Ronan (12) - Prolongez La Magie. about 1 month ago
this record is very very good. thanks Ronan (12) for this beautiful music. your great soul shines thru pal
posted a comment on INTe*ra - Aqueduct. about 1 month ago
yo tyrantlizard this just got the update after my 11th listen. one of my 5/5s for sure
posted a comment on Perversion Of Innocence - Lovely. about 1 month ago
please support Guiseppe on his fundraising campaign to keep producing and uploading music!
posted a comment on Perversion Of Innocence. about 1 month ago
please support Guiseppe on his fundraising campaign to keep producing and uploading music!
posted a comment on Noah Skelton - Amour 01. about 1 month ago
try heavier weight in the turntable. mine skipped at 1.5 but plays fine at 2.0 (shure m447 cartridge / shure n447 stylus / SL1200 Technics deck)
posted a comment on XI (6). 2 months ago
glad this project is still going. it has demonstrated to be timeless. always expecting the next installment...

posted a comment on Sueño Latino - Sueño Latino. 2 months ago
this is my favorite reissue of these tracks. a great compilation. I think that the Derrick May mix sounds a bit low volume, but quality is very good. :)
posted a comment on Bigfoot Futures Ltd vs. Soli - Drumz. 3 months ago
one of the most beautiful records by Mr. Begg. deep driving tracks here. a true sleeper rec
posted a comment on Maizena - Untitled. 3 months ago
what an excellent collection of tracks here. one of my favorite RB releases ! beautiful label art too. totally worth it
posted a review of Kellon - Tycho EP. 3 months ago
superb record here. the Spillway label has been pushing this post-bleep sound for a while now, with Kellon leading the charge on four very good previous EPs and as a member of Neuron Network. however, for me this record represents a new, more mature... See full review
posted a comment on Love 4 Sale - Do You Feel So Right. 3 months ago
"Fragile (Esoteric Mix)" is worth the price of admission alone. what an unexpected banger
submitted Alejandro Velasco - Urbe Máxima. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Hospital X - Hospital X. 3 months ago
ahuevo ahuevo ahuevo ahuevo ahuevo ahuevo ahuevo ahuevo ahuevo ahuevo ahuevo
posted a comment on Various - Volume One. 3 months ago
all killer no filler. amazing tracks! real nice to hear some uk-oriented bass and dubstep sounds mixed with electro. the DJ I.D track is amazing, and Perko (2) really pulls this one off the ground. A+!
submitted Las Animas - New Music Across America,1992. Albuquerque, New Mexico. U.S.A.. 3 months ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Germán Bringas - Caminatas. 3 months ago
800 USD? lol At least 10 words must be entered. Please enter at least 7 more.
submitted Ronny (40) - La Pasión Según un Fulano. 3 months ago
submitted Oxomaxoma - La Sombra de un Difunto. 3 months ago
submitted Ronny (40) - Los Espejos de la Memoria. 3 months ago
posted a comment on DJ Central* - ESO EP. 4 months ago
My pressing has no trouble either. One of my favorite releases by Central man. Lush
submitted Jita Sensation - Champ Des Idoles. 4 months ago
submitted Birminham - Forza. 4 months ago
submitted D'Lefas - Dreamscapes. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Tim Reaper - Toxic Tones E.P. 4 months ago
totally agree with Squidlid right here.. every track is a gem! mr. Alloh is just one of the best jungle producers out there and this record proves it right; super nice acid techno vibes and oldschool feel on every track. they send shivers down my... See full review
posted a comment on Leo Pol - All I Got In Me. 4 months ago
all killer, no filler. word word word word word wordy
posted a comment on Various - 514 vs 416 EP. 4 months ago
"Cycled Patterns" is a crazy fast, dubby, relentlessly deep track. Gow and Oskan never did anything like this ever again, not to say they weren't ace producers before or afterwards. an outstanding slice of 2000s techno imo
posted a comment on SW. - Reminder Part Three. 4 months ago
beautiful record. fucking ace music for the ages! word and word
submitted Various - Materia Obscura. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Polar - Out Of The Blue. 4 months ago
very, very good tracks in this one. especially love the easy going downtempo vibe from the "Behind The Scenes". "Safari" is a secret electro belter and definitely paying the $50 MXN for.
don't be sleeping on this
posted a comment on Dreamtime (8) - Kindred Spirits. 4 months ago
This record is fantastic, but "Ocean" is one of the best, deepest freestyle tracks I have ever heard. Its so short and brilliant that I just want more like it. Does anyone know any similar tunes?